TGIF: Happy Coffee Day!

Happy Coffee Day!  I will not be celebrating, because I never have coffee on Fridays so I can sleep in on Saturday (unless, maybe I can make an exception because I will have to stay up super late for Judwaa tonight?  No, better not)

We all know Shahrukh subsists primarily on coffee and cigarettes, right?  Which is terrible for his health, but very good for looking-cool-with-oral-items.

Like here, where he has that kind of “I’ve just been up all night, but it’s okay, I’ve got my morning expresso” vibe.

Related image

Or this one, which gives more of a “solid respectable professor type inviting you to share coffee in his office while he talks about classical literature” feeling.

This, which is just Shahrukh in real life.  Never sleeps, constantly living on coffee.  And are we complaining?

Image result for shahrukh karan


Part of the inspiration for this post was last week’s Arjun Rampal image which we all found ourselves describing as “Arjun with coffee”.  And now I have found it in color!  Which, as someone said in the comments, is less artistically pleasing, but better when you wish to consider…..interacting with the image.

Image result for arjun rampal coffee

Here’s another of the artistic-but-harder-to-interact-with options

Image result for arjun rampal coffee

And now, well-nigh immediately, I am going south!  Because coffee is more popular in south India than north, yes?  So this is totally reasonable and not just pandering to the increasing chorus of southern fans in the comments.

Okay, this is pandering.  I give you Prabhas with Coffee.  Imagine waking up to this every morning.

Related image

I was able to find a better version of the casual mid-morning work break with coffee and a stupid scarf:

Image result for prabhas drinking

And, for your own personal coffee needs:

Image result for prabhas mug

Moving on, check out Nivin Pauly, the sensitive coffee shop guy!

Image result for nivin pauly coffee

Prithviraj, still a little dreamy and calm in the morning:

Image result for prithviraj

Dulquer, classy with a saucer

Image result for dulquer salmaan

Or, old school cold.

Image result for mammootty coffee

Expanding a bit, a newcomer to our TGIF line-up, Suriya!  Who did a whole add campaign for Nescafe, like he is just begging me to use him.

Image result for suriya coffee

Here, look at him at the ad launch with the awkward looking white people!

Image result for suriya nescafe

And of course next to a giant blow up of a coffee jar.

Image result for suriya nescafe

Don’t worry, I would never forget Maddy.  Who seems gently puzzled by the whole “drinking” concept.

Image result for madhavan

Let’s be classy for a second, Mammootty with a beard!  And a coffee cup.

Image result for mammootty coffee

And to de-class it, here is Nani being adorable with coffee cups.

Image result for Nani actor coffee

Ooo!  Rana and, bonus, Harshwadhan Rane!

Image result for rana daggubati coffee

On a date?  They kind of look like they are on a date.  Let’s say that’s it.

Image result for rana daggubati coffee


Okay, is that enough of the south?  Have a satisfied all your southern desires?  I am guessing “no”, so feel free to put images I missed in the comments while I  move back north.

Abhishek!  Odd news story about you this week, but you still look cute with a coffee cup.


Also, this is a footnote to last week’s post because it really belongs there and I can’t pass it up.

Image result for abhishek bachchan

Oh wow, Arjun Kapoor knows how to offer you coffee!

Image result for arjun kapoor koffee

Ranveer Singh is, perhaps, overly aggressive.

Image result for ranveer singh coffee

Better or worse Ranveer Coffee option?

Image result for ranveer singh coffee

Now Ranbir, totally unsurprised that he has that kind of artsy-european-coffee drinker vibe

Related image

Even in color, it still feels artsy!

Image result for ranbir kapoor coffee

But I think we can all agree this is the worst possible option?

Image result for ranbir kapoor coffee

On the other hand, THIS is classy!

Image result for dharmendra coffee


Now, this week you have four things to answer:

Best Coffee Mug Option:

Image result for prabhas mug

(I just love the heart shaped handle)

Best thing to look at while drinking coffee together:

Image result for prithviraj

(He has the kind of calm attitude I like of a morning)

Person you would most trust to make you coffee:

Image result for ranbir kapoor coffee

(Definitely seems like the kind of guy who has his own professional cappucino maker)

Person you would least trust to make you coffee:

Image result for ranveer singh coffee

(No way there is just coffee in that)


Person who combines all of these in one:

Image result for dharmendra coffee

(Best coffee mug, best thing to look at, makes good simple strong coffee, makes coffee too strong for most people to handle)


Oh!  And you are allowed to hunt around and find other images for your answers if none of these seem optimal to you.


23 thoughts on “TGIF: Happy Coffee Day!

      • No Rana and Harsh, but Prabhas (on one of the photos) and Harsh.

        I was checking if there are some pics of Tovino with coffee, and there are none, but I found something better – Dhanush’s announcement that Tovino will play the villain in Maari 2. And you know who will be the heroine? Sai Pallavi. Ha, and it was annuced the same day I was complaining to you that Maddy left Sai for Naga. Apparently Tovino loves me, just like SRK loves you (and both are reading your blog and want us happy) 😉


        • So Prabhas and Harsh are secretly dating then. That makes sense.

          And absolutely Tovino loves you! He senses that Maddy isn’t putting in the effort any more to your relationship, and is swooping in to steal you.

          On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 4:07 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I knew someone out there would be able to find more options for me! I don’t know, I still feel like there is more than coffee involved.

      On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 3:59 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Ooo, is that Fawad? Yeah, that might be my new “guy I would trust to make me coffee” picture.

      On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 4:11 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Ah. This gets my vote for “Person you would most trust to make you coffee”. Because he looks like a guy who’d know exactly how you like your coffee. And pay an insane amount of attention to detail to get it just right. And in the end it wouldn’t matter anyway because you’d be too busy checking him out.


  1. Does Ustad make tea or coffee?? The subtitles said that’s tea! What a subcontinental man likes to drink makes all the difference does it?

    And while we’re on the topic of popular beverages and subcontinental men, maybe we should also remember the Pyara Chai Wala from Islamabad


    • I was just thinking about him! After Miss Briganza mentioned the Kunal Kapoor lookalike who was her tour guide in Bangaladesh.

      And I decided not to try to draw the chai/coffee line, brown beverage, close enough!

      On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 10:36 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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