Happy 5 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! Five Ways To Celebrate

This is a very practical post.  I assume that now is the time we are all finalizing our plans for Thursday?  Well, this can be a place to discuss options!

First and simplest option, if you have no other followers of SRK in your life, merely rewatching your favorite movie that evening.  Or a movie you haven’t seen yet.  Or just one you are in the mood for.  I myself am leaning towards either JHMS or Chamatkar.

(Dekho Dekho Chamatkar!!!!  See, he wants me to watch it!)


Second option, make him a cake!  I make birthday cakes all the time, it’s very satisfying, they somehow taste better than other cakes.  I make them for my friends, my family, Abraham Lincoln, Amitabh, Shahrukh, all kinds of people!


(This was my cake last year.  He is too sweet to be expressed through anything but chocolate.  Also, the Halloween candy was on sale so I had a lot.  I’m especially proud of the kitkat bangs and the Reese’s pumpkin lips)


Third option, have a party!  If you are lucky enough to know other SRKians, gathering together on this special day is a delightful experience!

Image result for shahrukh khan fan birthday party

(You may not be able to get chorus girls and Shahrukh himself to cut the cake, but samosas and sitting on the couch screaming at “Dard-E-Disco” is pretty fun too)


Fourth option, make gifts!  Cards, dolls, posters, whatever.  Be creative!!!  And then you can mail them to far flung SRKian friends, or just keep one for yourself to commemorate.

(Make a fanvid and tweet it to him!)


Fifth option, obsessively refresh the internet every five minutes all day looking for his birthday message and pictures from his party and pictures of him greeting the crowd outside Mannat.


So, what are you planning?  Movie, party, cake, Internet, make something?  Combination?

Myself, I will probably be doing a combination of all 5.  I already have the pumpkin for his pie in the oven, so it will be ready for him on Thursday.  I have gifts made, and friends invited for Thursday, and you better believe I will be obsessively refreshing The Internet looking for his birthday message.  And if none of my friends show up, or else while I am waiting for them, I will have my solo celebration of watching a film by myself.  Or maybe interviews.  Hotstar has the entire run of Koffee available, I could watch every season opener in a row!


12 thoughts on “Happy 5 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! Five Ways To Celebrate

  1. Lovely suggestions for the big day. Your cake is cute – perhaps more koala than Shahrukh, but I’m sure it was yummy.
    Sadly I have no other SRKians in my real life so it will be a movie for me. I’m tempted to take the day off work and make some progress on a Shahrukh-related arty/crafty project I have been slowly working on for some time. That would be a very nice day indeed!

    Writing some fanfiction could be one more for your list of things to do.


  2. A movie, celebrating with a small piece of cake and obsessively checking every social media the entire day. I love his birthday. I can literally feel the world loving him. It just makes me so happy.


    • I call it a “holiday” as kind of a joke, but it really is a holiday in the general sense of things. A time when a large number of people in the world are focused on the same happy occasion. But without any of the rules and pressures that come in to play for other holidays.

      On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 9:46 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I’ll be celebrating by watching JHMS (yet again!) and probably one more of SRKs films (Ra.One? DDLJ? K3G?) with a friend who’s also a fan & wishing I’d gone to Mumbai with Sharon & Lindi! But at least I can console myself by remembering that I did get to see him (up close & personal) in San Francisco in April when MNIK was screened at their International Film Festival. Flying over 6000 miles in a day and a half was well worth it to see him in such an intimate setting and be able to celebrate a film with such an important message.

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    • Memories seems a great way to celebrate a person one loves, I think.
      I don’t know yet the exact way I will celebrate but something is certain: my laptop, my film projector and my thoughts while enjoying the view over the Geneva Lake will play prominent roles from Wednesday night to Thursday night 🙂


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