Happy Shahrukh’s Birthday! News From India

Good morning!  Shahrukh waited to come out to greet his fans until I was awake, which was terribly considerate of him.  Well, for me.  Not for the poor fans who had been waiting all night and day.  But that’s just part of the November 2nd story, what else has been happening?

Like last year, and like for Gauri’s birthday just a few days ago, the celebration was a house party at the Alibaug weekend house.  Which seems nice.  If it is anything like my families weekend house, the place is set up for hosting, so all you have to do is get the people there and let them scatter and enjoy themselves.  A lot more relaxed than throwing some huge evening party in evening clothes at Mannat.

I wonder if it also makes it easier to host people you don’t know that well?  The guest list is a mixture of friends of 25 years, and people he doesn’t seem to hang out with otherwise but has worked with recently.  Not like I think he hates Katrina or Deepika or Alia or Siddharth, but they aren’t on the same level of friendship as Karan or Farah or even Suzanne Khan.  But if you are doing a hangout house party at a weekend house, everyone can find the person they want to spend time with, go off to a corner and talk, do whatever they want, and the host doesn’t have to be there all the time.

Anyway, photos!

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Happy campers! #alibaugdiaries

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Eve of the birthday! @iamsrk #alibaugdiaries

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(Love Karan’s permanent photo face!)

Oh, and just like last year, Suhana came along and was allowed to invite one of her friends, which is really nice.  So she could be part of this “grown-up” party, but didn’t have to spend all her time with the grown-ups.  This time she invited Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter and Chunkay Panday’s daughter, which means of course Sanjay and his wife and Chunkay came along too, because that’s what you do when your daughter is invited to an “adult” party, you come along as well to make sure she is safe.

Although some of the grown-ups came down to hang out with the kid’s party, like Suzanne Khan.

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You go girls!!!!! #alibaugdiaries

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The one odd thing, to me, about the Alibaug house is that they usually leave to go there straight from Gateway to India.  If you’ve never been to Bombay, Gateway to India is kind of like the Eiffel Tower or (in Chicago) the Water Tower or the Statue of Liberty in New York.  It’s historic, it’s a landmark, it’s always surrounded by people.  And, since the 26/11 attacks, it is surrounded by scary security forces.  So seeing people just casually walking over to it and jumping down into a little pleasure boat is very odd.  Especially when those people are movie stars.

suhana sussanne ndtv

(Gauri and Suhana leaving)

maheep shanaya ndtv

(the group on the boat taking off from Gateway)

But I guess it is probably a lot more pleasant.  You can take a little boat ride and be let out right at the house, instead of fighting traffic all the way.  And I am sure it is easy to maintain security and privacy for the house with everyone arriving that way.  Well, almost everyone, Shahrukh and AbRam helicoptered in.

And Shahrukh did make some acknowledgement of the media, he took a second to go out the door and wave to the reporters even while at the vacation house in his vacation shirt.

shah rukh khan ndtv

Meanwhile, back in Bombay, the crowds had gathered, as always.  There were a couple of articles that tried to make it sound like “oh, how depressing, Shahrukh wasn’t there for them!”  But really, I don’t think they minded.  I mean, I’ve been having a party all month and he isn’t here either!  It’s about being together and just enjoying the day.

When Shah Rukh Khan Was Celebrating His Birthday In Alibaug This Happened Outside Mannat

But he did finally come for us, right at the time I was waking up on the other side of the world.  And brought little dumpling AbRam!

Photos,shah rukh khan,AbRam

And then sent him back inside.

And salute

And big arms


We still have some things to look forward to, that’s not the end!  There’s still the twitter celebration.  Aamir has been heard from:


Shahrukh just posted his own photos, including AbRam CLOSE-UP!!!!!!


And Karan


But no Amitabh, no Salman yet.  I am sure they will be heard from.

And there is still the annual birthday press conference!  Which this year will also be a “hey, go see Ittefaq!” press conference.  But it will still be witty and meaningful and so on.

And if we are lucky, there will also be the birthday message to us all!  A little twitter video saying how much he loves us and how grateful he is.  Fingers crossed!


13 thoughts on “Happy Shahrukh’s Birthday! News From India

    • Definitely felt like even his bodyguards didn’t want him to do it but didn’t know how to stop him.

      On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 8:47 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Or maybe this is why they send AbRam out with him? To keep him in line. Speaking of, I was just watching an interview from a couple months ago when he said AbRam is the one who makes him go out, he says “Papa papa! Peoples are waiting!!!! We should wave now”

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m new to all this so I am completely astounded by the crowds. I’m trying to imagine thousands of people turning out to wish Brad Pitt happy birthday and yeah, no. Also, that SRK comes out to greet them. It’s not really celebrity, is it? Not the way we think of it in the US. So fascinating to me as a newbie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. The only comparison I have been able to find is more like royalty. There’s a sort of love and faith and devotion from both sides. SRK isn’t just greeting them on his birthday, he is paying for operations and adopting villages (he has about two dozen a think) and providing them with electricity and clean water and so on and so on.

      Here’s the really mind-blowing thing, this happens once a year for Shahrukh’s birthday. It happens EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY for Amitabh. For the past 30 years, it’s known that he has a viewing on Sunday afternoons, the crowd blocks off the street in front of his house, he opens the gates and stands and waves to them, and then goes back inside. And that’s the more controlled version! He started doing it like that because it used to be that the crowd was just always outside his house, so he put it on a regular schedule so the street wouldn’t be blocked all the time.

      Oh, and of course for your Aamir, the same thing happens on his birthday. A little less crazy, because he has a different sort of fan group, but still hundreds gathered and he goes out and waves. Here’s an Aamir story, last year I think it came out that some villager had traveled by bike thousands of miles to meet him. He waited outside his gate, until Aamir invited him in, talked with him, and then paid his way back home. And this is just a story we happen to know because the press caught wind of it, it sounds like this happens all the time, some fan will do some feat of devotion and be rewarded by a private meeting.

      Here’s my favorite “this celebrity is so different!” story, Rajesh Khanna’s funeral. Starts about halfway through this post:


      On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 10:48 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh, probably because he is close to Karan, and he is starring in Ittefaq. Same with Katrina, she is starring with him in the Aanand L Rai movie and knows Karan well-ish. The nice thing with this kind of party is they could invite a random group of people and since it was such a small event, it wouldn’t be an insult if you didn’t make the list (like, Kajol, you could just say “oh, I knew you didn’t really know anyone else there, so I thought you wouldn’t have fun”). And it also wouldn’t be an insult if you couldn’t make it, because it’s a lot to expect to go out of town for a day. I am sure Sonakshi and Anushka were invited as well because they are working together now, and probably Aanand L Rai too, but it wouldn’t be super insulting to say “sorry, I’ve got a commitment I can’t miss”, not like if it was an evening party right in the middle of Bombay.

      It seems like a random group, but looking at the guest list, none of them have big dramatic feuds with anyone, they have all been around long enough to know each other well, and you can build a Venn diagram of connections, everyone worked with at least 2 other guests at some point. A nice mix.

      On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 12:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Oh, I think there was also work-talk because of Farhan and Ritesh being present and Deepika…well and I bet Farah, too, would like to do a movie…and Karan…and maybe there are further plans with Sid…it was rather distinctive: Suhana and her friends, Gauri and her ‘gang’, and Karan-ShahRukh-actors/actresses.
    Liked a lot that the ambiance seemed to be very relaxed, that the birthday cake seemed homemade and that Gauri, Karan and Alia published pics 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right. And that’s kind of the breakdown you would see at a party in most familes, right? Dad and his work friends, Mom and her mom friends, and the kid and her friends from school. With some overlap of Mom’s mom friends whose husband’s/themselves work with Dad, and Dad’s work friends who also have kids, and so on. Definitely seemed like a mix where Gauri was friendly and gets along with with Alia and Kat and Dips, and they are nice to Suhana, and Shahrukh has known Suzanne for years, and Gauri likes Farah and so on and so on. So everyone can split into their own groups, or mix together.

      On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 12:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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