New Tiger Zinda Hai Song! Very Romantic

Very romantic in a particular way, with Salman putting together and surprising Katrina with wonderful things.  Which makes me interested in their character dynamics a little bit.  Especially because I just re-watched Ek Tha Tiger and it fits nicely with how their relationship was established in that.

What I was reminded of on this watch is that Ek Tha Tiger works because we believe in Salman as a character completely overcome by love.  It comes to him late in life and surprises him and he throws himself into it totally, as much as he previously was dedicated to work.  And we believe Katrina as a character who needs that huge amount of love and, slowly, lets herself give into it.

Which is what this song builds on!  Salman is the romantic one, the one with the huge gestures and so on, and Kat is the one who finds herself going along with it, enjoying something she never thought she would let herself enjoy, wearing a big ball dress and having magical candlelight dinners.  But taking care of him in turn, covering him with a blanket when he gets sleepy and generally being the practical one.  I assume.  From the very little we have seen.

(Just realized that this could also have been Katrina’s future for her Bang Bang character.  She just inspires secret agents to run away!)

Plotwise, I guess they are hiding out in Amritsar?  But this song seems to cover a lot of time, I wonder if it is a “timepasses” cheat?  To indicate that they are having a wonderful romantic adventure all over the world for an indeterminate amount of time?

Oh, and they get engaged!  Right?  That’s a diamond ring on her hand.  Maybe the happy ending will be them finally getting married, after they finish this last mission and no longer have to be on the run?


15 thoughts on “New Tiger Zinda Hai Song! Very Romantic

  1. I am ridiculously excited to see this movie! Salman and Katrina have good chemistry and it seems like this film will be a good extension of the original story. And yes, engagement ring! If there’s no wedding in this one we will need a third installment just to see Katrina’s dress.

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    • I am so happy you are excited! I am getting excited too. I am thinking about making it a family outing, since everyone will be in town for Christmas anyway. and it seems like the kind of movie everyone in the family will enjoy, or at least not be offended by.

      On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 6:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • My husband has agreed to come with me which is a big deal, believe me. He normally never sees movies in theaters, or sees many movies at all. But he enjoyed the first Tiger movie. I hope we get a big rowdy crowd to make it extra fun.

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  2. I was surprised that there were no subtitles, though this is a YRF film. So many people were raving about how beautiful the lyrics are, and now I’ve found a translation for them, and must admit that they are amazingly romantic.

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      • I wondered if some of their personal affection for each other seeped thru in Ek Tha Tiger. And, now I wonder if it is seeping thru again. It works for me.


        • That’s what it feels like to me. Setting aside any romance, she has been like a member of his family for 10 years now. It would be natural for them to feel different with each other onscreen than they do with other costars.

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