I’m Back at Work! Let Me Share With You My Inspirational Working Songs

It’s really not fair to all us account manager types that the end of the year accounting close period comes right after Christmas.  I’m still drinking eggnog for breakfast!  I’m not emotionally or mentally ready to be back at work!  Luckily, Indian soundtracks are here for me.  Let me walk you through the soundtrack of my work life.

I feel vaguely guilty every time I listen to this, because it is such shameless pandering, but by golly does it pep me up in the mornings!


Also peppy and slightly embarrassing


For that soothing that mid-morning panic when I realize I still have 6 hours of work left:


Getting me in the mood for lunch (sherbet!)


Lunchtime celebration song!


Song to fight the post lunch sleepies


Another sleepiness fighting song


Song for logical precision and intelligence with calm music in the background for post-lunch tasks


More calm intelligence background music

Final push to the end of the work day!


5 o’clock celebration!!!!!!!



Are you also struggling in the post-holiday return to work?  What are your survival songs?

6 thoughts on “I’m Back at Work! Let Me Share With You My Inspirational Working Songs

  1. Here’s my particular favorite for those Monday mornings when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Khoon choosle le bloody khooni Monday (Bloodsucking murdering Monday) from Go Goa Gone.

    For the rest of the week, there’s Kumar Gaurav in skintight jeans and classic western boots telling me not to lose courage and face the world with a smile.Well, just for you KG.


  2. I willingly admit that I’m VERY narrowminded and have only ShahRukh-movie-songs to cheer me up….and boy! they do it! They make the most boring work done in a least boring manner 😀


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