Ads Round-Up: SRK in Dubai, Kajol in Jewelry, Virat and Anushka with Hair, Zee TV BREAKING MY HEART

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and Shahrukh keeps tweeting his Dubai ads like he is just begging me to mention them, so I might as well.  Also, instead of seeing a new movie tonight I went to look at dogs again, so no new movie review.  But dog photo at the end of the post!

So, back when this ad campaign started, I liked it with watching the anonymous figure walking through all the wonders of the city, and then the figure turns around and, oh wow, it’s Shahrukh!

And then there was the long ad, where he randomly popped up in all these places, giving you the feeling that somehow the spirit of SRK would be with you everywhere you want, and he so loves Dubai that he just wants to share it with you.


But somehow this latest series has crossed the line for me into “STALKER!  Scary stalker everywhere following you!”  Shahrukh looks good in black, but the black hoodie look is not a good idea when you are hanging around children’s soccer fields.


Or when following a young couple around

I’m just generally beginning to get less a feeling of “mysterious wizard creating magical moments for tourists” and more of a “madman who WILL make you happy or know the reason why.  Now smile, SMILLLLLEEEEEEEEE!”


Moving on, my movie theater has started playing a Kajol ad which could also be considered creepy, but I’ve decided it’s okay.  And wait for the twist!  You start out thinking “this is an okay ad” and then it goes NEXT LEVEL.

Here’s a random one, Virat and Anushka’s first ad!  Or at least, an early ad.  It was posted on youtube 4 years ago, so that’s around when they met.  I love the idea that they came together because of the mystical connection of both having really great hair that would look good in a TV ad.


And finally, my movie theater has started playing this ad before every film and it gets me EVERY TIME.  I know it’s manipulative and predictable and all that, but then he sits up in his little seat all proud and nervous and she smiles at him and TEARS!  Also, how exactly is this supposed to sell me on Zee TV?  It makes me want to fly Air India, and be nice to my father, but not watch TV.

(Very loose translation: “My father.  A government servant.  Never flown before, today is his first flight.  He used to travel saying overnight trains were good enough for him, but today he is on an airplane.  Because today it is his first flight…..and mine”  TEARS!)


And to end, this is the dog I played with for half an hour today.  What do we think?  On the one hand, I don’t know FOR SURE that this is the dog, which might mean I’m not really in love.  Also, she’s a bit young, just a year old, so she may have a hard time being left alone.  But on the other hand, very shy and never barked and from two good intelligent working breeds.  And under 25 pounds, like the landlord said I had to do, but looks like a dog.  And doesn’t shed.  And all my friends say she is cute.  While my family says “1 year old?  Really?”


(Oh, and it’s a no kill shelter, so do not let pity affect your opinion)

8 thoughts on “Ads Round-Up: SRK in Dubai, Kajol in Jewelry, Virat and Anushka with Hair, Zee TV BREAKING MY HEART

  1. As you said in your post, I’m a no on the dog. She’s a cutie but not perfect for you. Let her find her destiny with someone else! Be Salman in KKHH!


      • Exactly! In part because you played with that puppy when you visited the dog and she had a conversation with you that started you thinking maybe this dog has another adopter who would be better.


  2. Insecure dogs often have separation issues, which can be hard if they are left alone all day. The no-shed thing is excel though.

    And I have seen bits and pieces of the Dubai ads and the hoodie is too much like the one Gaurav was wearing to the wax museum for me. Very creepy.


    • Yeah, I’m beginning to think I should try to get the dog (this one or another one) after work on Friday if possible just so the poor thing can be home with me for as long as possible before I have to leave for work.

      Yes! It’s like Fan and it’s creepy and I don’t want this strange person taking over my Dubai vacation!


    • Brought together by glorious dandruff free hair! which I guess is more than most couples have in common at the beginning.

      On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 7:43 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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