Happy Lohri!!!! A Selection of Punjabi Songs to Celebrate

Happy Lohri!  Which is a Winter Solstice holiday in the Punjab, usually celebrated with a big bonfire!  There are of course plenty of Lohri specific songs in Indian films, but they would be super hard to track down, plus I wouldn’t like all of them!  Instead, to celebrate this Punjabi holiday, I am just going to post my all time favorite Bhangra/Punjabi songs, counting down from number 5 to number 1.  There are a lot of them, because there are a lot of Punjabi refugees who ended up in the Bombay film industry.  Because they needed jobs, and also Punjabis are HOTT.

(This is a Repost from last year, the top 5 are the same, but I added and removed some of the bonus songs)

5.  Not as hot as his Dad, but still pretty good.  Also, Rani is awesome.  In this, and just as a general statement.

4. Rani is still awesome, especially in drag.  Her cute little mustache!

3. And that song reminds me that Shahid is also awesome, especially when he moves his lips real fast while gazing at the woman he loves.  It sounds odd when I say it like that, but you will see what I mean.

2. Speaking of super hot guys and songs that take place in big joint family households in rural Punjab….

(by super hot guy, obviously I mean Kunal Kapoor, not Ranbir.  He’s hot, but not super hot)

  1. Well, it has to be this, right?  Seriously, did you ever think I would put up anything different as Number 1?

Bonus song that isn’t really Bhangra, or actually anything else on this earth:

And, new for the 2017 post, a new cynical anthem for the Punjab.

And a sweet one, from a famous Punjabi poet, sung by a famous Punjabi singer.


And finally, new for 2018, a whole bunch of great stuff!  First, Phillauri, gorgeous original Punjabi poetry set to music.


And another one,


Speaking of Diljit, his other big Hindi film song of 2017 was a little lighter and less poetic, but still fun.


And finally, the best Punjabi song of the year, “Radha”


5 thoughts on “Happy Lohri!!!! A Selection of Punjabi Songs to Celebrate

  1. Man, the idea that someone would be so hung up on their memories of Ranbir Kapoor that they would Kunal right in front of them defies logic like nothing else in the history of Indian film.


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