Upcoming Movies! From Salman, Anushka Sharma, Sharman Joshi, and ADITYA ROY KAPUR!!!!

Oh boy, lots of interesting movies to talk about today!  None of which are actually out there in the world yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about them

Kick 2

Salman announced today that Kick 2 will release at Christmas 2019.  This makes me nervous.  Who saves a date a year and a half in advance?  And for Kick 2, a sequel to a so-so hit?  Directed by Sajid Nadiawala who is workman-like, but not brilliant or big budget?

Oh well, maybe they will film in Poland again, which will give Angie a little thrill.


Ek Villain 2 and Aditya Roy Kapur

I just ran across the poster of Aashiqui 2 with the jacket thing, which made me start thinking about Aditya and why he isn’t the star he could be.  Which made me look him up, and yaaaaaaaaaaaay!  He might be working with Mohit Suri again in Ek Villain 2!

Mohit Suri is of course the master of turgid romance, which is a good genre for Aditya’s kind of handsome-but-sensitive looks, and he has shown that he is good at drawing out crowd-pleasing performances from Aditya.  I also think Ek Villain might be a good franchise for Aditya.  He could definitely sell the “troubled soul who goes dark to fight an even more troubled soul” kind of character.  Either a straight up sequel to the original, in which our gang enforcer turned good husband turned vengeance seeker turned stable happy soul falls in love again and has more action scenes, or a sort of mood-sequel with a different kind of story that still involves the same sort of hero.


3 Storeys Trailer

Trailer for this came out today, and I am really interested.  And also very confused.  It’s probably just because I watched it without coffee, but I totally lost track of all the plots and characters.  Please help me follow this in the comments!

I think part of it might be purposefully confusing.  I strongly suspect that the “twist” will turn out to be that all 3 stories take place in different time periods.  There is a faint in that direction with Sharman Joshi showing up at the end be-mustached.  And it’s brilliant casting in that case, because Sharman has that kind of face which always looks so innocent and young that you can still believe him as a 20-something even now.

What is exciting about this trailer is that it seems to be part of the sort of re-birth of the parallel cinema that is happening right now.  Semi-mainstream actors, semi-mainstream release (if the trailer made it to my twitter feed, it’s in the mainstream), but the kind of small story and film that the big stars and big studios aren’t making.


Pari Trailer

My first reaction to this is just to laugh at the idea of Anushka playing a sweet funny ghost in Phillauri and then immediately following it up with playing a scary crazy ghost.  But it also looks like a decent horror movie.  I’m not excited myself, because I don’t like horror, but I am excited at the idea of Anushka producing such a variety of films.

So far her production company has made tough action thriller, a sweet small supernatural romance, and now a horror film.  All of them starring Anushka.  She is not looking to be type cast, and she isn’t looking for her production house to be type cast.  She is looking to build a wide-range of options for the audience and for her own star persona, mixed with smaller parts in big mainstream films that keep her name powerful and valuable.  In fact, she is the most savvy star-producer out there, yes even smarter than Shahrukh.  No need to throw away her money on the big film co-productions, work in them and take the paycheck, and then build your own small business on the side.

Essentially it is the film version of the salary worker who runs a small business on evenings and weekends.  It’s a nice fallback extra income, hopefully it will some day turn into a full time job, or perhaps allow you to retire from your salaried position a few years early.  But you aren’t going to throw everything into it all at once and risk losing everything all at once either.



Oh, and also, the sort of slightly mottled look to the skin is legitimately disturbing.  I love that they didn’t go over the top with prosthetics or anything, let Anushka’s acting and the directing carry the scares.

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies! From Salman, Anushka Sharma, Sharman Joshi, and ADITYA ROY KAPUR!!!!

  1. With no Kunal Kapoor on the horizon, Aditya Roy Kapur is my fallback option for “tall lanky sensitive beta male with long face and shaggy curly hair”. I might be the only person on the planet who liked Fitoor, mostly as an opportunity to watch this lovely lad, lovingly shot, on my screen for 3 solid hours. I don’t understand why his career isn’t progressing at the rate of his age mates, but then again, I didn’t understand why kunal’s career never took off either.


    • Maybe it’s because Aditya’s persona is a bit of a “beta”? That is, he doesn’t have the kind of confidence and aggression in public appearances, interviews, and so on which force producers and the public to notice him.

      Anyway, I still have hopes for this film! Because Mohit Suri definitely knows how to use him.

      On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 1:55 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Oh I loved Fitoor as well ! He’s so so handsone 🙂 Really I think like you said its cos he seems very detached that he isn’t really noticed. In Kwk, he came of as pretty clueless about Hindi movies (history and such) – I’m guessing he’s taking time warming up to the way the place works. But Mohit Suri is good with these intense emotional movies, and draws good performances, so fingers crossed!


  3. Anushka looks very scary on the poster and I don’t even feel like watching the teaser.

    And Kick 2, well I think that even the first film shouldn’t have been done, but who knows maybe Salman has some good ideas for this second part (btw Will it be first Salman script?) And the most important – I don’t see Chetan Bhagat name here, so there are chances Kick 2 will be better.


    • Word has it that Sajid is doing the script, but has already shared his plans with Salman who “loves” it. Not sure if that was what you were asking or not. If it was, then yes Salman has written a script before! Chandra Mukhi, a 90s movie with Sridevi, and Veer.

      On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 3:49 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I’m also hoping that Aditya Roy Kapur can still get his career rolling. I think he’s been generally pretty good in his roles, too (especially in my personal fav of his Daawat-E-Ishq). Not that excited about Ek Villain 2 since I didn’t really like the first one but I’ll give it a chance.

    3 Storeys looks good and Pulkit Samrat again…he’s now everywhere!

    And that Pari trailer is freaking me out in a good way. I’m not a horror fan at all either and have mostly avoided the genre in film across the board. But this one looks legitimately creepy. I did like Phobia with Radhika Apte, too. And Pari has that cool Bengali film actor whose good and yet again Anushka seems to be making the right choices!


    • I just looked it up, Aditya Roy Kapur is only 32. Shahrukh was 30 in DDLJ, so 32 isn’t THAT old to finally get your career going. He’s got the experience behind him and people know his name and face, he just needs that one big film to set him back on track. It’s not gonna be Ek Villain 2, but maybe Ek Villain 2 will lead to it.

      On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 10:27 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Aditya is the most handsome of the 3 Kapur siblings but I think he is also the one who was the most hesitant to join film business and its trappings. In any way I got the feeling that he shies away from public exposure or at least he just does that what seems necessary to others.
        Nevertheless, I find him very ‘earnest’ in his more meatier roles (not as fake as some major stars)…which makes me just think at Siddhart in Ittefaq (in my eyes his best fitting performance so far … I haven’t seen yet A Gentleman 😉 ).

        Salman has even beaten ShahRukh with the time between date announcement and filming…and now he has ‘locked’ Eid and Christmas for himself…(I better refrain from further comment).

        Margaret, did you got any rumours about Anushka’s production house being in financial difficulties? Apart from that, I really like her work.


        • I haven’t heard any rumors about Anushka’s house being in trouble. I suppose it could be, but I would be surprised. The movies have been small, and all have been modest successes so far. Although it only takes one big flop to sink a banner, not so much the immediate lose of money but the loss of status and faith in you from the wider industry.

          Locking Christmas so far in advance seems literally unbelievable to me. Like, they won’t even start filming this movie for almost a year, SO MANY things could change between now and then. So I think this might be a bit of a fake news story. Well, not exactly fake, but not exactly real either. It’s easy to announce “Kick 2 Christmas 2019” but it will also be super easy to change the date however they want as time goes on. I don’t think this is going to seriously effect the plans of any other producers just yet. They can keep working on their films, and if Kick 2 takes Christmas, they can take December 1 or January 26th, and if Kick 2 is delayed or doesn’t happen, there will be something else that can easily slot in.


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