Monday Malayalam (late): Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu, Female Vengeance Flowing Like Water

What a great movie!  Made me so happy to watch a really good classic Malayalam film after so long.  And my first young Manju Warrier movie!  And Thilakan gets his comeuppance!  It’s all good.

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Discussion Post: Who Are the Most Feminist Actresses in India?

Thanks to Alisa/Bollywood Newbie for the idea!  I always think it is good to give positive feedback, so let’s talk about what actresses we admire most for what they have done for women.  Maybe it will just be me and Alisa going back and forth, but we’ll have a good time and that is good enough.

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Monday Malayalam: Jo and the Boy, Unintentionally Accurate Walt Disney and Steve Jobs

This was another disappointing Malayalam film.  Not because of bad politics or misogyny, just because of a kind of rambling plot and characters that changed direction too quickly.  Still happy catchy songs and pretty pretty places, but overall not great.

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