Happy Day After May Day! The Best “Kill the Rich” Songs in Indian Film

And the May Day celebration roles on! I just keep thinking of more “woo-hoo, the working class!” songs.

Let’s start out with Gully Boy! “Doori”, rap version.

Most blatantly out there controversial, “Azaadi”

And of course the big breakthrough new song, “Aapna Time Aayega”

Let’s get some diaspora pride in there! Love this song from Ranam, a very Detroit feel with a desi touch.

Old school Marxists, “Khalbali” from Rang De Basanti!

Okay, this one is for Free Tibet, which would technically be anti-Communist I guess? But it fits in the wider feel of “up with people, down with power”. “Sadda Haq”

I can’t pick! I have to put in two separate Kabali songs! I just love the “lend me your ears or I’ll cut them all off with the same pair of scissors my mother used to cut cloth” line in this one.

And I love the “comrade” opening of this one.

And so long as I am on Pa. Ranjith movies, gotta swing by Kaala. Inferior as a movie, superior as a political anthem creating machine. I mean come on! “thousand year silence is enough, organize, make change, revolt!”

And finally, this amazing fan video which edits together all the dramatic communist hero shots from Malayalam cinema to the “Lal Salaam” anthem. Love love love the opening with the flag dipped in blood to turn it red.

5 thoughts on “Happy Day After May Day! The Best “Kill the Rich” Songs in Indian Film

  1. I could be mis-remembering this compleeeetely (and I can’t find a translation and don’t know anywhere near enough Hindi to translate it myself) but I think that the song Yatri Kripaya Dhyaan De from Love Per Square Foot could sort of fit here. Again, assuming I’m recalling the subtitles correctly.

    I don’t remember it being at all revolutionary per se but I think it kind of spoke to the general material conditions of the typical working class person and what they have to go through in order to survive.


    • Still haven’t seen Love Per Square Foot, but one of my favorite things about Indian film is how it will slip in a sensitive open minded consideration of economic/political situations into the lightest most “escapist” films. A love story where the problems revolve around jobs, housing, basic stuff, that is revolutionary all by itself.

      On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 11:41 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • That’s a great point! Revolutionary rhetoric doesn’t always have to be a blatant cry to “seize the means of production” etc, but even just a subtle critique of the issues in the current political, social, and economic structures. And hidden a love story? Love it. My love and respect for Indian film seems to be growing by the day!


      • Perfect definition of Love Per Square Foot. I thoroughly enjoyed the film plus, it was my intro to Vicky Kaushal. I’ve since seen everything I can find of his and become a fan.

        Last nite, I watched him again in Sanju. I want to comment on the film, but first I have to get the bad taste out of my mouth.


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