Happy Day After May Day! The Best “Kill the Rich” Songs in Indian Film

And the May Day celebration roles on! I just keep thinking of more “woo-hoo, the working class!” songs.

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Happy May Day!!!! Let’s Have Some May Flowers!

May day, in addition to being the international day of labor, is also the international day of “hanging flowers and candy on your neighbor’s doors”.  And the Maypole dance and various other obviously pagan spring rituals.  But whatever, it works!  Spring keeps coming!  And to that end, let’s enjoy some pretty spring flower songs.

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Happy May Day! Here Are Some Ways You Can Support Workers

Happy May Day!  You know how India has all these holidays that are very regional specific and how neat that is?  Well, May Day is an international holiday now, but it started right in my hometown, so I thought I should celebrate it.  And I don’t have the day off work, so I can’t join the many many many protests.  But I can do a theme post!

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