Another Silly Remake! Light in the Piazza, with Madhuri and Shahrukh as Delicately Flirting In-Laws

I like to do at least one long post a day, and with the Kalank release messing up my review schedule, and the Kalank news domination messing up anything interesting to talk about there, I’m retreating to fanfic for my long form writing. It’s that, or just a lot of Albie Dog photos. Or not writing anything, but then the words build up in my head and make me sick, so that’s no good. I need my 4,000 words a day purge!

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Silly Sunday Post: Wholesome! Family Film Options

It has come up every once in awhile that there aren’t as many really family type films as their used to be.  And it has also come up that the past few Sundays have been extremely sexy.  So, no sex!  Just fun family times this week!  Which probably means my view count will suffer, but oh well. (if you want sex, you can check out last week’s post)

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