Little Things Season 2 Episode 6: Lazy Sunday

This is a pleasant episode, but doesn’t quite give the Big Thoughts that the other episodes this season did. It’s a throwback to last season, and is almost consciously a throwback, especially to the very first episode. Kind of taking a breath before we hit the finale. (full index of Little Things reviews here)

This episode is mirroring the first episode of the series, the one where they had plans for Sunday but then slept in and somehow just couldn’t seem to get moving. This time around, Mithila is actually sick but still so pumped for her plans that she is ready to do them anyway. From resisting doing anything and floating through the day, she has become so energized that she is ready to power through illness to accomplish her goals.

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And then there’s Dhruv. In the first episode, he was the one who came up with the plan (drive out of town to the special roadside stall for breakfast, then watch his soccer match) and Mithila kept slowing him down and offering other things for them to do. In this episode, he is the one who tells Mithila to slow down, makes her breakfast, arranges for a home manicure. But he still wants to watch his soccer match.

I guess what this episode is showing, beyond two people just killing a Sunday together without ever leaving their bedroom, is how in the past two seasons Mithila has changed enormously while Dhruv hasn’t really. Most of the details of the day are the same, a plan for a fancy food treat (smoothies this time), Mithila gets her hair done, they fight about what movie to watch and then watch it, Dhruv watches a soccer match on his phone instead of the TV so he can be with Mithila, and then they go to bed. But the attitudes have changed. Mithila isn’t making up plans as she goes, wishing she could be doing something more but somehow not able to do it, she is out there doing things! Even if she is too sick to go out, she makes the manicure come to her.

Dhruv is following her, which is what he was doing before, only now he is happy about it. Last season, he was irritated because he couldn’t watch football, couldn’t see the movie he wanted, missed out on breakfast. This season, he is happy just scrolling through Netflix until they find a movie she likes, ready to make her breakfast (big change, this season he learned to cook), and barely complains about not being able to watch the game on the TV, even stays in the room with Mithila after she falls asleep and whisper cheers when they win the match.

Maybe it’s because Mithila is more focused this season? When she was just aimlessly coming up with plans and springing things on him last season, he didn’t like following her lead. But this season, she really knows what she wants and is ready, so he doesn’t mind doing what she wants to do.

There’s still little fights, of course. Little fights about “do you love me as much as I love you” which is really what most relationship fights are about. Dhruv takes care of her while she is sick because he loves her, but then finds that she carelessly set her glass down on the flower he put on her breakfast tray, killing it. Does she really love him then? At least, as much as he wants to/thinks he should be loved? And he wants to watch his soccer match in the living room on the big TV, even though she is sick in bed, does he really love her? And so on and so forth.

But no big theme here, nothing much happens, just showing how this couple loves each other and knows each other and most of all LIKES each other well enough that a Sunday spent without ever leaving the bedroom is pretty much perfect for them. A nice reminder going into the whole mess finale.

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4 thoughts on “Little Things Season 2 Episode 6: Lazy Sunday

    • It’s not his fault! It’s someone else’s fault! And anyway, does it matter that much? Also, he’s going to fix it!

      I love how the shower first came up and his response was “wait, why do I have to fix the shower? Why is this my thing?” and then it moved into him announcing he was going to fix it, and now it is understood between both of them that fixing the shower is Dhruv’s thing and it’s a failure if he doesn’t do it.

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  1. Yes, this totally feels like an echo of the first episode, but they’re more grown up as a couple. Mithila is forced to revert from her efficient, professional new self back to the “sloth bear” who doesn’t want to get out of bed. And the series of small decisions and compromises is the same structure. But in the first episode there was a performative feeling to it all, they were worried about how their day was looking on Instagram, Mithila took a selfie of the two of them before Dhruv was even awake. At each decision point there was a feeling of what are we missing out on, are other people leading cooler lives than we are, is this picture showing that our life is boring? Now Dhruv makes her special kichdi to help her feel better and forgets to take a picture until she’s already eaten it. Because it’s about taking care of her, not performing for other people. Mithila is bummed to give up her plans but it’s because Sunday is her rest and fun day now that she’s working so hard, not because she needs to show off what a cool life she has. The negotiations have evolved too, because they understand each other very well now and they’ve already had all the arguments a million times, now it’s about how do we have a day where we each give enough that we both can be happy.


    • Yes! They’ve moved on from “is this good enough for other people”, to “is this good enough for me”? I loved the little fights, the little make ups, and the little jokes between them. And the underlying sense that they were both happy to just have this whole together, even if on the surface they were fighting and irritated. Like when they spend hours going through Netflix. There isn’t that exhausted irritated feeling, just sort of letting time drift by because they like being together doing nothing. I guess that’s the balance the show always has to have, realistically showing the little fights and stuff that couples have, but also showing that underneath it they are happier being together than apart. Even when it is a Sunday spent inside because Mithila is sick.

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