Saturday Small Talk/My Mom’s Birthday Report

Happy Saturday/My Mom’s 70th Birthday!!!! I put up a special post just for her earlier today which is not getting the traffic/comments that I think it deserves. WARNING: I am putting up a post for my sister’s birthday tomorrow and that one REQUIRES comments! The whole point is to get y’all to comment. So be ready!

Birthday birthday! We got my Mom a kayak. It was VERY COMPLICATED. Hard to find one for one thing, they are all sold out, but my Dad finally tracked it down. And the company ships the thing to your door. Only problem being, we needed it shipped to the lake house and we weren’t at the lake house. So we had to send a secret message to the whole family “if you are at the lake house and a truck comes to drop off a Kayak, accept delivery! And hide it somewhere!” It worked perfectly in the end, the truck came two days ago while Mom was having a nap, Dad and I snuck it around to the side of the house, and then we woke up super early this morning to carry it in and leave it on the porch for her to find.

She got to unwrap the plastic and get the paddle out and stuff, and then I dropped Albie Dog in it, because I thought that would be cute. And it was!

No real big plans for the rest of the day, we are making strawberry shortcake, at some point we will put in the Kayak in the water to paddle around and practice, and I kind of want to throw Albie Dog off the pier. He hates the water, which I find very amusing. Also, he looks super cute in his little life jacket.

Finally, regular Saturday Small Talk thing (not a special birthday thing), we have all seen Shahrukh’s new video, right? Very weird car ad, but GREAT HAIR. Oh, and was I the only person who got distracted by a 1 to 4 teacher-student ratio?

23 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk/My Mom’s Birthday Report

  1. Love the kayak gift! Happy birthday to your mom.

    My husband and I started cleaning up our front yard and put together the loveseat for our new outdoor furniture set. It’s very nice! We are excited to make the yard comfortable since we’re spending so much time at home now. Unfortunately it’s very hot today so I’ll be hiding out indoors and attempting to clean my messy house instead of enjoying the yard, oh well.


  2. Terrible news


    • Omg I just saw his tweet… I hope it won’t be to bad for him and that he recovers.
      Was he working? Do we know anything else?


    • It’s crazy that just yesterday I was watching Abhishek’s interview where he mentioned being concerned for his parents! Was thinking that Amitabh’s more sheltered and protected than normal folks, so he probably doesn’t have to worry, but now this!


      • I’m kind of in shock tbh. I thought he was isolated, but apparently in the last days there were ppl there due to film some ads or sth.
        I hope he recovers, but it could be really serious for him due to his age and his health problems. And I can’t imagine how Jaya is dealing with the news in Delhi (she’s still stranded there, right?)


          • I was wondering about Shweta. I am sure she wants to be with her kids, and that might mean being in Delhi instead of Bombay.

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          • Oh good! Then even if Jaya isn’t able to visit Amitabh and Abhishek in the hospital, she will have her grandkids with her. And maybe Shweta will be allowed to visit her Dad and brother.


          • Oh, I didn’t know that! When did things opened up? Well, then at least they are through this together. I think they are a pretty close knit family, no?


          • Yes, their son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya either live with them or right next door. Shweta unofficially moved in with her parents when her kids went to boarding school. But even before that, based on comments and photos and things, Shweta and her kids visited Jaya and Amitabh almost on a monthly basis. a big commitment when you live on opposite sides of the country from each other!

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          • Yes I know that Anhishek and his family live next door. And about Shweta too. That’s why I have this impression of them being very close if not very open about their affairs with the media (which I totally understand)


          • Did you see a few weeks ago they had a “graduation ceremony” for his teenage granddaughter in their backyard? It was super cute.


          • I knew that she graduated and saw a pic with her ma, but that’s all I saw. Was there something else? I had a busy month and kind of didn’t pay much attention.


  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! And love the kayak gift 🎁


    Have you heard about AB testing positive for COVID-19?


  4. Update: Apparently both AB and Abhishek are in the hospital.

    Abhishek Bachchan
    Earlier today both my father and I tested positive for COVID 19. Both of us having mild symptoms have been admitted to hospital. We have informed all the required authorities and our family and staff are all being tested. I request all to stay calm and not panic. Thank you.


  5. Beautiful Kayak. Hard to believe you were able to hide it from your mom. Also sweet that it can stay at the house and you don’t have to lug it around. We got a pair of kayaks for our wedding (13 years ago), which we still have, but they don’t get more than a couple uses a year as they are such a pain to load on and off our car. But we have little ones for the kids that we use all the time, including today!

    Oh, the “studies” are showing that small zoom groups are more effective for teaching. So basically teachers have to divide up their class into small groups and meet with each group separately. But they aren’t going to be paid for more hours so we’ll see how it goes.


    • My Dad got her the regular Kayak, and then my sister and I secretly got her a blow up tandem Kayak. So they can keep this one at the house to just throw in the lake and take off, and the blow up one can go in the back of the car to be used anywhere any time.

      that’s so funny, because of course the studies have shown for decades that small class size is all that matters in terms of learning, but it was too hard to change the whole structure of schools to make it happen. Now suddenly poof! Here it is!

      On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 10:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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