Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Enjoy My Finally Clean House!!!

Happy Monday!!! I had cleaners come in this morning, which was AMAZING. All the grime of the kitchen deconstruction, neatly removed, and my house looks pleasant again. Well, until the next batch of workman come through and mess it up.

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RRR Review (No Spoilers): Do You Like Homoeroticism, Bad Period Costumes, and CGI Tigers? THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU!!!!

OMG, this is such a FUN movie! You know? Like, it’s just fun to watch! No stress, no hangups, pure joy. Even ends with an end credits song literally saying that, all about returning to dance and song and joy. You should 100% watch it and NOT read the SPOILERS review until you do. Or do read it, it’s also a movie where 99% of the joy is in the spectacle, not the plot.

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