Thursday Telugu Review: Magadheera! Ram Charan’s Hair is Soooooooo Pretty

I watched Magadheera last night with a baby, her Grandpa, and her Mom. And we all agreed that Ram Charan’s hair is the best part of the movie. Soooooooooo pretty. Well, I think the baby agreed, she said something like “ba ba ba BAAAA!” when I asked her, and I am taking that for agreement.

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Tuesday Telugu: Magadheera, or KAJAL! Can You Do ANYTHING USEFUL!?!?!?!

Angie suggested I re-review this a few weeks back, and this week I am super busy (heads up: possibly no new reviews at all next week), so I didn’t have time to watch something new.  Summer weekends are hard!  I may need to officially move off of Monday and Tuesday and on to Wednesday and Thursday because I just can’t find the time to watch movies on Saturday and Sunday.  Anyway, life gives me lemons, and I make lemonade: a chance to review a film that deserves a second look but doesn’t need a second watch!

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Tuesday Telugu: Chirutha, Puri Jaganadh Does Swept Away

Well, I have now seen all the less controversial/hardcore versions of Swept Away.  This one, the original We’re Not Dressing with Bing Crosby, Overboard of course, and The Admirable Crichton.  Which was a JM Barrie play, so I haven’t “seen” it, but I have read it.  Next step, the Korean TV series! (not really, I think I am done with this story for another 5 years)  Anyway, isn’t it fascinating how consistent it is across cultures?

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