Happy Birthday Amitji! 75 Reasons I Love You!

It’s Amitabh’s Birthday!!!!!  The second most glorious day of the filmic year (after November 2nd, I do have my priorities).  And, of course, for Amitabh, I will be doing a full 75 reasons to love him. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Happy Birthday Akshaye Khanna! Better Late Than Never

If I say it’s been crazy busy at work lately, will that excuse me missing Akshaye’s birthday?  Or is that a weak excuse?  I was tempted to just ignore it entirely, but then I found the time and I thought “better late than never”.  So, here are 12 reasons I love him, plus one extra to make up for being late!  And they are mostly performances, because he is a very private person.

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: a Brief History of the Crime Film

It’s awkward ending a Hindi Film 101 series on a Tuesday!  So for this Thursday I’m going to do a quick one-off, not the history of a star or a star family, but of a genre.  Just in time to appreciate the newest iteration on the crime film in Raees! (all the Hindi Film 101 posts are visible here)

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Happy Raees Week! Deewar, the Ultimate Smuggler and Criminal and Anti-Hero and Let’s Just Say Film-Film

I’m just going to say it, Deewar is the best written film in the history of Hindi cinema.  It deserves an epic detailed perfect discussion.  That is not this post.  This post is a very superficial and not detailed discussion as it relates to the upcoming release of Raees.

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Last Raees Song! Mika Singh Appears

The final (probably) Raees song has just been released.  And it is the Mika Singh song that is apparently required in every hit film now (Mika or Yo Yo or Badshah).  Tough and a little Bhangra mixed with hip-hop sounding.  Less hip-hop in this case, more 80s style.

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Happy Birthday Javed Akhtar! Every word out of your mouth is poetry!

It’s Javed Akhtar’s birthday today and I love him, both as a scriptwriter and a lyricist.  I could easily come up with 71 reasons, but about half of them would just be quotes from Sholay and Deewar.  So I am going to try to limit myself to 25, one for every film he wrote with Salim Khan, plus a bonus just for being him.  And I’m going to include quotes from his Salim-Javed films, because although they were both credited, it’s generally believed that Javed wrote more of the dialogue.

(This is an updated and re-posted post from last year)

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