Happy National Coffee Day!!!

I am celebrating by NOT having coffee!  Because it’s Thursday, and I never have coffee on Thursdays.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, yes.  And then I detox for two days, sleep all weekend, and get back on the horse again on Monday.  Anyway, I thought it would be a good topic for a theme songs post.

First song that leaps to mind, from a terrible movie, but a catchy song!


This one is really cute!  And also reminds me that “Coffee” is sexual somehow in India.  I guess because it is part of the whole Westernization, coffee houses where people meet outside the house, kind of culture.


Since coffee is “sexy”, I’m just assuming that’s what brings Arjun and Urmila together in this song.


And Shahrukh and Rani here.


Unlike good wholesome Chai!

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