It’s my Brother-in-Law’s Birthday!

Don’t worry, I got him a real gift too.  But just for fun, and to mark the occasion, I’m also going to throw up a Jeeja themed post. Just like the sister themed post I did for my sister’s birthday.

1.1. For me, this is just the ultimate in filmic brother-in-laws.  I mean, my real life brother-in-law is pretty nice too, but can you imagine having Shahrukh around to tease you and protect you and support you?


2.  Honestly, if given the choice between Mohnish Behl and Salman Khan, I would TOTALLY want to marry Mohnish!  Which is what drops this other brother-in-law classic song down to second place.  Shahrukh, yes, he could be my brother-in-law and I could marry Hrithik and be happy.  But married to Salman while Mohnish Behl is around?  Total misery!


3. Now, being married to Dharmendra in a chauffeur’s uniform and having Om Prakash as your brother-in-law, that’s the dream!


Hmm, what else?  There really aren’t many options!  The Bhabhi-Bhai relationship has so many songs, but the Jeeja-Behen one just doesn’t so much.  Well, except for weird weird ones, like Bewafaa.

Oh!  This one!  Which I totally forgot about until a google search pulled it up even though I am pretty sure I saw this movie!  Yes, this seems like a very appropriate note on which to end.


3 thoughts on “It’s my Brother-in-Law’s Birthday!

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