Happy 16 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! Let’s Get This Count Down Started!

For today, the 16th day before the magical moment when it will be a full 51 years since Shahrukh was brought forth unto this world, my 16 most favorite Shahrukh song videos!

Okay, I’m going to try something new and confusing and count backwards from 16 to 1, ending with my all time favorite Shahrukh song.

16. I’m going to start with his first song of all time.  It’s just so joyful!  Like, “yes, I am here!  To bring a new birth to Indian film!”


15.  Skipping ahead several years, oh my gosh do I love this movie!  I could put in every single song in the film if I wanted, and it was painful to choose between this one and “Aana Mere Pyar Ko”, but ultimately, this one stands out as a bigger achievement all on its own, outside of the context of the film.


14. This movie I don’t like that much in general, and I don’t really even like the songs that much.  But come on, you gotta appreciate this one!  Age 48, jumping around like he’s half his age!


13. This movie has so many great Shahrukh songs, I was torn.  But I went with this one, because I love the opening, when he is singing along in the car and just looking so joyful!


12. Another movie with a bunch of good songs, and a movie I am on record as loving, but I am going with this one because it is soooooooooooooo sexy.


11.  Hmm, now it’s getting tricky!  What to pick next? I guess another one that I like mostly for how dropdead sexy it is?


10.  And, for a total change of pace, one that I like for how dropdead sad it is.


9. So far, all of these songs I have liked one thing in particular a lot.  But moving forward, it’s basically going to be top ten songs where every single element (visuals, music, place in the film, choreography, actors) is perfection. So, you ready for perfection?  The perfectly joyful and catchy and silly song?


8. Here’s another one, perfectly gentle and sincere and “Haule Haule”, like the title says.

7. Now, this one is a great song, with a really cute dance, and also a great message!

6. Okay, getting down to the end now, the really really good ones!  This one I just love, for how the music sounds, and how Shahrukh’s face shows the mental journey he is going on, and the freedom when he runs without limping in the middle.


5. I’m not going to say this is anything deep or meaningful, but man is it catchy!  I defy you to watch this video, and NOT start singing along!


4. It’s a close one for me between these two songs.  But I give a slight edge to “Chammak Challo” because of how great Shahrukh looks in a tailored tuxedo shirt.


3.  TOP THREE!!!!  Now, this is definitely the order they are in for me.  But I understand if others would put them in a different order.  But I would be SHOCKED if anyone actually disagrees that, in whatever order they go, these are the top 3 best SRK songs of all time.


2. You know, someone told me recently they don’t actually like this song?  I just don’t understand that!  It’s so wonderful, and it makes me so happy to be an American!


1.1. Is anyone surprised that this is number 1?  Could it ever really have been anything else?





13 thoughts on “Happy 16 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! Let’s Get This Count Down Started!

  1. I would also have Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai and Tumse Milke Dil Ka Jo Haal in a top 10.

    Maybe we could stretch a top 10 by having 1, 1A, 1B..2, 2A, 2B.. Ha ha.


    • I’m kicking myself, because I forgot “Main Hoon Don”! Next year, I’m going to try to start 20 days early, and that will give me 4 more slots to fill.

      Also, thanks for reading! I’m not getting nearly as many views on these as I was expecting. It’s almost like not everyone loves Shahrukh as much as me.


      • I read every word you write! I just don’t always have time to answer. I love the songs you picked especially the one from Pardes. Though I liked Jab Tak Hai Jaan. And Don’t worry , I do love Shah Rukh!!😎


        • Thank goodness someone else loves him! Because I need somebody to read the other 14 of these coming after today, not counting the actual BIRTHDAY POST. Which might just be a picture of the cake I make for him. This year, I’m thinking red velvet.


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  8. Shah Rukh Khan, on top of a train, wearing red, dancing his heart out, to Rahman music, while Ratnam directs.


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