Hindi Film 101: Salman Khan Part 2, Helen and Heartbreak and Becoming the Head of the Household

Sorry, this is more stuff that happened before Salman became famous. But it’s important! These early experiences are what define us as a person. You can’t understand Salman without understanding his family and background.

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Hindi Film 101: Mukherjee-Samarth Family Part 3, Nutan and Tanuja Arrive!

Happy Thursday!  And Happy “Day I Finally Reach Famous People” in my Samarth-Mukherjee family tree.  We are through all those b-level stars and pre-Independence film figures, now we are finally into the golden age stars, the ones who matter! (part 1 here, and part 2 here)

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Force: The Thing I Thought Would Make Me Sad Made Me Sad, But a Bunch of Other Stuff Made Me Happy!!!

Force 2 is coming out, which finally got me to go back and watch the first one.  I remember there was a lot of buzz about a “whole other kind of John Abraham movie”, and I remember really liking the songs.  And then I remember learning about the plot and deciding that I didn’t want to see it after all.

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