Friday Classics: Chupke Chupke, The Rules of Society Are Fine So Long As You Don’t Take Them Too Seriously

I really like this movie. I know it isn’t one of the super super best Mukherjee films, but I don’t care, it makes me happy!

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10 Hindi Comedies That Are Funny Even if You Don’t Speak Hindi

This is not an insult to all the many many Hindi film comedy classics that are not on this list!  It is just an acknowledgement that humor is a really hard thing to translate, there’s social humor and language humor and all kinds of things that just don’t cross over.  But, in my experience, these films for whatever reason do translate well.

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Happy Teachers Day!!!!

Happy Teachers Day!  (At least, in America) So many sexy teacher songs in Indian film!  Every film director in the world must have had a massive crush on a teacher at some point.  Good news is, it looks like Teachers Day may be different in India than America, so I will get to put up a whole bunch of other videos in a few months!

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