Happy 12 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! Happy Facts!

For the 16th I did song videos, for the 15th I did fan videos, for the 14th I did photos, and yesterday for the 13th I did unlucky sad facts.  Today, to balance that, 12 happy facts!

12. Shahrukh had a very happy childhood, running around the streets of Delhi with his gang of friends, going home to his mother and big sister who spoiled him, and a father who gave him wise life lessons.

Image result for shahrukh khan childhood

11. Shahrukh gets to make his living doing something he loves.

10.  Shahrukh has a huge lovely home, his dream home, where he can happily live for the rest of his life.

Image result for shahrukh khan mannat

9. Shahrukh is still being offered interesting and creatively challenging films, decades into his career, giving himself a chance to grow as an artist and a person.

8. Shahrukh gets to own his own Cricket team!  What could be better for a former high school athlete?

7. Shahrukh is surrounded by friends who love him like family, from Karan to Farah to Juhi to Aditya.

6. Shahrukh has the power to make a real change in the world by voicing his opinions and giving generously of his money.

5. Shahrukh has millions (if not billions) of people around the world, total strangers he has never met, who love him.

4.  Shahrukh has lived past the age of both his parents at their death.

3. Shahrukh seems to get real support and help from his faith, claiming that the most common words out of his mouth are “Insh’ Allah” or “God Bless”.

2. Shahrukh fell in love at age 19 and got to marry the love of his life at 25.

1. Shahrukh has 3 beautiful healthy children he adores, and who adore him.

Image result for shahrukh khan family

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