Happy 8 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! King of Admen!

Shahrukh is known for being brand ambassador for anything and everything.  I’ve listed a few of his ads before, there may be some repeats in here, but here are 8 of the best I’ve been able to find (I make no promises about these being the best in existence, because I haven’t seen every SRK ad ever).

8. Okay, so this is a super recent ad, and I am pretty sure I’ve already listed it out somewhere else, but it is so cute!  I can’t resist it!

7. Not sure if I’ve listed this one before or not, but I really like it!  Shahrukh, as the spirit of entertainment, bringing joy to all of India!


6. So high concept!  So complicated!  So kind of a little scary maybe?

5. I know I’ve listed this one before too.  But I don’t care!  SO SWEET!  So cutely gay!

4. Painting a pregnant lady’s toes!  How could I not include it?


3. This one might be something that I watch whenever I get depressed.  Or, it might not.  I will leave it to your imagination!


2. Look at this!  All social-messagey and Amitabhy!  It really should be number 1.  But it isn’t, because I am shallow.

1.1. I told you, I’m shallow.


9 thoughts on “Happy 8 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! King of Admen!

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  2. I clicked on the title knowing the Lux Ad was #1.
    OH MY GOD, you won’t believe what he DID to this HOMOPHOBIC, Sensitivity abhorring, femininity-hating, uber-masculinity obsessed country, when he agreed to do an ad with five of the most stunning leading ladies in the country, and HE IS THE ONE WET AND IN A BATHTUB WITH ROSE PETALS.


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