Discussion Post: What Are Your Driving in the Summer With the Car Windows Down Songs?

This is a universal experience, right? Or at least a universal American experience (we do love our cars!)? The weather is warm and sunny, you get out your car, you roll down the windows, you blast music and just drive. And my question is, what music do you listen to?

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Hindi Film 101/2010s, the Decade Rap Arrived in Hindi Film

This is fun, these random decade round up posts as stuff occurs to me. It’s slow days anyway as we all prepare for New Years Eve (and, of course, the New Years Day tweetalong!), so I might as well put up random stuff. Oh, and forgive me if I mix up “rap” and “hip-hop”, Reflects on Life explained the difference to me months ago and I mostly understand it, but when we get into trying to use them as verbs and adjectives and adverbs, I got confused again.

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Hindi Film 101: A Brief Incomplete Overview of Hip-Hop/Rap in Indian Film

Yesterday the new Badshah song for Veere Di Wedding came out, which made me think back on how long hip-hop/rap has been part of the Indian film scene in one way or the other.  I know almost nothing about this (like, I’m not even clear on the difference between “hip-hop” “rap” and “rock and roll”), but at least I can put up some fun videos and start the discussion!

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Happy Lohri! Punjabis/Bhangra are/is Awesome!!!

Happy Lohri!  Which is a Winter Solstice holiday in the Punjab, usually celebrated with a big bonfire!  There are of course plenty of Lohri specific songs in Indian films, but they would be super hard to track down, plus I wouldn’t like all of them!

Instead, to celebrate this Punjabi holiday, I am just going to post my all time favorite Bhangra/Punjabi songs, counting down from number 5 to number 1.  There are a lot of them, because there are a lot of Punjabi refugees who ended up in the Bombay film industry.  Because they needed jobs, and also Punjabis are HOTT.  For proof of this second statement, see songs below and image above. (Garam Dharam indeed!)

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Really Good Songs From Not Very Good Movies

Christmas is over, which is sad, but it means I have a lot of new presents to play with (check them all out here!), and it means I can go back to listening to Saavn and my Indian music instead of Christmas carols.  In early November, when I start my Christmas channels, it feels all refreshing to listen to White People Music (as I think of it) for a little bit.  But by December 26th, I am ready to go back to my Indian stuff.  And for my first playlist, I went with the theme of “good songs from not good movies.”

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Happy Birthday Himesh Reshammiya! My 4th Favorite Music Director!

That sounds bad, just calling him my 4th favorite!  But he should be flattered, he comes after Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, AR Rahman, and Vishal-Shekhar.  And right before Pritam.  And today he is 43, so I get to put up all my favorite songs and reasons I love him!  25 in all, for the age he was when he wrote his first hit song.

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