World AIDs Day! How is it Addressed in Hindi Film?

Amitabh just reminded me through twitter that it is World AIDs Day today.  And I also got an email from the very very good local AIDs clinic in Chicago (donate to them!  They do good stuff), and I thought it might be interesting to look at the few times Indian film as acknowledged the AIDs epidemic in the country.  It’s about the same amount as American pop culture has acknowledged it, but more musical! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Happy Women’s March Day!

I’m not posting today because I’m taking the train downtown to be in my local Women’s March.  If you aren’t in America, this is a protest march organized for the day after Trump’s inauguration.  A million women are descending on DC (2 of my friends are going, including a grandmother from my church quilting group) and every city in America is having it’s own version.  Anyway, while I’m busy marching around or whatever we will be doing (I haven’t been to a protest in years, not since my parents took me when I was a little kid to the anti-Gulf War ones, so I don’t really know what happens), I thought I might as well schedule a theme post to go up so you can share the experience.

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Happy Martin Luther King Day (a day late): Warning! Downer post!

Happy Day After Martin Luther King Day!  I celebrated Javed’s day a day late, and now I am celebrating Martin’s day a day late too.

To celebrate, I’m going to post some of the protest and social justice songs that have made their way from south asia to the internet.  Brace yourself, they are all really good and really inspiring.  By the end, you will be in tears and also angry about the state of the world.   The proper holiday spirit!  At least, for this holiday.

(Or, you can skip this post and only read the fun stuff, I won’t judge.  I’m actually expecting almost no views, but I still felt like I should put it up.)

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