Trailers! Southern Trailers! I May Have To Spend $$$$$ and See These in Theaters

I don’t have a super lot to say about these trailers, but I am really hoping that you do!  Because I need to learn more about these movies and decide if it is worth it to go see them in theaters.  Because, you know, Tamil/Telugu movie tickets are big bucks!

First, VIP 2!  The whole reason I saw VIP, so that I can see Kajol in this.  Oh, and also because a ton of people recommended it to me in the comments and I hadn’t ever seen a Dhanush film.

Niki in the comments said that it looks like it might just be the same story as VIP over again.  I agree, and there are three reasons that makes me concerned.

1.1. It’s just boring to watch the same movie over again, and lazy on the part of the filmmakers.  Makes me afraid they will be lazy in other ways too, dull songs, bad dialogue, etc.

2. It retroactively weakens the first film, if we know all the struggle our hero went through was just erased in a few months and he landed back where he started.

3. My biggest concern, it weakens the message of the first one.  The message was to wait for your chance and then grab it.  And also that no work is shameful or below you, you can help out around the house just as well working in an office.  If so, then why is he back to living off of others even after getting his chance?

Luckily, the content of the trailer also gives some clues as to how they might be dealing with those issues.


1.1. New villain!  And not just a new villain like new casting, but a new villain with a new set of meanings and settings attached to her.  Now instead of our VIP versus a spoiled rich kid, it is our VIP versus a multinational corporation, which allows for a different kind of conflict.

2. Although the opening of the trailer itself makes it sound like he is right back to the beginning, I think the rest of it shows that he is not.  He is married, for one thing.  And the later parts of the trailer indicate that he is not unemployed, but rather self-employed, sitting at home waiting for his company to get a chance.

3. And that’s why I am less worried about the message!  This is a logical progression for the character that we saw in the last film.  To decide he would rather branch out and start his own company than follow the expected path.

Oh, and there’s Kajol!  So excited about her!  My favorite part of Dilwale (well, second to the SRKajol chemistry) was seeing her play the classy bad woman, I love it that she gets to do that again.

A little nervous about misogyny.  The powerless man being angry at the powerful woman is a common and dangerous thing.  I don’t want this film to hit that nerve.  But I am a little less concerned since the film itself is being produced/directed by a powerful woman.  And is starring a man who clearly has no issues taking orders from her.  So I will be optimistic that Kajol’s character is purely representing the major international corporations, not anything gender related.


Next trailer!  I have no idea what is happening here!  You need to help me.  But there’s Sai Pallavi!  Okay, I got the basics of the plot.  NRI living happily with his older brother and sister goes back to a village to marry a village girl living happily with her sister and parents.  That’s clear.  But then there’s a fight scene?  And they are separated even after the wedding ceremony?  What is happening there?


Anyway, I like it!  Because I like Sai Pallavi and this looks like a good role for her.  And also because it seems like a surprisingly grounded view of the NRI life.  Small house in the suburbs, walking by chain malls and coffee shops.  It’s not about being fabulously wealthy and choosing dollars over being home etc. etc.  It’s just a different kind of life than the village, that’s all.  He is at home somewhere different than she is at home. (unless I am completely missing the point and there is something else in the dialogue, in which case tell me!)


Final trailer!  Rana is still hot.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise, looks like a slightly more cynical version of the same thing we see all the time.  Wife killed, nice guy becomes Don, takes on corruption.  Kaalia, essentially.

(Except, no Amjad Khan.  And Kaalia killed the brother, so our hero was still open to romance)

But the images are so cynical!  That’s where I love it.  Taking the iconic Bhagat Singh/kiss the noose kind of image and twisting it.


So, what important things am I missing about all of these films?  Tell me!  I want to learn!

10 thoughts on “Trailers! Southern Trailers! I May Have To Spend $$$$$ and See These in Theaters

  1. I love that Raghuvaran is married in this next installment! I’m curious to see how their relationship is portrayed in this next movie.

    None of the plot of Fidaa is told clearly in the trailer. I liked it too because it showed suburban life! Based on Varun Tej’s accent, I’m guessing that his character is someone who grew up in America for most of their life. And I think Sai Pallavi is supposed to be from Telangana which is one of the two Telugu states. From what I know, Telangana has a slightly different culture than Andhra and Andhra is the one that is usually shown in most movies.

    Nene Raju Nene Mantri is Rana’s second attempt at a politcal movie, the first being his debut Leader. While Leader was a classy movie, this one seems more massy. The director, Teja, is best known for his rural and young love stories like Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu. I don’t think he has had a successful movie in many years but this looks like it could be his comeback film. I think out of his filmography the only movie of Teja’s that seems similar to NRNM is Nijam starring Mahesh Babu. Nijam is a movie about a young man and his mother trying to wipe out corruption from society after the death of his father.


    • I really hope that it isn’t the usually “nagging wife”, but also isn’t the usual “saintly patient wife”. If she is the main breadwinner for the family and he is home cooking and cleaning and shopping while he starts his business, I would be fine with that. But I don’t want him to be laying around while she nags him, or her to be all “oh no honey, follow your dreams, I will cook and clean and also pay the rent”.

      I just had to look Telangana up on a map. I was thinking it might be close to Tamil Nadu for her accent, but it looks like it is farther away? More close to Maharashtra. Now I am curious too! American suburban life and a different part of the Telugu built, this movie will be fun for the geography if nothing else.

      I just looked up Teja, and I have seen none of the movies he directed, but a fair number of the ones he was cinematographer for. Which gives me hope, because I really liked the look of those films. Mostly though, Rana with a beard!!!!

      On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 12:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • LOL Rana with a beard is the reason I will definitely watch NRNM 😉 and I liked the trailer too.
        And for sure I will watch Fidaa , just for Sai, because I love her.


        • Am I crazy, or does the beard make him seem strangely younger? Kind of softens his face and makes his smile stand out?

          On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 4:51 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I hope they make the relationship work in VIP 2, well I hope that they make the entire movie work without ruining the first.

        I don’t know that much about Telangana culture but I think this will be a fun movie. I hope someone like Moimeme will see this and give you more information. I do know that the director of this movie is really good! His name is Shekhar Kammula and his best movies are Anand, Happy Days, and Leader (Rana’s debut). I think Fidaa is giving me some Anand vibes and Anand is one movie which I would suggest. It’s a nice rom-com and I think you would really like the movie. I think I suggested Anand when you wanted to see more Kamalinee Mukherjee’s work after Puli Murugan. Here’s a song from the movie:

        I think Teja worked under RGV right?


        • The Internet says that Teja worked on Kshana Kshanam and Ghulam. I liked Kshana Kshanam and I’ve loved Ghulam for years. So that’s a couple of really big recommendations for Teja’s camerawork for me!

          On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 9:55 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I am sure that Dhanush took proper care while writing VIP 2, and this is because I saw his directorial debut Power Paandi recently (trailer below). For Fidaa, I am afraid that it would end up being a weak rehash of the director’s other Telugu film Anand. Coming to Nene Raju Nene Manthri (lit. means “I am the king and I am the minister”), I don’t think the protagonist’s wife has died (she appears again towards the end of the trailer in the present day, all smiling and happy). But this also reminds me of Raees in a way. Hoping the best for all these three films, given that each of them is special in their own way.

    Power Paandi trailer:


    • The fact that VIP 2 is such a family endeavor gives me hope also. Since my main concern is that it be too dismissive of family relationships, especially with women.


    • I understand nothing! But the visuals are really pretty. Not quirky or unusual, just straightforward nice.

      On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 8:33 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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