Tuesday Tamil (On Wednesday): VIP 2! A Fun Film to See in Theaters

Well, I saw another new Tamil movie in theaters! Kabali, Vikram-Vedha, and now this.  So, 66.6666% of all Tamil films I see in theaters start with “V”.  And another 66.66666% involve relatives of Aishwarya Rajnikanth.  And 100% of them involve me arriving at the last minute and missing the trailers.  Oh well.

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Trailers! Southern Trailers! I May Have To Spend $$$$$ and See These in Theaters

I don’t have a super lot to say about these trailers, but I am really hoping that you do!  Because I need to learn more about these movies and decide if it is worth it to go see them in theaters.  Because, you know, Tamil/Telugu movie tickets are big bucks!

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