TGIF: Let’s Not Overthink this-SUNGLASSES!

Happy Friday!  It was pouring rain this morning, and now it is blazing sunshine.  Which is making me think, “Sunglasses!”  It’s not the most original photo series idea, but it is always good.  Because sunglasses obscure your eyes, which make you look more otherworldly and better than us mortals.  Also, easier to see you as just manmeat, and not a person!

Starting with the photo I found just now for my Bhalla Bahubali post.  Look how great and happy and not tormented Prabhas and Rana look in real life in sunglasses!

Image result for prabhas rana

But that’s not the best Prabhas in sunglasses.  This is the best Prabhas in sunglasses!

Related image

Not sure if this is the best Rana-in-sunglasses or not.  But it’s pretty good!

Related image

Moving slowly towards the north, I think Salman might be the star who wears sunglasses the most.  Probably because his MASSIVE INCREDIBLY PAINFUL nerve disorder thing.  Salman’s most iconic sunglasses look is, without a doubt, Dabangg.

Image result for salman sunglasses

But I don’t know if that is necessarily his best sunglasses look.  I think this may be it.

Image result for salman sunglasses


Or maybe this?  No, this is silly.

Related image

I wasn’t thinking Aamir would be a real sunglasses guy, but I forgot that he has two separate iconic looks based sunglasses.  Rangeela first, looking all tapori-like.

Image result for aamir sunglasses

And then we rapidly fast-forward a decade, and there is Ghajini!

Image result for aamir sunglasses

Oh oh!  I forgot the most important sunglasses look, as well as perhaps the most important look Aamir has ever had-Disco Fighter!

Related image

Now, most of those above pictures were posed and carefully created and all that.  But who can look good in sunglasses just on a regular day?  Arjun Rampal, of course!  Always!

Image result for arjun rampal sunglasses

And then Akshay just laughs and laughs at Arjun.  Because he knows how to wear sunglasses like he was born in them!

Image result for akshay kumar sunglasses

See?  With the little “I am comfortable with my maturity” sexiness of salt and pepper in the beard?

Image result for akshay kumar sunglasses

John Abraham, he isn’t nearly as good.  He has to have all kinds of props and things to make the sunglasses work.

Related image

Varun, our little baby movie star, still seems to be using the sunglasses themselves as a prop.  Instead of that “born wearing them” effect, he has more of a “just born yesterday, trying to hide my little baby face and scared eyes from the paparazzi” look.

Image result for varun dhawan sunglasses

And then there’s Shahrukh.  And really, there is only one sunglasses shot necessary for him.

Related image


17 thoughts on “TGIF: Let’s Not Overthink this-SUNGLASSES!

    • I laughed out loud when I saw this post, because I immediately thought of this look and did an image search…he’s had lots of good sunglasses looks in films, but I like this photoshoot shot the best…could be one of my all time favorite photos of him.



        • And of the ones above, Arjun Rampal is just wow! Is the Prabhas shot from Mirchi? I’m watching it tonight I think!


          • If it’s not from Mirchi, it could be. That’s his look for the whole second half. And so far as I am concerned, it is how he should always look!


        • I love how his face is like, “that’s a nice stone over there, I wonder’ what’s for breakfast?” Like, being photographd shirtless isn’t even interesting for him any more.


  1. I was reading the entire post waiting for you to get to Shah Rukh and boy, when you did it was so worth it. The best SRK sunglasses look ever! (Though the one on the beach in DZ is also great.)


    • Oh, I could have EASILY done an entire “SRK in sunglasses” post! Especially since his lasik, seems like he might even need them for medical reasons or something, because they are EVERYWHERE.

      Hmm, possible idea for the 30 day October celebration?


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