Happy Labor Day! Laboring Songs

While I celebrate by cleaning my apartment, enjoy this songs that celebrate labor!  And, hopefully, will help inspire me to labor myself.

I forgot Shahrukh in NASA in my TGIF post, making up for it now!


And, for some gender parity, let’s celebrate the working woman!


Of course home labor, usually done by women, can’t be discounted either.


Phew, I’m exhausted!  Let’s find some more sitting and thinking kind of labor songs.  Okay, this one is cheating a little, but I really love it, and it’s a song about writing poetry, sung by a heroine working in a shop.  So two kinds of labor!  Sort of!


Oh oh!  That song reminds me that cooking is also labor.  Because most of the film is about food and eating.  Only I don’t want to use another song from there, plus this song is delightful!  So why not use it?


Of course, sometimes you aren’t singing and dancing while you work, sometimes singing and dancing IS work.  For instance, if you are wedding organizers trying to get a party started.


And then, finally, the hardest working people on and off screen, the dancing girls.  Whether they are dancing in the streets:


Or in clubs


Or both! (poor Karisma in Jaanwar really went through the wringer)


(but at least she was rewarded by a Peak Akshay Kumar)

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