Happy 22 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 22 Interesting Co-Stars

Happy Amitabh’s birthday again!  And, because it is his birthday, I thought I would do a Shahrukh birthday post that could kind of work for Amitji too.  So, co-stars!!!!  Not in order in any way, just 22 that are interesting to think about.

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DDLJ Scene By Scene Part 30: Shahrukh as the Man in the Window

Happy Wednesday!  It is Shahrukh month, and I am still doing the DDLJ posts in addition to the 31 days o’ SRK posts.  Mostly because there are a lot of people who read the DDLJ posts for the pure boring analysis, not the SRK love, so it’s kind of counter-programming. (full index of DDLJ coverage here)

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Friday New Classic Daawat-E-Ishq! The Tragedy of the Father of the Bride

I would say “why didn’t anyone tell me how good this movie is?”, but then there have been people screaming at me in the comments to watch it for months now, so I can’t really say that.  Anyway, it’s good!  Really good!  Running Shaadi good (my gold standard for overlooked brilliant little rom-coms).

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