Happy 22 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 22 Interesting Co-Stars

Happy Amitabh’s birthday again!  And, because it is his birthday, I thought I would do a Shahrukh birthday post that could kind of work for Amitji too.  So, co-stars!!!!  Not in order in any way, just 22 that are interesting to think about.

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Happy 7 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

My 7 favorite Shahrukh co-stars!  Obviously, you know who number one is.  But the others may surprise you! (I’ve been doing this for 9 days now, 16 favorite films here, 15 favorite fanvids here, 14 favorite pictures here, 13 sad facts here, 12 happy facts here, 11 best films here, 10 best quotes here, 9 best performances here, 8 best ads here)

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