Calendar Songs! Which Song Best Represents Each Month?

I just did a long thoughtful factual historical post, which no one will read.  So I will try to balance it with a fun silly post, and we will see how that does.

First, because I cannot get this out of my head:


Okay, moving on!  Which Hindi song best represents January?  I’m going with this one.  Big fun parties for the New Year, dark and inside because the sun goes down earlier, seems right to me.


February!!!!  Obviously, Valentine’s Day.  But which Valentine’s day????  This one:


Or this one?


March!  Holi!


April!  The end of exams!  And so, this:


Or alternatively, April!  The start of the hot season!  And so this:


May!  Monsoon’s begin!


June!  Madhavan’s birthday month!  And Monsoon’s continue


July!  Monsoons are now depressingly constant everywhere.


August!  Independence Day!!!!  And the monsoons are finally beginning to slack off!  And here is my personal favorite Independence Day song.


September!  Muharram!


October! Gandhi Jayanti!


Or alternatively, October!  Karwa Chauth!


November!  DIWALI!!!!!!!


And finally, December.  And Christmas.



And, just to indulge me, the other song that has been going through my head this whole time:




Okay, now you can correct/disagree with me in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Calendar Songs! Which Song Best Represents Each Month?

  1. I agree with all your choices except June: beautiful but too depressing. And thank you for including Mast Kalandar. I love this song, and video always make my laugh.


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