Calendar Songs! Which Song Best Represents Each Month?

I just did a long thoughtful factual historical post, which no one will read.  So I will try to balance it with a fun silly post, and we will see how that does.

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Dabboo Ratnani 2018 Report!

Okay, there are a few images beginning to filter out of the calendar-that-isn’t-a-calendar.  For newbies, Dabboo is the biggest celebrity photographer.  And every year, he gets together with his celebrity friends and shoots a calendar.  24 images, which are revealed at a party in January, and then 24 copies of the calendar are made and given to the models.  That’s it, you can’t buy it, and the images aren’t made available to the public.  Except through illegal fuzzy reprints that slowly leak out on the internet over the course of the next 24 hours.  Which is their purpose, to be leaked so we all know Dabboo’s name and he gets publicity.  Dabboo Dabboo Dabboo.

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Dabboo Ratnani’s annual Calendar that isn’t a Calendar!

It’s out!  As always, launched with a big party at a gallery.  Full pictures available here (well, full pictures of the photos in frames at the gallery.  Not the actual photos.  As will be discussed below).  I will definitely be updating my computer wallpaper to the image above when I get home.

And as always I wonder, what the heck is the deal with this “calendar”?!?!?

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