Netflix List for April! Tamil Arrives

Time for a Netflix update!  This is a list of every film on Netflix as of today, it could be wrong again tomorrow, I don’t update it that often.  BUT!  I give you the added benefit of descriptions and recommendations for each film, so you aren’t going in blind based on the unreliable Netflix info.  ( does the real work of keeping this list updated, you should definitely absolutely subscribe to them for your day to day updates.)

There are more new Malayalam films than anything else (including the one I just reviewed which is DISGUSTING HORRIBLE INFURIATING), but Tamil is still the big news since they have added in some actual big hit mainstream films, like Maari, for the first time.

I’ve done my best to give a little information about each film.  The more interesting films are marked as either COULD WATCH, SHOULD WATCH, or MUST WATCH.  And look for the films flagged as RECENTLY ADDED if you just want to see the updates to the list.

(the titles with links will take you through to my review of the film)

All Bollywood Movies Currently Streaming on Netflix

  • 1000 Rupee note (2014) Marathi

Well, it’s a Marathi slice of life film about the common people.  You know in your heart whether or not this is something you will enjoy.

  • 30 Days in September (2017)

I was just talking about this in my Hindi Film 101!  This is a movie about 1984, heavily censored and barely managed to be released, with no big talents willing to touch it.  Mostly interesting for it’s very existence, but not worth watching.

  • 99 (2009)

Watch if you want to see real life couple Soha Ali Khan and hot Kunal Khemu onscreen together.  Otherwise, it was a forgettable movie about betting scandals.

  • 1920 (2008)

Bunch of nobody actors in a haunted house.  But Vikram Bhatt is the director, he’s good, that’s something.

  • 1920 London (2016)

Modest budget horror film.  If you’ve ever been curious about Indian horror, this is a painless way of checking it out.

  • Aajcha Divas Majha (2013) Marathi

Starring Sachin Khedekar, best known as the Bose in The Forgotten Hero and Jerk Husband in Astitva.  Story about a politician trying to cut through bureaucracy to get an apartment for an elderly singer.  Same director also made Tukuram, which makes me think his production house just signed a Netflix deal.

  • Aakhri Adaalat (1988) COULD WATCH

My goodness, you have to admire the work ethic of the 80s industry!  4 months after Shahenshah came out, and the first ripoff appears!  Only the heroine is Dimple Kapadia instead of whoever it was in Shahenshah, so that’s an advantage.  Plus Jackie and Vinod.

  • Aankhen (2002)

Heist movie, mostly interesting for the incredibly early 2000s cast.  Sushmita Sen, Akshay, Amitabh, Arjun Rampal.  Like a little time machine of back when Akshay was down and Sush and Arjun were on their way up.

  • Aarakshan (2011)

Movie about the “reservation” system (India’s version of affirmative action), with a reliably good performance from Amitabh, but a pretty superficial take on the issue.

  • Aashayein (2010)

Sad soaper with John Abraham and a kind of western style plot about cancer.  But Farida Jalal sounds like she has a good role in it, so that’s something.

  • Aashik Awara (1993)

Very very early Saif Ali Khan, co-starring with his mother Sharmila!  And also, Mamta Kulkarni, future drug smuggler.  It’s your standard young-lovers-caught-up-in-past-secrets kind of plot.  Worth it for the curiosity factor of seeing an early Saif opposite Sharmila.

  • Aata Pita (2010) Marathi

Comedy about an aspiring writer and the man he picks to be the subject of his novel

  • Ab Tak Chhappan (2004)  COULD WATCH

Very odd that the sequel was available before the original.  Oh well, they are both here now!  Kind of a sleeper hit type, a police story with Nana Patakar as the lead, so more neorealist kind of thing than Dabangg kind of thing.

  • Ab Tak Chhappan 2 (2015)

If you are curious what happened to that cute short woman from Chak De, India, you can watch this.  Plus, Nana Patakar is always good.  But otherwise, don’t bother

  • Abby Sen (2015) Bengali

Huh.  Time travel in order to make a social statement.  That somehow seems very Bengali.  And also a little Tamil.  Anyway, Raima Sen!  She’s nice.

  • Agadbam (2010) Marathi

Marathi family comedy, funny grandma, funny mother, funny hero, ghost father.  If you liked Aiyyaa, but just wished there could be more wacky family comedy in it, then this is the film for you!

  • Again Kasargod Khader Bai (2010) Malayalam

Well great!  A triquel to two movies that aren’t available.  This is what I am saying about streaming being a poor replacement for video stores!  It looks like a really fun series too, a group of artists who keep getting caught up in criminal plots.

Legitimately great movie.  If you want to see a well-made film about life in a war zone, this is it.

  • Aisa Yeh Jahaan (2015)

“Green” film in message and making, advertised as having a “carbon neutral” production process, and is all about the lack of trees in Bombay as seen through a small child’s eyes.


So tempted to make this a “must watch”! It’s a super fun movie.  Totally ridiculous and over the top.  Priyanka Chopra is an evil woman, Akshay Kumar is a noble man ensnared by her, Kareena Kapoor is Akshay’s lawyer and wife who rescues him.  And it is all full of ridiculous early 2000s fashion and make-up and acting.

A brilliant female fantasy film, with an amazing lead performance, and an incredibly fun vibe.  Be warned, there is a comedy track that is off-putting and very odd.  I recommend fastforwarding through it as much as possible.  But the other 75% of the film is golden.  Also, for Malayalis, Prithviraj’s Hindi debut!

  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) SHOULD WATCH

This is a fascinating movie!  Made by the same director as Andaz Apna Apna, and not as great as that.  But with that amazing heritage.  Plus the film where Ranbir and Kat (maybe) fell in love.  And Ranbir’s only successful straight comedy.  This is a SHOULD WATCH not just for you, but for me too.  Because I still haven’t seen it and I really should before Jagga Jasoos comes out.

  • Akira, aka “Naam Hai Akira” (2016) COULD WATCH

I liked it!  Good directing, good central performance, interesting script.  And Amit Sadh, my new crush!

  • Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980) COULD WATCH

Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman, and a fantasy film, and a Russion co-production and RD BURMAN MUSIC!!!!  So yes, a COULD WATCH for sure.

  • Amrapali (1966) COULD WATCH

This looks fascinating!  Based on a supposedly true story of a beautiful courtesan who converted to Buddhism.  Costumes, Vyjantimala dancing up a storm, young hot Sunil Dutt, there is nothing wrong here!

  • Amu (2005)

Konkona Sen Sharma!  Woot-woot!  Otherwise, doesn’t really belong here, it’s an American made English language film that happens to be set in India.

  • Anarkaali of Aarah (2017) COULD WATCH

Yet another strong female lead film with an anti-violence/harrassment message.  And starring Swara Bhaskar!  Who is WONDERFUL!  But, be prepared for something a lot darker than the brightly colored poster promises.

  • Ankhon Dekhi (2014)

Arty film, directed by Rajat Kapoor who was the Bad Husband in Kapoor & Sons.  High concept, an old man decides from now on he will believe only what he sees, life lessons and whimsy ensue.

FINALLY!!!!  A “real” Malayalam film!  Not one of the bleeding edge of artsy films, but a mainstream successful one.  I mean, still way artsier than anything in Hindi, but not as artsy as the others.  And it’s a really good movie too!  You should check it out!

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case (2013)

Interesting looking, a film about medical negligance, based on real life incidents.  Most importantly, written by Vikram Bhatt, who directed Ghulam and dozens of other films.

  • Angry Indian Goddesses (2015)

Eh.  Another film that’s half Indian style and half artsy.  Really interesting cast though, and gives you a chance to see these actresses in bigger roles than they would usually be offered.

  • Apartment: Rent at Your Own Risk (2010)

Low budget horror film (as you could probably tell from the title).  Biggest star is Anupum Kher.

  • Aroni Takhon (2017) Bengali

Intercaste love story from Calcutta.  No doubt very thought provoking and wellmade and so on.  But not even successful enough to have a wikipedia entry, which makes me dubious.

  • Asoka (2001) COULD WATCH

Shahrukh’s failed historic epic.  MUST WATCH FOR SRK FANS.  For others, it’s a COULD WATCH.  It isn’t quite as epic looking as it could be, and the plot is a big confused.  But the performances are good and it teaches you about Indian history painlessly.

  • Autohead (2016)

Another one of those films set in India which is really more of an American indie film in style.  But it looks like an interesting thriller mockumentary type thing, if you are in the mood for that.

  • Aval (2017) Tamil COULD WATCH

Tamil horror film with somewhat interesting premise, but more importantly, SIDDHARTH!!!!!!  Not the Hindi Sidharth M, but the superior Tamil Siddharth.

Terrible terrible movie.  Terrible terrible.  Nargis Fakhri is a blackhole of charismalessness, and they put so much make-up on Emraan he stopped being hot.  Also, it’s just bad.

  • B.A. Pass (2013)

High concept scary thriller.

  • Baadshaho (2017)

Came to Netflix SO FAST!!!  That’s the most interesting thing about it.  Otherwise it’s a bunch of heroes playing younger than they are in real life, and a director who did the whole thing better a few years back.  Really, just watch Once Upon a Time in Mumbai instead, the same creative team and much much better.

The only missing language is Telugu.  Presumably because Arka retained those rights, and hopefully so that they can release an elaborate Blu-ray with deleted scenes. And, obviously, MUST WATCH.

Once again, no Telugu.  And once again, MUST WATCH

  • Badha (2006) Marathi

Woman accused of witchcraft in a village because of prejudice and ugly village rumors. Another Marathi social issue film.

  • Baabul (2006) COULD WATCH

Glossy Salman Khan-Rani Mukherjee-John Abraham-Amitabh Bachchan-Hema Malini movie.  Good songs, great costumes, decent plot and performances.

  • Baghban (2003) SHOULD WATCH

Has a slow start, but turns into a real tear jerker.  And the rare film that lets older actresses be the romantic leads.

  • Balu Mahi (2017) Urdu COULD WATCH

I love the plot of this movie!  I saw trailers for it and then was super disappointed when it ended up not coming to any theaters near me.  A man crashes a wedding and declares his love for the bride, only to discover it’s the wrong wedding and the wrong bride, but this bride wants to get out of her marriage anyway, so she grabs the chance and runs off with him.

  • Bandie (1978)  COULD WATCH

Uttam Kumar, heartthrob of Bengali cinema, in one of his few Hindi films.  Plus Bindu!!!!  How can you resist?  Oh, and it looks like a 70s version of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo in terms of plot.


Twinkle’s debut!  Also, remember when Bobby Deol was dreamy?  A period of time that lasted about 18 months, but it was magical.

  • Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap (2011)

An odd film.  I saw it in theaters out of curiosity from the cast, and it did not live up to expectations.  Amitabh and Hema Malini play a romantic couple, with Raveena Tandon as the other woman and Prakash Raj as the villain.  Unfortunately, too much screentime is spent on the comparatively boring young people, Sonu Sood and Sonal Chauhan.  In general, it just doesn’t quite gel.  Puri Jaganaddh’s only Hindi film, and his live action comic book Telugu style doesn’t quite work in Hindi.  But you can always try it for the curiosity factor.

  • Besharam (2013)

Similar to Bombay Velvet (below), this is also a Ranbir Kapoor movie that makes me want to gauge my eyes out and slit my wrists rather than continuing to watch.  It is the only film to feature Ranbir with his mother and father, but even that is not enough to save it from being the epitome of suck.

  • Beiimaan Love (2016)

Terrible movie.  But, if you want to see Sunny Leone opposite her real life husband Daniel Weber, this is your only chance!  Also, the music isn’t bad.

  • Beja Fry 2 (2011)

So-so low budget comedy.  Not a sex comedy for once, but also not necessarily a good comedy.

  • Bewafaa (2005)

Mostly remarkable for featuring the most unflattering costuming, hair, and make-up I have ever seen on all 3 of its stars, Kareena and Akshay and Anil.  Otherwise, not worth watching.

  • Bharva Athra Pora (2013) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED

Lovely, a film by the same cast and crew as Veruthe Oru Bharya .  And the post shows a man “homorously” about to slap his wife.  Someone in the Netflix streaming rights purchase group is both a Malayali and a disgusting misogynist.  Skip this.

  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007)

Much much lesser remake of Manichitrathazhu.  But with a really great title song.  Just go to 2 minutes, 30 seconds from the end, and watch that.  Also, WARNING! This is a Shiney Ahuja movie, which if you are like me, means you will get nauseated every time he touches a woman.

  • Bhoopathathil Illatha Oridam (2012) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED

Great cast, Sreenivisan and Nivin Pauly and Nedumudi.  But also has a nagging wife?  And got bad reviews?  Which makes me nervous that it is another of the “misogyny series” of Malayalam films.

A good movie to watch with kids, might be a little slow and repetitive for adults.  But very cute Amitabh performance, cute Juhi performance, and sort of cute SRK performance.

  • Bhouri (2016)

Huh.  A movie about a woman suffering through men’s lust, starring Shakti Kapoor (in real life,accused casting couch user caught on tape) and Aditya Pancholi (real life wife/girlfriend beater and cheater)

  • Big Brother (2007)

Remake of Bhaasha.  Watch Baashha instead.  Although Sunny Deol=Rajnikanth is pretty close!

  • Billa (2007) Malayalam (?) RECENTLY ADDED COULD WATCH

Looks like they must mean the Tamil Billa?  Stars Ajith and Nayanthara, which is enough to interest me.  Weird that it is the Malayalam dub version.  Or else it is in Tamil and the Netflix listing is wrong.

  • Bilu Rakkhosh (2017) Bengali RECENTLY ADDED

Artsy view of a midlife crisis.  Sounds very Bengali.  Okay if you are either going through your own midlife crisis, like artsy movies, or like Bengali movies.  Ideal if you are all those things.

  • Bittoo Boss (2012)

Low budget comedy, could be cute, could be dull

  • Black Friday (2004)

Serious Drama.  Anurag Kashyap’s big break, if you are interested in that.  Otherwise, very depressing movie about terrorism.

  • Blood Money (2012)

Just, no.  Kunal Khemu is cute, but not enough to save this.

  • Bodyguard (2011) COULD WATCH

The movie that helped turn Salman back into the biggest of the Khans.  Silly plot, great songs and action scenes.

  • Bombay Talkies (2013) MUST WATCH

Really great collection of 4 short films in honor of the 100 year anniversary of Indian film.  Plus two bonus song sequences, a tribute to Amitabh and a massive every-star-ever-joint-song.  But what makes it a MUST WATCH for me is the Karan Johar section, which reveals both his realistic filmmaking abilities and his burning anger at Indian society.  His is the first section, really, MUST WATCH.

  • Boom (2003) COULD WATCH

Katrina Kaif’s first movie!  And also a super strange and bad film.  Worth watching for all these reasons.

  • Boss (2013) COULD WATCH

Silly Akshay Kumar comedy.  If you like Akshay, it might be worth watching, high production values and so on.  But not his greatest.

  • Brahman Naman (2016)

Not really an Indian-Indian movie, but if you feel like seeing a sex comedy that is also kind of realistic for being a nerdy horny Indian boy.

  • Budia Singh: Born to Run (2016)

Artsy movie, not your standard songs-love story-crazy stunts thing.  If you are in the mood for that.

  • Calendar Girls (2015)

Another Madhur Bhadankar movie about a group of beautiful glamorous women and all the struggles they face.  Watch Page 3 instead.

  • Chaahat (1996) COULD WATCH

Silly young SRK romance, good cast, good directing, workmanlike.  Also, has the Queen Mother from Bahubaali in a completely different kind of role. COULD WATCH

  • Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu (1976) Punjabi

1970s sex farce comedy from the Punjab.  I truly have no idea what this will be like!  But, generally speaking, comedy does not translate well, which makes me nervous.

  • Chal Dhar Pakad (2010) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

An abused forgotten wife decides to win back her self-respect by challenging and beating her husband in a game of Kabaddi.  This is either a very good film or a very bad film, or just a sort of blah film with good ideas that failed in the execution.  I am leaning “blah”.

  • Chamatkar (1992) COULD WATCH

Very fun film, based on the Disney movie Bluebeard’s Ghost.  Naseeruddin Shah as a the ghost of a gangster, Shahrukh as a young innocent he helps, plus an aging Shammi Kapoor chewing scenario, and a young Urmila Matondkar being delightful.

  • Chandni Bar (2001) COULD WATCH

Groundbreaking art film from the early 2000s, great performance by Tabu.

  • Chashme Baddoor (2013)

A travesty, took one of the great human comedies of Indian film and turned it into a sex farce.  You shouldn’t watch it ever in protest of its very existence.

  • Chauranga (2014)

Art movie about cast.  Another one of those that is only Indian in setting and artists, not in style.

  • Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu (1976) Punjabi

Huh. A Punjabi sex farce from the 1970s.  Why?  Why would Netflix want this?  I sure don’t!

  • Chauthi Koot (2015) Punjabi

Okay, this one makes sense.  Artsy, was at Cannes, and also about 1984.  Perfect for Netflix, well made and slightly controversial.

  • Chittagong (2012) COULD WATCH

Historical drama about a forgotten rebellion of the Quit India movement.  Well made, good performances, COULD WATCH.

  • Chocolate (2016) Bengali

Comedy about a conman and a missing jewel and that kind of thing.  Sadly, not Dark Chocolate, another Bengali film, but about the Indrani Mukherjee murder case, which is a plot made for a movie.

  • Coffee Ani Barach Kahi (2015) Marathi

Looks fun based on the poster, got decent reviews.  But doesn’t have a long wiki entry and I recognize no one involved, so I think more on the “light rom-com with no budget” side of things than on the “unappreciated classic!” side of things.

  • Coffee With D (2017)

Humorous film of the Tere Bin Laden type about a reporter trying to interview a reclusive Don.  They are too cowardly to actual call the Don “Dawood Ibrahim”, so instead they are cheeky and pretend it is someone else that goes by “D” (Dawood’s gang of course was “D-Company”, so we all know what they are getting at).  Stars a bunch of people who have been in various stuff but never starred.  You probably don’t need to watch it.

  • Colkatay Columbus (2016) Bengali

Well this is an odd movie!  A bunch of young people in Calcutta start getting visions of Christopher Columbus and asking advice from him.  Huh.

Brilliant brilliant movie.  Amazing first performance from Viviek Oboroi, one of Ajay Devgun’s (numerous) brilliant films, and top notch Ram Gopal Verma direction.  MUST WATCH

  • Corporate (2006)  COULD WATCH

Corporate intrigue and sexiness, blah blah.  Might be worth watching for Bips playing a corporate warrior turned angry fighter for justice, and Kay Kay Menon (of ALL PEOPLE!) playing the man who seduces her.

  • Daagdi Chaawl (2015) Marathi

A Marathi action movie!  Didn’t know there was such a thing.  It sounds like this is one of the first ones.

A very very well-made movie.  With moments of brilliance.  But not brilliant straight through.  But also no bad moments.  I don’t know, I am torn.  I think I will land on COULD WATCH

  • Dark Chocolate (2016) Bengali COULD WATCH

The first film out the gate in the mad rush to make a movie based on the Sheena Bora murder case!  With fairly brilliant casting of Mahima Chowdery as the murderer/secret mother.  Worth watching if you are a “true crime” addict.

  • Darna Zaroori Hai (2006)   COULD WATCH

Compilation horror film with a great cast, all the way up to Amitabh Bachchan.  And legit directors, the finest of them being Ram Gopal Verma (I have issues with the man, but he does do good horror).  If you only want to watch one Netflix Indian horror film, this is the one.

  • Darra (2016) Punjabi

Punjabi film is in the middle of a bit of a renaissance, which normally would make me curious about a recent film.  However, this one barely has a track on the internet, only has one song (and part of what is so great about the recent Punjabi films is their singer-stars), and I don’t recognize any of the cast.

Great script, great cast, Shahrukh at his hottest.

  • A Decent Arrangement

Another Western-style art film.  But with Shabana Azmi!

  • Dedh Ishqiya (2014) COULD WATCH

The semi-sequel to Ishqiya.  Less groundbreaking, because it’s a sequel, but still good.  And with Madhuri playing an elegant older woman who might be a lesbian.  Oh right, LESBIAN ALERT.  Worth watching if you are into all of that.

  • Deewar (2004)

Not the good one!  The other one.  Amitabh is a POW in Pakistan, Akshaye Khanna (Akshaye!) is his son who wants to rescue him.  Sanjay Dutt is the guy who sets his hand on fire.  Worth watching for the hand-fire scene, and a cute song with Akshaye and Amrita Rao, but otherwise not really.

  • Deha (2007)

Amrita Arora is in it, in case you feel the need to see Mallika Arora’s sister acting.  And Dino Morea is there briefly too, no doubt being pretty.  But otherwise it looks like your standard marriage drama film with a not so great cast.

  • Delhi Belly (2011) MUST WATCH

Such a unique clever good movie!  A comedy that uses sex and body humor, but in a clever way.  If nothing else, you HAVE to go 1:35:20 in to the movie to see Aamir’s stunning cameo.  Oh, and Aamir produced it as well (you can tell because he cast his cousin Imraan).  This is the first of several Aamir Khan productions recently added.  Definitely some kind of deal happened.

  • Deool (2011) Marathi

Naseeruddin Shah’s Marathi debut, otherwise usual suspects like Nana Patekar.  Plot about globalization and villages and corrupt politicians and stuff, so obviously it won a National Award.

  • Devrai (2004) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

A film about schizophrenia!  Fascinating!

The winner of my Best Film of 2016 award.

  • Dharam Sankat Mein (2015)

Comedy with no stars and a high concept.  Got mixed reviews.  Might be worth trying, but if you don’t like it after ten minutes, turn it off.

  • Dharm (2007)

Supriya Pathak and Pankaj Kapur together!  And playing a couple onscreen, just like they are in real life.  That’s cool.  Otherwise, it’s yet another “we adopted the baby and then realized it was the wrong religion/caste!” movie.  See also, Sujata, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dhool Ka Phool, etc. etc.

  • Dhobi Ghat (2011)  COULD WATCH

Aamir’s art movie!  Coincidentally directed by his wife Kiran.  And that brief moment when Pratiek Patil looked like he would take over his mother’s status as the Ruler of the Middle Brow Art Film.

The rare MUST WATCH/SHOULDN’T WATCH combo!  Terrible terrible movie, in a very fascinating and entertaining way.  Everything is bad.  EVERYTHING.  And yet also, enormously fun to watch.

I love this movie soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!  And it’s terrible.  Okay, not terrible, but not great.  Kind of stupid.  But cute.  Picture a golden retreiver puppy.  Shahid Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan in her film debut, also Ayesha Takia back when she was a thing, a title taken from the a Pepsi slogan, and criminally catchy songs.  You see why it’s a MUST WATCH, right?

  • Dil Se (1998) MUST WATCH

What is there to say?  It’s Dil Se.  The film that put Indian cinema on the international map, the film that has the greatest dance sequence of Shahrukh and Farah Khan’s career, the film with one of the all time best AR Rahman soundtracks, and beyond all of that, just a brilliant brilliant heartbreaking frustrating movie.

Not a great movie.  But very enjoyable if you leave the room or fastforward through the slow bits.

  • The Dirty Picture (2011) SHOULD WATCH

Another one I feel guilty about!  Still haven’t seen it.  It’s a combination of fun songs and frivolousness with a kind of real message about the price women pay for owning their sexuality.

  • Drishyam (2015) COULD WATCH

Great script, lifted from Malayalam film of the same name (my review here).  I have some problems with the presentation of women in it, but if you are looking for a twisty clever plot, this is the one.

  • Dukhtar (2014) Pakistani

Huh.  About a woman and her young daughter running away from an arranged marriage, written and directed by a woman, given wide release in Pakistan and made their official Oscar entry.  I’m still not terribly interested in seeing it, but I find the fact of its existance interesting.

  • Dum (2003) COULD WATCH

Great songs, attractive young Viviek Oboroi, lovely Sholay homage action sequence, there’s a lot to love.  The plot is a little weak, but Viviek is super cute.

  • Dus (2005) COULD WATCH

Super fun action film from early 2005.  All time great Vishal-Shekhar soundtrack, fun Shilpa Shetty and Sanjay Dutt performances, super good Abhishek Bachchan performance, great Zayed Khan-Dia Mirza chemistry.

  • Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe (2015) Punjabi

Pavan Malhotra!  Who is in EVERYTHING.  Hindi, Telugu, and now Punjabi.  Oh, and the movie itself is about an early environmentalist, if you are interested in that kind of thing.  A different sort of Punjabi film than you would expect.

  • Ek Cup Chya (2009) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

By the same director as that Schizophrenia movie, this one is about corruption from the perspective of a struggling working class hero with 4 children.

  • Ek Jaan Hain Hum (1983)

Oo oo!  Rajiv Kapoor!  The mysterious youngest Kapoor brother!  This is his very first film, and the family pulled out the stops, Shammi, Pran, and Tanuja all showed up for support.  Not that it made a difference, the film didn’t run well and neither did Rajiv’s career.


Not a very notable old film, but one of a few 1970s option currently on streaming.

  • English Babu Desi Mem (1996) COULD WATCH

Not a good early SRK film, plot lifted from a Rishi Kapoor movie (Zamane Ko Dikhane Hai).  Some good songs, a ridiculously over the top ending sequence, Shahrukh has a mustache for a bit, but generally more confusing and dull than fun.

  • Ethirmarai (2018) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED

Well, this is a movie that doesn’t exist!  I am kind of fascinated.  No wiki page, no reviews, but it does have a trailer.  Also, stars and directed by the same person, who also has no internet record.  I wonder if it was a vanity project that Netflix ended up buying?  Or maybe I am missing something.

  • Fakta Ladh Mhana (2011) Marathi

Another action movie!  Which was apparently also very expensive to make.  So that’s something.

  • Fandry (2014) Marathi   COULD WATCH

Was on Netflix, then wasn’t, now it is again.  I guess since Sairat left there was an opening in the “depressing frustrating Marathi film about caste” category.  It’s a very good movie, just very depressing and frustrating.

  • Filmistaan (2012) COULD WATCH

Interesting and aware comedy about film and South Asia.  Not as good as Tere Bin Laden, but that’s not available any more, so you might as well watch this.

  • Film Star (2005) COULD WATCH

Direct by Tanuja Chandra, who is cool.  She directed Dushman and is Anupama Chopra’s sister.  Also, Priyanshu Chatterjee is in it.  So if you are in that small subset of humanity that would watch paint drying if it featured Priyanshu Chatterjee, here this is.  Oh, and Mahima Choudry is there too.

  • Firaaq

Really good, really searing film.  Watch if you want to get really upset.

I almost said “must watch”.  Really, it’s great fun!  My third favorite of the Hindi superhero genre.  Mr. India, then Ra.One, then this.  And then, a long long long drop down, the Krrish films.

Not a good movie.  Decent action scenes and John Abraham performance, otherwise not worth it.

  • Gabbar is Back (2015) COULD WATCH

I may be biased towards this film just because it was the first movie I drove out to see after I got my car.  But it really is a kind of fun Akshay action film.  Not great art, no deep thoughts, but moves along at a nice pace with a lot of fun action scenes.  Be warned, the heroine is truly terrible. But luckily she isn’t in many scenes.

  • Gandu (2011) Bengali

Bengali, black and white, with an indie rock band soundtrack.  Actually sounds like kind of a good and interesting film, but not exactly what I am used to from Indian film.

  • Gelo (2016) Punjabi   COULD WATCH

Film based on a novel with a female main character.  Again, not what you expect from “Punjabi” films!  And looks like it could be good maybe.

  • Ghayal Once Again (2016)

Not a good movie.  Picking up on nostalgia for a superior much earlier film, but with nothing new to say.

  • Gollu Aur Pappu (2014)

Solid group of mid-level famous actors, starting with Dimple Kapadia.  And yet I have never heard of this film and it got minimal promotion, which makes me thing it is terrible and they were sneaking it in and out of theaters before anyone noticed.

  • Golmaal Returns (2008) COULD WATCH

This is the best example of a particular kind of film.  If you don’t like this kind of film, Rohit Shetty action comedies starring Ajay Devgn, this is a terrible terrible film.  If you do like this kind of film, it’s very entertaining, COULD WATCH.  And if you aren’t sure, you might want to at least watch the first 5 minutes and decide.  It’s certainly an important genre to at least be aware of, and fairly unique to India.  Amazing action set pieces (which Ajay does all himself, as the son of a stuntman), lots of farcical situations, and lots of wordplay.

  • Gour Hari Dastaan: The Freedom File (2015)  COULD WATCH

Vinay Pathak!  Best friend from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi, finally gets his leading role.  And you can see husband-wife team Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey.  Also, it seems like kind of interesting story, an aging freedom fighter who is fighting for recognition for his heroism from the government.

  • Grand Masti (2013)

Lovely, the film that proved sex comedy franchises could be a thing.  We should all be so grateful.

  • Guru (2007) MUST WATCH

It’s a thinkly veiled biopic of Dirubhai Ambani, it’s also one of Mithun Chakraborty’s best roles, it’s also a romance with Madhavan and Vidya Balan together for the only time in their career.  And the first Abhishek-Aishwarya film after their marriage.  But most of all, it is one of Mani Ratnam’s few Hindi films.  Watch it!

  • Haapus (2010) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Funny movie about one village trying to get full price for their mangoes, that also confronts superstitions around astrology.

  • Half-Girlfriend (2017)

Arjun Kapoor-Good! Chetan Bhagat-Good! Shraddha Kapoor-FILM RUINER!!!!!!  Also, the script and directing isn’t very good.  Probably best avoid.

  • Halla Bol (2008) COULD WATCH

If you have to watch one Jessica Lal murder case inspired film starring Vidya Balan, make it No One Killed Jessica.  But if you want to watch a second Jessica Lal movie, which digs into the culpability of the film community in social ills and has a good dramatic performance from Ajay Devgn, make it this one.

  • Happy Journey (2014) Marathi

A ghost brother-sister life lesson movie.  With Atul Kulkarni!  From Raees and Rang De.  My goodness there are a lot of Marathi films added this time!

  • Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000) COULD WATCH

Well, this is fun!  A nice little rom-com with Anil Kapoor and Kajol.  Both very likeable actors.  It’s not a great movie, but it’s a definite COULD WATCH.

  • Happy New Year (2014) COULD WATCH

Is this better or worse than Dilwale?  I think maybe tied.  The SRK romance is less good, but the plot and comedy is better.  And the songs are great, it is a Farah Khan film after all.

  • Haraamkhor (2015)

Thriller type thing with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.  Worth watching if you like thrillers, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

  • Haram (2015) Malayalam

Another “real” Malayalam film.  Interesting cast, Fahad Faasil and Radhike Apte who went on to do more Hindi stuff.  But it got terrible reviews, you can probably skip it.

  • Harud (2010) Urdu

Day to day life in Kashmir.  Seems to have some good reviews, but not much of an internet presence.  And no cast or crew members I recognise.  And no songs. Did get a National Award in the Urdu category.

  • Haseena Maan Jayegi (1999) COULD WATCH

Fun David Dhawan comedy, Govinda and Sanjay Dutt and Karisma Kapoor.  I’d probably watch for Karisma, David Dhawan and she were really wonderful together.

  • Hate Story (2012)

Yet another low budget horror film!

  • Hate Story 2 (2014)

See above.

  • Hate Story 3 (2015)

See above.

  • Heropanti (2014) COULD WATCH

Tiger Shroff’s big break film.  And Kriti Sanam’s first Hindi film.  Big silly action, good dancing (because Tiger), so-so acting (because Tiger).

  • Hide & Seek (2010)

A bad Hindi horror film.  But hey, Purab Kohli!  He’s cute.

  • Hisss (2010)

One of those movies that is so bad it has a documentary about how it all went wrong.  If you want to see the worst stupidest sexiest version of the Nagini snake film, watch this.  If you want to see the stupidest most amusing version, watch Tum Mere Ho.  If you want to see an actual good version, watch Nagini.

  • Ho Mann Jahaan (2015) Urdu/Pakistani

This is an interesting one, a young-people-in-the-city comedy/romance, but from and set in Pakistan.

Akshay Kumar southern remake.  Surprisingly great soundtrack and cute romance with a couple of twists in the plot.

  • Home Delivery (2005)  COULD WATCH

Origin of the Diwali song that will get stuck in your head forever and ever and ever (Haaaapy Diwali).  Also, Ayesha Takia and Viviek Oboroi back when they were super cute, Mahima Choudry swanning around being awesome, and Boman Irani in a bad wig.  And from the makers of Jhankaar Beats, one of the All Time Great films.  And yet, somehow, it never quite gelled.  And thus I am keeping it as a “could watch” not a “should watch”.

  • Horror Story (2013)

Well, the title says it all.

  • Hridaynath (2012) Marathi

Movie about a respected older teacher who receives a gangster’s heart in a transplant and begins to act like him, comedy ensues and also an Urmila Matondkar item song!

  • Hum Aapke Hain Koun (1994)

MUST WATCH!!!!  One of the 5 most important films in Hindi cinema.  Very slow start, but give it a chance to grow on you and you will learn to love it.  Most of all, it is important for showing where the “Family Romance” genre came from in Indian film, and what created the NRI audience.

  • Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999) COULD WATCH

Follow up to Hum Aapke Hain Koun.  A little more over the top and less boring, but a lot less touching.

  • Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006) COULD WATCH

Nice romance of the early 2000s.  Great Akshay-Katrina chemistry, great Anil Kapoor cameo, great Bipasha Basu song, and unembarrassedly romantic plot.

  • Hunterrr (2015)

Mostly notable for the explicit sexy scenes (if you are looking for stuff like that).  And for a numerology based title that rivals “Hey Babbyy” in it’s stupidity.

  • I, Me, aur Main (2013) COULD WATCH

You can watch it if you really really really like John Abraham.

  • I.D. (2012)

Another indie festival type thing.

  • Ideachi Kalpana (2010) Marathi

Comedy about faking an injury after a car accident and so on and so on.  Directed by Sachin, from Sholay!

  • Incomplete (2017) Bengali

Interesting film festival style film that I am barely allowing on my list as a regular Indian film because it looks full length and has a romance, so it might be kind of mainstream.

  • Inkaar (2013)

If you want to see Arjun Rampal be sexy, I guess you could watch it?  But otherwise not much point.  It was supposed to be a deep look at sexual harassment, but it managed to be neither deep nor fun.  If you really need to see an Indian take on sexual harassment, I recommend Aitraaz, which is terrible, but also super fun.

  • Insan (2005)

Action film with Akshay and Ajay and Esha and Lara which I am going to say is probably not very good since I have never heard of it, and with that cast, I should have.

  • Inteqam: The Perfect Game (2003)

Low budget police thriller.  With Isha Koppikar, the other woman from Don, if you feel the need to see her in something else.  Oh, and Manoj Bajpai who no doubt elevated the material the way he always does.

  • Interrogation/Visaaranai (2015) Tamil

A film that should have been more of an art hit, and turned into a mainstream hit.  Plus took a harsh look at the powers of the state and so on.  Also, very gritty and violent in some ways, so be warned.

  • Iqbal (2006)

This movie I have hear about for years, a struggling deaf boy from a village who dreams of playing Cricket. Oh, and same director as Dhanak!

  • Irada Pakka (2010) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

A movie about a married couple who is bored and decides to try something “different” that ends up threatening their marriage.  So, I’m guessing swinging.

  • Ishqedarriyaan (2015)

Well, this looks terrible!  Love triangle between Evelyn Sharma and two actors I have never heard of,

  • Ishq Vishk (2003) COULD WATCH

Now this is a really interesting one!  Shahid Kapoor’s big break, first of all.  A college love triangle of the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai variety, but in a post-American Pie world, so a lot more explicit.  Kind of an odd mix of influences.

  • Ishqiya (2012) COULD WATCH

Boy, this and Dirty Picture!  Someone at Netflix HQ really likes Vidya and Naseerji together.  Anyway, a sincerely good and interesting film.  One of the earlier Vidya performances that made people sit up and notice her.

  • Ishq Wala Love (2014) Marathi

Looks like another rom-com.  Well, I mean, duh!  with that title, obviously.

  • Issaq (2013)

The movie that ended Pratiek Patil’s career!  A Romeo and Juliet story in Gujurat, made the reviewers incomprehensible in hatred.


Great great film!  A small tight thriller with perfect casting and a plot that keeps you guessing.  No really, I know that is always the tagline, but in this case it is true!  So true that I am linking back to my “no spoilers” review because I don’t want you to get spoiled.

  • Jaal (1986)

I solved the mystery!  Random odd movies (such as this one) keep popping up because they are produced/owned by Eagle Films.  Which also owned Chamatkar.  Which Shahrukh reeeeeaaaaalllllllly wanted to buy back.  So he apparently just bought up the entire Eagle Films catalogue, including random weird movies like this one with Jeetendra, Mithunda, Rekha, Moon Moon Sen, and Mandakini.  But in 1986 when all of them (except Mithunda) were on their way down.  And Netflix I guess got it cheap as a little topping on the Red Chillies deal.

  • Janaan (2016) Urdu COULD WATCH

A film which starts light and then takes a turn for the SUPER DRAMATIC.  But might be worth watching if you are in to that sort of thing.

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!!  Aamir’s film to launch his nephew Imraan, really cute and unique and sweet and all that good stuff.  Definitely watch it.

A very good, very interesting movie.  Which will reward watching and rewatching on Netflix.  I’m thrilled it found a home here.

Classic rom-com of the past decade, one of the greatest performances in Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s career, classic soundtrack, and launched Imtiaz Ali as an important director.  Also, it’s just really really good.  Like, you won’t be able to stop smiling for a week good.

  • Jal (2013)

Looks like a so-so movie, fantastical plot about water diviners and so on.  But great cast!  Hot Purab Kohli, talented Kirti Kulhari, and cross-over actress Tannistha Chatterjee, from both arty British films and Indian.

  • James (2005)

Oh RGV!  When you are good, you are very very good, but when you are bad, you are horrid.  To be fair, RGV didn’t actually direct this himself, but he did produce it, and force his latest “discovery” on the director (you think Harvey Weinstein is gross, I don’t even want to think about what goes on when RGV is casting).

  • Janaan (2016) Pakistani COULD WATCH

Really interesting looking plot, a mixture of romance and social commentary in the best tradition of Pakistani pop culture.  Definite COULD WATCH.

Odd film to add.  It wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t that great.  I’m assuming the producer had a deal with Netflix so it was easy for them to buy.  Or something, because I can’t imagine snapping it up based on either popularity or quality.  Although it isn’t really bad, definitely a COULD WATCH.

Not nearly as good as Judwaa The Original.  You should watch that instead, you can rent it on googleplay.  But if you want more even after watching that, this isn’t a bad movie, and the songs are great (because they are remixes of the original songs).

  • Jugni (2016) COULD WATCH

Kind of an interesting mixture of a more art-film sensibility with traditional Indian film narrative techniques.

  • Kaabil (2016)

Terrible terrible movie.  Don’t watch it.  Unless you are a massive Hrithik fan, but even then, probably not.

  • Kaakan (2015) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Another semi-serious Marathi film.  Seems like Marathi films are either serious and realistic, over the top comedies, or action.

  • Kabali (2016) Tamil (Hindi dubbed)    MUST WATCH

Such a good movie!  And a wonderful introduction to Rajnikanth if you haven’t seen him before.  And, even more importantly, an introduction to the oppression of the Tamil community in Malaysia.

  • Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa (1994) MUST WATCH

Still considered one of Shahrukh’s greatest performances, by himself and everyone else in the industry.  A deceptively simple light-hearted plot of teen romance and a band trying to get a big break, but really a sort of interesting discussion of the anti-hero.  Also, brilliantly directed by Kundan Shah, his follow up to the all time classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro.

  • Kaccha Limboo (2011)

Kids movie following the troubles of a 13 year old boy.  With Atul Kulkarni, from Rang De Basanti and Raees, playing the adult lead.

  • Kacche Dhaagey (2016) PUNJABI

Looks very very low budget.  I don’t recognize any of the cast, and it barely has a footprint online.  Romance, but seems like it might swing wildly between light and heavy in an unpleasant way.

  • Kahaani (2012) MUST WATCH

Absolutely brilliant movie.  Prepare to pay close attention and be on the edge of your seat.  It’s also gorgeous, makes you feel like you are right on the streets of Calcutta.  And it has amazing performances.

  • Kahi (2016) Kannada

Not much information on this one, looks like yet another thriller.  But doesn’t have the buzz I’ve seen for a few other Kannada films which makes me think it isn’t that impressive.

The film that made Hrithik Roshan a star!  Big silly over the top romance, with amazing songs.  But most, THE FILM THAT MADE HRITHIK ROSHAN A STAR!!!  I cannot possibly convey what a big deal this was when it released.

  • Kajarya (2013)

Another depressing art film, this time about female feoticide.

  • Kajraare (2010)

Pooja Bhatt directed (always good at female fantasy fulfillment), and it was the first Indian film (of many) to film in Petra in Jordan.  Otherwise, looks like something to be avoided, Himesh Reshammiya stars, which is always a bad sign.

  • Kalki (2017) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED

I got all excited for a moment thinking this was the 1996 K. Balachander film.  But now, it’s some 2017 thing about science and love and May-December romances which got pretty bad reviews.

  • Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996)  COULD WATCH

Early Mira Nair, late Rekha.  Worth watching for that combination!

  • Kanavu Variyam (2017) Tamil

Rural village infrastructure problems film.  Totally new cast and director, produced by Warner Bros. in their first Tamil production.  What I find really interesting is that this is the only Tamil film on Netflix, showing that all non-Warner Brothers production houses are holding from to their Herotalkies/Tentkotta deals.

  • Kanika (2017) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Horror film.  Another Marathi genre!

  • Kanyaka Talkies (2013) Malayalam COULD WATCH

This might be the best bet of all the Malayalam films.  Won a ton of awards and, more importantly, I actually know one of the cast members!  Lena, good slightly older actress. Still probably better off going to google play and watching something really good there, but if for some reason your google play account is suspended or something.

  • Karzzzz (2008)

Oh Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  The first film to have the ridiculous numerology based spelling alterations.  And it was terrible, commercially and critically and just, like, as a fact of life.  Bad bad bad movie.  Bad.  Bad bad.

  • Kaththi (2014) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Woot Woot!  An actual mainstream major Tamil film!!!!!  Vijay action classic, mistaken identity, escaped convict versus hero cop, AR Murugadoss directs, Samantha plays the heroine, all of this is good.

  • Katputti (2006)

Yet another low budget no stars thriller!  I am assuming there is a production house somewhere that specializes in these movies, and their library was just bought up by Netflix.

  • Kay Dyache Bola (2005) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Wild comedy Marathi film, remake of My Cousin Vinny.

  • Khakee (2004)

Kind of interesting police story (as you can tell from the title).  Amitabh plays a wise old cop on the way out, Akshay plays a cocky young cop, Aishwarya plays a beautiful woman.  The songs are decent.  But it’s really nothing special.

  • Khalnayak (1993) MUST WATCH

Woo!  Great great movie!  Not a classy movie, but a great great movie.  Jackie Shroff being noble, Raakhee being motherly, Madhuri being Madhuri-y, Subhash Ghai being Subhash Ghai-y, and of course “Choli Ke Peeche”!!!!

  • Khoon Khoon (1973)

A remake of Dirty Harry, but more importantly, a chance to see Rekha-before-Amitabh.  Back when she was plump and sexy and didn’t take her career seriously.  Oh, and also Danny Denzongpa.

  • Khuda Gawah (1992) MUST WATCH

Sridevi and Amitabh, and Nagarjuna!!!!  Amazing dialogue, amazingly delivered, great songs, terrible wigs, just all around magnificent.  Unless you don’t like that kind of thing, in which case give it 10 minutes and then decide.  The opening will give you a good idea of the rest of the film.

  • Khushi (2003) COULD WATCH

Fun nice little movie!  Remake, so the plot is great.  Kareena and Fardeen are surprisingly adorable together.  And it has the immortal song, “Good Morning India” (complete with a tiny bit of Fardeen full frontal).

  • Kidnap (2008)

Eh.  For those few Imraan Khan trufans, you can give it a watch.  Otherwise, don’t bother, it is kind of a boring mess.

  • Killa (2014) Marathi

A boy comes from village to city.  And yet another grounded harsh Marathi movie about the state of society!  Fun!

  • Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (2015)

Kapil Sharma’s film debut!  So if you like his brand of humor, maybe.  Otherwise, no.

  • Koi… Mil Gaya (2003) SHOULD WATCH

Possibly Hrithik Roshan’s greatest performance, a surprisingly touching Alien superhero movie.  Also decent songs, and a really great latter day Rekha performance.

  • Kothanodi (2015) Assamese

Assamese folktales are the basis, which isn’t that new, an arty Indian film based on folktales.  But Seema Biswas!!!!  Art film superstar!!!!  That’s interesting, almost work watching it.  Almost.

  • Krrish (2006) COULD WATCH

Not a good movie.  Terribly filmed (like, the light saturation is off in half the scenes), and crazy plot but not in an entertaining way.  Also, a waste of Hrithik’s dancing abilities.  But if it’s a rainy day and there’s nothing else available, you might as well.

Such a bad movie!  So bad!!!  But amusingly bad.

  • Kshanbhar Vishranti (2012) Marathi

Well I can find almost no information about this, but the poster looks funny.  So I am thinking this is a small Marathi comedy that wasn’t very successful.

  • Kung Fu Yoga (2017)

A Chinese-Indian co-production that is strongly weighted towards the Chinese side of things.  The crew and most of the cast all came from the Chinese film tradition, and it sounds like the plot is a classic Jackie Khan action comedy.  But there is a little bit of Indian in there, Disha Patani and Sonu Sood.

  • Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 (2016)

Yet another sex comedy.  Who at Netflix is picking all of these?  And I really hope he isn’t sharing a cubicle with the guy who buys all the indie Indian art films.  Or if they are sharing a cubicle, I really hope Netflix makes a sitcom about that.

  • Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum (2012)

I suppose it must be slightly better than the sequel, because these things usually get worse as time goes on.  But I still wouldn’t recommend watching it.

  • Kyun! Ho Gaya Na (2004) COULD WATCH

This is one of my secret guilty pleasure movies.  Amitabh over acting, Suniel Shetty existing, Viviek at peak cuteness right before it all went downhill, and surprisingly good soundtrack.

  • Laal Rang (2016)

Low level crime drama movie.  Starring Randeep Hooda and his stupid face that I hate.

  • Lagaan (2001) SHOULD WATCH

The first Aamir Khan production.  And the movie that brought Indian film to the world.  Well, the wealthy white awards show world, it was already everywhere else.

  • Lal Patthar (1971) COULD WATCH

Another interesting classic film!  A wealthy man is torn between his new young wife and his mistress.  Hema Malini gets to play the villain.  Hot hot Raaj Kumar is the hero.

  • The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) MUST WATCH

The first 5 minutes are amazing.  The rest of it is extremely uneven.  But this is an important part of Indian history to know, and this is the most painless way to learn it.  Just try to overlook some of the costume and acting choices, especially from the “British”.

  • Lens (2015)

Another arty film, this time about voyeurism.  Just rewatch Rear Window and skip it.

  • Liar’s Dice (2013)

An India Oscar Entry, so socially relevant and starring Naseeruddin Shah, as most of those are.  But that’s not important, what is important is the director!  Geetu Mohandas, Malayali, married to Rajeev Ravi who directed Kammattipadam, and working now on a really gritty interesting looking film Moothon with Nivin Pauly.

  • Life Partner (2009)

B level comedy, Govinda and Fardeen Khan and Tusshar Kapoor.  Poor Genelia D’Souza and Prachi Desai are trapped in it too.

  • Loev (2015)

Artsy movie technically set and made in India, but really fits more with the American indie art scene.  But if you want an indie male-male romance with an Indian setting, check it out!

Very very good.  Ignore the title, it is very very good.  And touching and teaches you about immigrants and being caught between two identities and all kinds of things.  MUST WATCH.

  • Loktak Lairembee (2016) Manipuri

A film about a fishing community that lives in their boats, premiered at MAMI, that sort of thing.

  • Lorai: Play to Live (2015) Bengali COULD WATCH

Okay, this looks like a decent film!  High production values, good plot, all that.  An alcoholic ex-soccer player is assigned to train a group of troubled youth in a violence prone village.

  • Love Breakups Zindagi (2011)  COULD WATCH

Nice light rom-com of the Notting Hill/Jhootha Hi Sahi style.  Produced by and starring real life best friends Diya Mirza and Zayed Khan.  Playing best friends on film who slowly make their way towards falling in love.  With some help from surprise guest star SHAHRUKH KHAN.  Making this a “must watch” for SRK fans.

  • Love Per Square Foot (2018)

Cute little film, mostly noticeable for being the first Hindi film produced by and released exclusively on Netflix.

  • The Lovers (2015) MUST WATCH


  • Luck (2009)

Did you know that Imran Khan’s father works for Netflix?  That’s not a joke, he really does.  Imran’s Dad is an American tech guy, Imran was born in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Then his parent’s marriage broke up, he and his Mom moved back to India, and Aamir stepped up and became a bit of a father figure for him.  Anyway, I am thinking that this might be the explanation for the random assortment of not very good Imran Khan movies that are suddenly appearing.  This one at least has Sanjay Dutt in it too.

  • Lucknow Central (2017)  COULD WATCH

Mostly interesting because it is here already!  Just left theaters, like weeks ago.  Already was kind of interesting since it came out almost simultaneously with Quadi Band, which had the exact same plot.  Prisoners escaping through a band competition.  This one features director turned actor Farhan Akhtar, and surprisingly good model turned actor Diana Penty.

I was just mentioning this in my “starter kit for Hindi film stars” post!  This is a ridiculous fun silly crazy movie, that lets you see exactly how ridiculous fun silly crazy Salman Khan films can get.  It’s Russia, it’s an age inappropriate romance, it’s almost dying of hypothermia, it’s great songs, really, watch it!

  • Ludo (2015) Bengali

Another horror movie!  Is it just because it is October?  Is that all?  Or is all of Indian film being taken over by low budget horror?

  • M Cream (2014) COULD WATCH

Oh boy, another arty indie movie!  But with Barry John (guy who taught Shahrukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, and dozens of other young actors), so might be worth a watch for that.

Surprisingly good biopic, very straight forward in presentation, but high quality performances and mise-en-scene and all of that.

  • Maacher Jhol (2017) Bengali

Paris chef returns to Calcutta and tries to conquer Calcutta fish curry.

  • Maari (2015) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Another “real” Tamil film!  This one is so real that it combines great songs, great action, and a bittersweet plot (it’s the bittersweet part that separates the Tamil from the Telugu).  Oh, and Dhanush is the lead in a perfect Dhanush role, if you want a hit of that.

  • Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai (2014)

If you have to see one horror movie, this might be the one to try.  Swara Bhaskar and Murli Sharma, both of whom are always great.

  • Madaari (2016)

Another thriller!  With Jimmy Shergill and Irrfan Khan.  But otherwise not very notable.

  • Madras Cafe (2013)

An ambitious movie, that fails in execution.  John Abraham produced and starred, and he isn’t the usual infallible hero type.  It’s a spy movie that’s more about information and talking than about grand chase scenes and adventures.  And it deals with one of the big no-nos of Indian history, the intelligence failure that lead to the assassination by bomb of Rajiv Gandhi.  Might be worth watching if you love John Abraham, or if you are curious about how the topic is presented, but otherwise not.

Another “real” Malayalam film!  A really good one , and also very Malayalam.  Light village life type stuff, young interesting heroine, sensitive non-traditionally macho hero.  Fahad Faazil being Fahad Faazil.  Definitely a COULD WATCH.

  • Main Aur Mr. Right (2014)

Low budget rom-com with a bunch of nobodies.  Watch at your own risk!

  • Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) MUST WATCH

MUST WATCH!!!!!!  A legitimately fun film, plus made Salman Khan a star, plus introduced Sooraj Barjatya as a director and showed the early seeds of what would turn into Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

  • Makkhi (2012) Telugu MUST WATCH

It is SO GOOD.  “Reincarnation fly movie” is not a good way to sell it, it is just so much more than that!  So fun, so clever, so happy, so strangely romantic!

  • Malamaal Weekly (2006)  COULD WATCH

Lessor Priyadarshan comedy, Paresh Rawal and Ritiesh Deshmukh starring, but still a fun ride!

  • Mallu Singh (2012) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

This looks fun! Kunchacko Boban goes to the Punjab to prove that Unni Mukundan is his long lost cousin.  So lots of Punjabi versus Malayali humor, which is always fun.

  • Mandobasar Galpo (2017) Bengali RECENTLY ADDED

An acclaimed filmmaker struggles with romantic issues.  Trailer, but no reviews or wiki page.  So I am thinking small personal sensitive film that didn’t really go anywhere.

  • Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) SHOULD WATCH

I haven’t seen it myself, but this is India-does-Chinatown, and it is supposed to be almost as good as the original.  Also has Abhay, for you Deol-o-files.

  • Manoranjan (1974) MUST WATCH

Directed by Shammi Kapoor, a remake of Irma La Douce, and starring Zeenat Aman and Sanjeev Kumar.  An incredibly cheerful romance between a cop and a prostitute.  A completely unashamed and happy prostitute.  Who is never punished for her “sins” by the narrative, gets a completely happy ending.  Really, MUST WATCH.

  • Mantostaan (2017)

Ooo ooo!  An arty film starring total unknowns based on a short story collection about Partition!  My FAVORITE! (not really)

  • Mantra (2016) COULD WATCH

An arty film starring people I know set in the present day changing India.  Okay, that I can live with.  Kalki Koechlin, Rajat Kapoor, and Lilet Dubey, I like all those people!

  • Margarita with a Straw (2014) COULD WATCH

Arty film, got good reviews and a slightly wider release than usual.  About queer issues and disability rights issues.

  • Maroon (2016)

Another thriller!  And this time I don’t recognize anyone on the cast list.

  • Mary Kom (2014) COULD WATCH

Inspirational sports biopic starring Priyanka.  Not too good, not too bad, just okay.  If you are a huge Priyanka fan, or really want to see a sports biopic, you can check it out.

  • Masaan (2015) COULD WATCH

Art film which got great reviews and has a good cast.  Don’t watch it if you are in the mood for something light, but worth watching if you want to see something really good.

  • Masters (2012) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Ooo!  A thriller with Prithviraj and a mustache!  That’s worth watching right there!

  • Masti (2004)

The original of our modern era of sex comedies!  Where it all began.  Looks almost quaint now.  Oh, and it has my all time favorite Stupid Song Lyrics, “On the roof, in the rain; on the roof, in the rain.”

  • Matichya Chuli (2006) Marathi

Another wacky Marathi comedy!  This time about in-law issues.

  • Maya Memsaab (1992)

Because I care, I took the effort to skip through to the two sex scenes.  Netflix does NOT care (or, more likely, it was part of the Red Chillies deal), and so the sex scenes were cut.  BOOOO, Netflix!  BOOOO!.  You can see at 1:31 the start of the first scene.  And then at 1:40 there is a sudden cut, you see them lying in bed together with love bites and feathers everywhere, but we didn’t get the scene of Shahrukh stripping for her and passionately ripping the pillows (which is on my 8 year old DVD).  BOOOOO, Netflix!

  • Maza Pati Karodpati (1988) Marathi  COULD WATCH

Sachin Pilgaonkar and his wife Supriya coming together in a 1988 comedy.  Sounds kind of fun!

  • Mere Baap Pehle Aap (2008) COULD WATCH

A kind of funny Priyadarshan film, with a great cast.  Akshaye Khanna (always brilliant), Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, and Genelia D’Souza. AND SHOBHANA!!!!

  • Metro (2016) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED

Violent dark Tamil film about chain snatchers.  Got mixed reviews.

  • Mi Shivairaje Bhosale Boltoy (2009) Marathi

This looks weirrrrd!!!!  Maharashtrian man in Bombay is angry for not getting any respect, wishes he wasn’t born Maharasthrian, the ghost of Shivaji haunts him.

  • Michael (2011)

Naseeruddin Shah.  That’s it.  If you are up for a mid-level arty movie, because it has Naseerji in it, than watch it.  If you are less of a Naseerji trufan, don’t bother.

  • Mirror Game: Ab Khel Shuru (2017)

Another thriller type thing.  The only actor I recognize is Omi Vaidya, the rival student from 3 Idiots.

  • Mili (2015) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Really interesting film!  A struggling unhappy young woman who gets kindness and support from Nivin Pauly and eventually finds her way to happiness.  Not through big changes, but just small life and attitude adjustments.

Not very imaginative plot, not very good acting, incredibly good music and visuals.

  • Miss Lovely (2012) COULD WATCH

Arty movie that also gives you a bit of a backstage look at Indian filmmaking.  Got really good reviews.

  • Moh Maya Money (2016)

High class social statement comedy movie starring Ranvir Shorey, or as I think of him, “Mr. Konkona Sen Sharma”.  Did not get very good reviews.

  • Moor (2015) URDU

Period film about the effect of railways on local economy, role of women, etc.  Title means “mother” in Pashto.

  • Morya (2011) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Film revolving around two rival chaawls during Ganpati celebrations.

  • Mr Joe B. Carvalho (2014)

Another great cast farce.  Arshad Warsi, Soha Ali Khan, Javed Jaffrey, Shakti Kapoor.  Only, not directed by Priyadarshan.  So not worth watching.

Fun movie, Anil Kapoor and the rest of the older cast is great, Neha Sharma and Ileana D’Cruz are good in the younger cast, Arjun Kapoor is a bit low energy and Athiya Shetty is terrible.  A bit too long, a bit too slow in parts, but overall fun.

  • Mumbai Pune Mumbai (2010) Marathi

Well, this looks cute!  A love story between a couple from Pune and Mumbai.  Which of course means they are totally completely different despite the two cities being only like two hours apart from each other.  I’m not even joking, they really are very different places!

  • Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 (2015) Marathi

Sequel!  Taking our couple ahead into marriage.  That’s nice.

  • Mundrothuruth (2016) Malayalam

Doesn’t even have a wikipedia page, and I don’t recognize any of the cast.  Looks like a so-so psychological thriller.  Don’t bother with it, if you want to watch a Malayalam movie, just head over to google play, there’s a fair number of good ones there.

MUST WATCH!!!!!  Brilliant brilliant movie, all time classic.  Madhubala is breathtaking, the romance is intense, and the moral issues are fascinating.

  • Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004) COULD WATCH

Silly remake of Meet the Parents, but with a lot of heart.  Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar play joint leads, and both of them are at the top of their comic games.  Plus, great songs and an early Priyanka Chopra.

  • Mumbai Cha Raja (2012)

Another arty film, supposed to have a cameo from Salman maybe?  If you watch it, tell me about that.

  • Mumbai Delhi Mumbai (2014)

Another one of those sweet low budget rom-coms with no stars and no publicity.  Could be good, could be bad, watch the first ten minutes and decide.

  • Muramba (2017) Marathi

The wiki plot description ends with “only to realize that his parents are the best friends that he made upon his birth.”  Anyway, it’s a modern love story thing about a break up followed by a make-up thanks to parental advice.

  • Murjim (1989)

Mithunda!!!  And Madhuri and Nutan and Amrish Puri.  Great cast!!! So-so movie.  Mithun is a criminal ostracized from society and his mother, blah blah. Madhuri dances, Nutan acts, etc. etc.

  • My Name is Anthony Gonsalves (2008)

Launch film for an actor who went no where, Mithunda is there playing a priest, Amrita Rao is stuck as the heroine.  You can skip it.

I would say “must watch”, except this is so seeringly emotional, I don’t know if I want to force anyone to go through that.  It’s just a fantastic film, integrating Indian sensibilities with songs and families with realism and naturalistic acting.  Just, an amazingly good film.

  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero (2005)

Biopic of a figure in Indian independence who is almost never mentioned outside of India, but is well remembered within India.  Cast of highly regarded more art film types, with art film director Shyam Benegal at the helm, and a considerably larger budget than he usually gets.  Worth watching if you want to learn more about this era of Indian history.

  • Nila (2016) Tamil

I can find almost nothing about this movie.  Apparently a romance?  But looks like a sort of stripped down character drama small story romance.

  • No Entry (2005) COULD WATCH

Probably the best sex farce option on Netflix.  Happily married man Anil Kapoor is stuck with naach girl Bipasha Basu who followed him home after a road trip went wrong.  And Salman Khan is there doing a friendly appearance which is the best part of the movie.  Also, the title song is crazy catchy.

Another Ketan Mehta film after Maya Memsaab.  But no sex scenes, not even in the original version.  Great stagey Brechtian style performance from SRK though.  Strange plot, slightly mallet-handed social statement, but very interesting to watch.

Dulquer, AR Rahman, and Mani Ratnam.  There is nothing bad there.  Amazing soundtrack, loveable characters, brilliant directing.  Oh, and Prakash Raj to break your heart.

  • OMG: Oh My God (2012) SHOULD WATCH

Brilliant brilliant comedy.  Based on a stage play, Akshay Kumar snapped up the film rights and brought in the main cast (including Pawesh Rawal) and cameoed himself in an important part.  Oh, and Sonakshi and Prabhudeva do an item dance.  Just a lot of great stuff.

A whole emotional journey in one film!  Happiness, sorrow, laughter, excitement, love, it has everything.  No really, there’s a reason it broke box office records and people still refer back to it.

  • Ondu Motteye Kathe (2017) Kannada RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Sounds like one of those interesting experimental funny and clever and strange films that I have heard are coming out of Kannada more and more in recent years.

  • One 2 Ka 4 (2001) COULD WATCH

A lessor SRK film.  On the one hand, the plot makes no sense, on the other hand AR Rahman did the songs.  And on the third hand, SRK and Juhi have some of the sexiest scenes of all time together.

  • One By Two (2014)

Yet another sweet low budget rom-coms.  But it sort of has a star, Abhay Deol.  And it got a little publicity because of some complicated lawsuit by the composers related to how their credits were listed.  But mostly just another sweet low budget rom-com.

  • One Night Stand (2016)

A horror movie you can probably skip.  Sunny Leone, Meet Bros. songs, so I am sure it is very sexy and all that.  But probably not very well made.

Fascinating!  Done entirely through improvised dialogue, based on a short story, and with loads of political commentary.  And I recognize some of the actor names, not as big stars, but as familiar character parts.

  • Page 3 (2005) COULD WATCH

If you watch only one Madhur Bhandakar film, this is the one to watch.  All of his movies are soapy “woman’s picture” films, with a female heroine who is drawn into a scandalous glamorous world (modeling, film, etc.).  This is the best, Konkona Sen Sharma plays our heroine, slowly getting caught up in the scandalous world of the celebrities she covers as a “page 3” reporter.

  • The Painted House (2015) Malayalam

This may be my least favorite of all the new Malayalam films?  An older writer is seduced by a beautiful young woman.  Gee, do you think this might be some form of wish-fulfillment for the filmmakers?  I just don’t know!

  • Paisa Paisa (2013) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Thriller with an interesting cast, Aju Varghese and Indrajith.  One of those “everyman caught up in bigger scheme” things that always stresses me out.  But if it doesn’t stress you out, you might enjoy this.

  • Papa the Great (2000)

Small family film, no one really famous (although Nagma plays the mother).  Mostly just an oddity that something this small and unassuming was made as recently as 2000.

  • Parched (2015)

Artsy depressing movie about being a woman in India.

A surprisingly good movie!  I recommend skipping the first half entirely and starting at the second half, that’s when it gets really interesting. MUST WATCH for Shahrukh fans.

I really really love this film.  Yes, it is uneven, there are parts that don’t quite work, but the parts that do are wonderful.  The general plot is great, the songs are some all time good stuff, and this is maybe the best Akshay Kumar performance I have seen.

  • Peepli Live (2010)

Another Aamir art film!  But without Pratiek Patil this time, and in a village instead of the city.  And inspired by Meet John Doe, Gary Cooper classic.

  • Pehchaan (2003)

Interesting film.  Raveena Tandon stars and produced, it’s about in-law murder, and Vinod Khanna plays her father-in-law.  It all ends up hinging on a court case.  I can’t tell whether or not it is a good movie, but it’s certainly an interesting movie.

  • Pheka Pheki (1989) Marathi

Oooo, an OLD Marathi movie! Comedy!  Remade as Golmaal Returns with Ajay.

  • Phir Se (2015)

Interesting back story!  Written by directed by and starring Kunal Kohli.  Kunal is a super successful and good rom-com director, but had never acted before.  This film was finished in 2015 but could not find a distributor until Netflix stepped in.  All of this makes me curious!

  • Piku (2015) SHOULD WATCH

Great performances from all 3 leads, Irrfan Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Amitabh.  More than that, heralded a new age of hit film, with a movie based around a female character and realistic settings, but still with a bit of romance and songs.

  • Pink (2016) SHOULD WATCH

Brilliant movie, great performances, important story.  Not the best songs.  And the story line is a bit harsh (attempted rape and the persecution by court trial of the victims).  So like Neerja I won’t say “must watch”, but I will say SHOULD WATCH.

  • The Pink Mirror

If you want to see a seriocomedy about queer issues in the desi community, this is it.

  • Pitaah (2002) COULD WATCH

Dark village action film, Sanjay Dutt and Nandita Das playing a couple which is something I love, Jackie Shroff playing the corrupt cop, Om Puri as the big bad landlord.  COULD WATCH just based on the cast!

  • The Plan (2015) Kannada

Prisoners planning an escape from jail

  • Players (2012) COULD WATCH

The Italien Job, redone.  Sonam back whens he was still trying to find herself, Abhishek back when he hadn’t accepted his destiny and switched to character roles, and Bips is there too.  A harmless action movie, not the best but not as bad as another sex comedy.

  • Popat (2013) Marathi

Oh boy, a Marathi film about HIV/AIDs!!!!  What fun! (I may have run out of energy with all these Marathi films)

  • Poster Boys (2017)

Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol, and Shreyas Talpade. which isn’t a bad cast.  But this is apparently a very very bad movie, based on how shockingly low the box office was.  Also Shreyas’ first directing job, which isn’t necessarily a good sign either.

  • Prateeksha (2006)

Interreligious romance, blah blah.  But, Jimmy Shergill!  And Dia Mirza.  Almost worth watching just for them.  But probably not, looks like not a very good or interesting movie.

  • Premachi Goshta (2013) Marathi COULD WATCH

This looks really interesting!  A couple who falls in love at a divorce lawyers office, and after much back and forth, decide to go through with the divorce from their current spouses and get together.

  • Premasathi Vattel Te (1987) Marathi

Another old comedy from the Maharashtrians!  There must have been some company with an odd library that just signed a Netflix deal.

  • Prince (1969) COULD WATCH

Lesser, but still fun, Shammi Kapoor movie.  Also, Vyjantimala!

  • Prince (2010) RECENTLY ADDED

Do you love Viviek Oboroi?  Do you wish you could see him in the lead of a high budget action film?  Your prayers have been answered!  And also, you are very alone in the world, considering this was a massive flop.

  • Professor (1962) SHOULD WATCH

SHAMMI!!!!!  Okay, just had to get that out of the way, I feel better now.  Classic Shammi plot.  See, he needs money, so he takes a job as a teacher for two young girls.  Only, he has to pretend to be an elderly professor in order to get the job.  And then he romances one of the girls, and also their elderly guardian in his elderly disguise.  The 60s were a time of joy and insanity.

  • Proprietors Kammath & Kammath (2013) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED

Dileep and Mammootty comedy which looks like kind of a throwback to the 90s comedy classics, only bad because it is too old men trying to look young and a tired comic formula that feels out of date.

  • Pukar (2000) COULD WATCH

Good movie overall, but the important part is 16 minutes in, one of the all time great Madhuri Dixit dances, the only time she danced with Prabhudeva.  Seriously, go watch it now!

  • Punjab 1984 (2014) PUNJABI  SHOULD WATCH

Diljit Dosanjh in his greatest performance, Kirron Kher in one of hers, dealing with the part of Indian history that is never ever talked about, one of the greatest movies from the up and coming Punjabi industry, all kinds of reasons you really should watch it.  Tragic, of course, but then history almost always is.

  • Puthiya Theerangal (2012) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Hey!  This is a movie I’ve been meaning to watch anyway!  Namitha Pramod and Nivin Pauly and Nedumudi, interesting seaside village setting, and with Namitha (a young woman) as the lead.

  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011)

Lower budget ripoff of the Masti film series.  Which is already pretty low budget and raunchy, so you can imagine how bad the ripoff is!

  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015)

Sequel to a low budget ripoff of an already terrible movie.  So, like, negatively bad.

  • Pyaar Main Twist (2005) SHOULD WATCH

Introducing in her Hindi cinema debut….BABY SPICE!!!!  She shows up for part of a song.  Also, Dimple and Rishi have a middle aged romance, Soha Ali Khan is there too, it’s overall not the greatest movie, but very endearing, and kind of unique.

  • Pyar Ke Do Pal (1986)

Mithun Chakraborty, Jayaprada, and Simple Kapadia!  Very interesting cast.  Otherwise, looks like a pretty standard 1980s Mithunda film.

  • Q (2014)

Very odd sounding low-budget movie, of the western-style.

  • Qila (1998)

What is this, the Mamta Kulkarni collection?  Is the drug bust getting her a sudden burst of fame or something?  This film looks really not good, a very late Dilip Saheb performance, a fairly late Rekha performance, and a just barely past her prime Mamta performance.  Not that all of them couldn’t still give good performances, just that if a film which really requires a younger cast can only get these people, it means it must not be a very good film.

  • Queen (2014) MUST WATCH

Brilliant movie all around.  Just, amazing.  Shows you why Kangana gets so much rope in the industry.

  • Radiopetti (2015) Tamil

Another super film festival type film, still no Tamil mainstream releases.  This one about an old man and his radio.

  • Raees (2017) SHOULD WATCH

A film that is worse than it should be.  Brilliant central performances, solid script, great directing.  But the plot is oddly pulled back and forth in directions that don’t make sense.  Feels likely that it was affected in odd ways by censorship, self-censorship and social censorship.  But it is still worth a watch, if you pay attention to the buried message, the angry and active Muslim man, crucified by the establishment.

  • Raja Hindustani (1996) MUST WATCH

MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!  Hugely hugely important film, helped change the 90s film landscape to rural romances, includes the first major onscreen kiss (and its a hot one!), made Karisma Kapoor into a major actress (deservedly!), amazing comic relief characters, Kunal Khemu as a little boy before he got hot, and a just amazingly amusing plot start to finish.  Oh, and great songs.

  • Rahasya (2015)

Another take on the same murder, if you want to watch it and contrast it with Talwar.  But this one has Kay Kay Menon instead of Irrfan Khan!

  • Rajwade & Sons (2015) Marathi

Joint family headed by the teenage boy from Sholay, all the grandkids have to fight to get their own way without hurting anyone’s feelings, etc. etc.

Not a good movie.  A remake of Angels With Dirty Faces, with Shahrukh playing Jimmy Cagney.  Confusing, strange performances, hilarious costumes, all of that.  But, one of the all time great laugh-out-loud in amazement fight scenes right at the beginning, after the “Pump Up the Bhangra” song.  And Shahrukh and Juhi are both doing their best with what they are given.  If you are a Shahrukh fan, COULD WATCH.  Otherwise, just skip to 17 minutes in, and watch the song followed by action sequence, that is a MUST WATCH.

  • Rama Rama Re… (2016) Kannada

Critically acclaimed thought provoking film about the death penalty and law and order and stuff like that.

  • Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

Thriller with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.  Got good reviews for his performance, but everything else was more on the “okay” side of things.  If you like thrillers, this is probably the best of the bunch available.

  • Ranbhool (2010) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

A killer musician, that is, a musician who is also a killer, and the young innocent woman who is enthralled by him.  I think I can skip it. Although it does give us another guitar based childhood trauma to pair with Disco Dancer, if you feel the need to compare and contrast.

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MOVIE!  Shockingly depressingly off-puttingly bad.  Save yourselves and don’t watch it.

  • Rangrezz (2013)

If you want to see what happens when “Daddy” is a film producer who buys you an action film and hires a top director and then forces everyone to try to make you look like you actually know what you are doing, Watch This!  Jackky Bhagnani is just the worst, is what I am saying, and his father needs to stop indulging him.

  • Ready (2011) COULD WATCH

If you watch Lucky: No Time For Love and feel the need for more ridiculous Salmanness in your life, this is the movie for you!  Plus, I have now watched the Telugu original, and I still like this one better.  It’s just a fun wacky comedy, with a strong heroine.

  • Rebellious Flower (2016)

Remember my Osho post?  This is propaganda made by one of his followers about his early life.

  • Revelations (2016) Tamil

Love, marriage, sex, character study type film.  No big names on or off screen.

  • Rivaaz (2011)

Deepti Naval’s in it.  That’s the most interesting part.  Overwrought story about a men who comes from the city and falls in love with a woman from a traditional courtesan family blah blah blah.

  • Robot (2010) Tamil MUST WATCH

I didn’t much like it, but it’s a very important film, the first non-Hindi release to be the top box office earner for the year, and about to be remade even bigger and better.

Almost shot for shot remake of a Korean film.  But with John Abraham, who is very handsome.

  • Romeo Ranjha (2014) PUNJABI COULD WATCH

Wacky Punjabi action comedy romance, looks like high quality production and a fun plot.

Well, I LOVED it!!!  Rana and Anushka-Good!  Feminist message-Good!  CGI-hilariously bad and therefore Good!  Oh, and also Nithya Menon, if you have a hangover and are still in love with her after OK Kanmani.

  • Run (2004) COULD WATCH

Another secret pleasure movie for me!  Abhishek is super charming, Bhoomika Chawla is too, the songs are surprisingly good (even the one that steals the refrain from “Deewana Hai Dekho” from K3G), it’s just all around a good time!

Akshay Kumar in a white navy uniform.  That’s it, that’s the draw.

  • Saadey CM Saab (2015) Punjabi

Recent Punjabi political comedy.  I don’t recognize the names, which means it may not be that big of a hit.  Plus, Punjabi comedy tends to be somewhat broad.  So be aware.

Watch this instead of Mary Kom.  Very good sports drama, great central performances, will make you fall in love with Madhavan all over again.

  • Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga (2013)

Super low budget comedy about average people living in the city.  Could be a brilliant hidden gem, could be kind of dull and uneven.  I suspect more the latter, since I haven’t heard of it before.

  • Sairat (2016) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED  MUST WATCH

Heartbreakingly real young romance that crosses caste lines, being remade with Hindi film gloss as Dhadak, we should all watch the original first.

  • Salaam Kashmier (2014) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Family drama with aging male stars (Jayaram and Suresh Gopi).  Suresh Gopi returns and causes upset in Jayaram’s marriage.  I can’t tell if it is good or bad, could be a sad effort for aging men to play younger, could be a mature take on this time of life.

  • Salt Mango Tree (2015) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED

The Malayalam version of Hindi Medium with Biju Menon.  Was a minor hit, probably a fun watch if you haven’t seen the Hindi remake Hindi Medium, may not be worth it if you already have?

  • Samarppanam (2017) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Renji Penicker is in it, and I always like him.  Thriller about a kidnapped girl that got fairly decent reviews, but no major release.

  • Sameer (2017)

Low budget no stars action thriller that premiered at the New York Film Festival (that’s a bad sign, that no one in India was interested in it so it had to fall back on film festivals).

  • Saheb Bibi Golaam (2016) Bengali

A very odd high concept film.  Three unconnected people, one of them a ghost, and what happens to them in a day in Calcutta.

  • Sakhi (2007) Marathi

Huh.  Looks like a combo of social message and comedy.  A widower befriends a much younger widow, people misunderstand their friendship.

  • Salaakhen (1975) COULD WATCH

Okay, if between the two 1970s movies available you can only pick one, watch this one.

  • Sandook (2015) Marathi

Satirical film about pre-Independence India.  I don’t feel any need to watch it.

  • Sanai Chaughade (2009) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Comedy about arranged marriages, a young couple who had a love marriage try to navigate arranged marriages in order to help out a young friend/relative.  Comedy ensues.  Might be interesting just based on the topic.

Super super fun movie!  Funny light happy wacky different, just wonderful.  Terrible production quality, but try to ignore that.  Oh, the Diljit is cute (but then he always is).

  • Sardaarji 2 (2016) Punjabi COULD WATCH

Record breaking hit, bit names, this is the Punjabi film to watch!  And quite the catch for Netflix, to be lucky enough to get it.

  • Sarivar Sari (2005) Marathi

Family drama, two sisters trying to make their own way, threat to family unity, blah blah blah.

  • Sarkar (2005) MUST WATCH

Brilliant brilliant movie.  Ram Gopal Verma is a super creepy man that I would never want to be alone in a room with, but MAN!  When he is good, he is GOOD.  And when Amitabh is good, he is Great.  And this movie brings them both together.  Plus some career best performances from Abhishek, Tanvi Azmi, Tanisha (Kajol’s little sister), and Katrina Kaif of all people.

  • Satrangi Re (2012) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Young happy group of friends kind of movie, with lots of music.  Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy do a cameo, which is the main reason I would be interested.

  • Savam (2015) Malayalam

Wait, no, THIS is my least favorite of the recently added Malayalam films!  It’s a Malayalam art film.  Which, considering how arty Malayalam films already are, is like art-squared.  Filmed entirely in black and white, only an hour long, and all about death.  Oh boy!  What fun!

  • A Scandall (2016)

Yet another low budget horror movie!  Somehow even more low budget than the others, the only actor I even recognise is Manav Kaul, and he is hardly a big name.

High quality and perfectly acted film, with great songs and an unusual plot.  But a kind of unoriginal take on that plot, familiar to anyone who has seen a movie on domestic violence before.

  • Shahanpan Dega Deva (2011) Marathi

Comedy about 5 madmen who escape the asylum.

  • Shahid (2012) SHOULD WATCH

It’s a biopic about a Muslim lawyer who was killed for defending accused terrorists.  I’ve been avoiding this movie because I know it will make me really really angry.  But sometimes that’s good, you know?  Plus, it can make us all go once again “Wow, Rajkummar is a really interesting actor”.

  • Shaitan (2011) COULD WATCH

Yet another thriller!  Kalki Koechlin is in it and gives a great performance.

  • Shakti: The Power (2002)

A not very good remake of Not Without My Daughter.  Karisma is a decent replacement for Sally Field, but Sanjay Kapoor is no Alfred Molina.  However, the most important thing is SHAHRUKH.  Just go to 1:43, that’s when Shahrukh shows up.  Or even better, go to 1:55 to see “Ishq Kameena”.

  • Shame to Shame (1991) Marathi

3 sets of twins, wackiness, you get the idea.

  • Shanghai (2012) MUST WATCH

Brilliant movie, remake of Z, the Algerian-French classic.  Emraan Khan’s career best performance, Kalki Koechlin’s expectedly brilliant performance, seering political critique.

  • Shararat (2002)

Boring lessor early Abhishek film.  He helps a bunch of people at a nursing home, falls in love, and on and on.

  • The Shaukeens (2014) COULD WATCH

Lisa Haydon!!!!  That’s all, and that’s reason enough to watch it.

  • Shaurya: It Takes Courage to Make Right…Right (2008)   COULD WATCH

Rahul Bose!  Playing the Tom Cruise role in a movie loosely similar to A Few Good Men.  But RAHUL BOSE!  Reason enough to watch it.

  • Shejari Shejari (1990) Marathi

Woman has to pretend to be happily married in order to receive inheritance.

  • Shikari (1991)

Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, and a Russian circus performer.  Hmm.  I’m kind of curious

  • Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (2010) Marathi

Father-son drama by the same person as Astitva.

  • Shortkut: The Con is On (2009)

Another minor comedy, but not a sex one at least!  But still not great.  Although, Akshaye Khanna!  If you are one of those people who will watch anything for an Akshaye sighting, here you go.

  • Shubh Aarambh (2017) Gujurati

Rom-com, not much about it on the internet so seemingly not that successful.

  • Shuddhi (2017) Kannada

Not Karan Johar’s Shuddhi, because that is cursed and will never ever happen.  Some other Kannada Shuddhi.

  • The Silence (2015) Marathi COULD WATCH

Same director as Sairat, so get ready for saaaaaaaaaaad.  But also very good.

  • Singapore (1960) COULD WATCH

Shammi Kapoor mystery romp, first film to be shot in Singapore, also featuring Padmini, ALL OF THIS IS GOOD!!!!

  • Singh Saab the Great (2013)

Another Sunny movie!  Which was heavily promoted as reuniting him with Amisha Patel, his Gadar co-star.  And then it kind of went no where.  If you absolutely need a Sunny action movie with big speeches and turbans, it’s here.  But really, just watch Gadar instead.

  • Singham (2011) SHOULD WATCH

Possibly my favorite action film.  Certainly my favorite Ajay Devgan film, and my second favorite Rohit Shetty film (after Chennai Express).

  • Sohni Mahiwal (1984)

Oh oh!  Very interesting!  One of those rare USSR/India co-productions (the first one was all the way back in the 50s, and they pop up occasionally ever since then).  Sunny Deol back when he was hot, Poonam Dhillon, and yet another tragic ancient Punjabi love story.  Don’t they have any happy love legends?

  • Soldier (1998)

There was this brief period back in the late 90s when Bobby Deol was a big big thing.  Enjoy this movie as a time capsule of that period!  And enjoy seeing Bobby and Priety having a round-cheeks-with-dimples contest for who can be cuter.

  • Solo (2017) Tamil MUST WATCH

A very good, very interesting film.  4 stories starring Dulquer Salmaan.  You probably won’t like them all, but you will hate one, like 2, and really really like one.  You should watch it.

  • Special 26 (2013) COULD WATCH

A heist movie, very different from the usual, shows you the whole process of it all.  An interesting experiment for a mainstream Indian film.

  • Sthaniya Sambaad (2010) Bengali RECENTLY ADDED

A young Bengali poet wanders the city post-partition looking for the woman he loves.  Are all Bengali men just soft poetic types?  Or is that only in films?

  • Strangers (2007)

Another horror thriller film.  But with Jimmy Shergill!  And Kay Kay Menon!  And Nandana Sen!

  • Sukhi Sansarachi 12 Sutre (1995) Marathi RECENTLY ADDED

Ewww!  12 pieces of wisdom for a happy marriage.  Avoid yaar.

  • Sulemani Keeda SHOULD WATCH

A low-budget comedy.  I have a warm feeling for it because a friend of a friend was involved (I think as an actor?  Or else writer/director).  So, I guess, SHOULD WATCH so that my friend of a friend has a better career.

  • Sumbaran (2009) Marathi

Modernization, villages, changing times, bleh!

  • Sunrise (2014) Marathi

Indo-French co-production, Tannistha Chatterjee again, about trying to find a lost child in Bombay.

  • Super Nani (2014) COULD WATCH

Rekha!  And Sharman Joshi!  Not the greatest movie, but a rare modern Rekha film, and a great role for her, an overlooked grandmother who gets a make over and becomes a sensation.

  • Superstar (2017) Gujurati

I am almost tempted to watch this!  An actor is wounded on set and complications and madness ensue.  I would be very interested, except I don’t think the Gujurati industry is that large, so I don’t know if I would necessarily trust their view of this kind of story.

  • Taal (1999) COULD WATCH

If you want to watch a good Subhash Ghai film, watch Khalnayak.  If you want to watch an interesting Subhash Ghai film, watch Pardes.  If you want to watch a bad-but-fun Subhash Ghai film, watch this!  Oh, and see the reason I crack up every time Aishwarya claims in a Western interview that she has never kissed onscreen.

  • Talvar, aka “Guilty” (2015) COULD WATCH

Very well made movie based on a real life murder mystery that still fascinates India.  Irrfan Khan does his usual great performance.  If you want to learn more about the actual case, Saavn has a podcast you can download.

  • Tamanchey (2014)

Looks like a possibly interesting black crime comedy of the Ram Gopal Verma/Tarantino variety.  But, has a good part for Richa Chadda!  So if you are looking for more great Richa roles, here it is.

  • Tanu Weds Manu (2011) COULD WATCH

A different kind of romance, with earthier characters and flavorful settings.  Like Queen, it is important for showing why Kangana is so beloved.  Like Saala Khadoos, it is important for showing why Madhavan is hot.

  • Tasher Desh (The Land of Cards) (2012) Bengali

Bengali fantastical adaptation of a Tagore play.  One of those philosophical utopian fantasy things.

  • Tathastu (2006)  COULD WATCH

I remember when this came out!!!  Sanjay Dutt and Amisha Patel playing loving lower class parents.  Anyway, it went nowhere (possibly because the title is stupid.  How do you even pronounce that?), but with that cast, and Anubhav Sinha directing, it might be worth a watch.

  • Te3n (2016) COULD WATCH

Vidya Balan and Amitabh Bachchan play off each other, but otherwise it is nothing special.  If you are only going to watch one Avenging Amitabh film from 2016, watch Pink.  But if you want to watch two, this is a COULD WATCH.

  • Teen Patti (2010)

Ben Kingsley in a Hindi movie!  With Amitabh Bachchan!

  • Teen Thay Bhai (2011)

Om Puri and Shreyas Talpade, so it can’t be ALL bad!  But it’s also a comedy, which usually doesn’t translate well.  Especially if it is a comedy that isn’t very famous or successful.

  • Teesri Aankh (2006)

Who the heck edited this wikipedia entry?  Claims it to be an international hit, and yet I have no memory of ever hearing of this film before.  A Sunny film from the “bad toupet” era, but opposite Amisha Patel if you still have enough of a Gadar hang over for that alone to make you like it.  Oh, and it’s yet another film of the “camera images of good girls changing can make them be blackmailed into anything” genre.

  • Teshan (2016) Punjabi

Looks like not a huge hit or a huge film, but not incredibly small either.  Plot about a village girl and a city girl.

  • Tezz (2012)

Do you feel the need to study Ajay Devgan and Kangana Ranaut onscreen and decide if they were really having an affair?  Then this is the film for you!  Otherwise, don’t bother.

  • Time Please (2013) Marathi

Rom-com about a married couple with an age gap and what happens when their exes reappear in their lives.

  • Thithi (2015) Kannada

If you want to watch a Kannada film, and don’t want to pay for Lucia on googleplay, you can watch this!

  • To Noora With Love (2014) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED COULD WATCH

Rom-com that looks not brilliant or groundbreaking, but pleasant.

  • Tope: The Bait (2016) Bengali

Artsy literary adaptation.  Very Bengali.

  • Total Siyapaa (2014)

Another low budget under promoted rom-com!  If you have a massive crush on Ali Zafar (I know you people are out there!  Some of you may be my friends!  And this same anonymous person might also own all his albums which is just super weird!), then this is a “must watch”.  Otherwise, no.

  • Trimurti (1995) COULD WATCH

This is if you want a Subhash Ghai film that is bad-but-fun only slightly less fun and slightly more Shahrukh than Taal.  I can’t really recommend it, but Shahrukh is cute, and there is a great Kali avenging mother sequence at the end, which is always fun.

  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday (2016)

Low key pleasant film about friends trying to find a place to play soccer in Bombay.

  • Tukaram (2012) Marathi

Life of a Marathi saint.

  • Tum… Ho Na (2005)

Yet another thriller!  This time the token “person you have actual heard of” is Jackie Shroff.  Which is almost enough to tempt me, but not really.

  • U Turn (2016) Kannada

I think I have had this recommended to me as an especially good thriller film.  And it was remade in Malayalam, which is a good sign for quality.

Really good film, very real, very hard to watch.  With some moments of pure beauty.  I would say “must watch” except, again, it is hard enough to see that I don’t want to force anyone.


Again, very hard to watch, very gritty.  But if you only have so much patience for a gritty film that starts with “U”, make it Udta Punjab.

  • Ujala (1959)  COULD WATCH

Another Shammi mystery romp!  This time with Mala Sinha, and a villain played by Raaj Kumar.  Looks like less fun than Professor or Singapore, but still possibly fun.

  • Umrika (2015)

Eh.  Another art film.  But with Pratiek Babbar, so interesting if you want to see what he is up to these days.

  • Unakkenna Venum Sollu (2015) Tamil RECENTLY ADDED

Horror-action film with no wikipedia page.  You can probably skip it.

  • Urumbukal Urangarilla (2015) Malayalam RECENTLY ADDED  COULD WATCH

Comedy-thriller about a gang of thieves, with that light Malayalam touch.  Doesn’t look brilliant, but does look pleasant.

  • Urvi (2017) Kannada COULD WATCH

Twisty crime film, won a bunch of international awards.  Might be an interesting introduction to Kannada cinema.

  • Vaastu Shastra (2004)

Horror movie!  With RGV involvement, which is good sign for quality.  And Sushmita Sen starring, which is good sign for amusing acting.  But otherwise, doesn’t look like a very good movie.

  • Vakratunda Mahakaaya (2015) Marathi

Suspense film, a child steals a Ganesh statue that has a bomb in it.  Not much of an internet trace, looks like it wasn’t a big budget or a big hit film.

  • Valu: the Wild Bull (2008) Marathi

Another Atul Kulkarni movie, another film about villages and modernization and so on.  Is there nothing in Maharashtra but modernizing villages?  I guess so!

  • Veerappan (2016) COULD WATCH

Ram Gopal Verma modern Hindi film.  So, violent, black comedy, cast of unknowns, probably some uncomfortable moments where the female star seems really really way too objectified, but also moments of pure directing brilliance because RGV can’t stop himself from being brilliant.

  • The Violin Player (2016)

Art film, maybe interesting for some backstage stuff since it shows what a session violinist who works on soundtracks lives like.

  • Vitti Dandu (2014) Marathi  COULD WATCH

Produced by Ajay Devgn, which is interesting in itself, but also looks like kind of interesting structure, cutting between a little boy in 1947 and a little boy in the present day.

  • Waar (2013) Urdu/Pakistani

I saw trailers for this!  Your typical macho army movie, feels like it should be starring Sunny Deol, but instead it’s from Pakistan.  A little surreal having the “good guys” wearing the uniform we usually see on the “bad guys”.  They aren’t fighting the Indian army though, just insurgents.

  • Waarior Savitri (2016)

I look at this title and I just know it’s a bad movie.  If you have to resort to creative spelling in order to get your numerology to line up and give you luck, then you are pretty darn desperate.  See also “Heyy Babby”, “Viviek Oboroi” and Ajay Devgn”.

  • Welcome 2 Karachi (2015)

Another terrorism comedy, imitating Tere Bin Laden.  But with Arshad Warsi!  Everyone loves him.

  • What the Fish (2013)

Madcap comedy, think A Fish Called Wanda.  But with Dimple Kapadia.

  • The Wishing Tree (2017)

Cute family and kids fantasy movie, Shabana Azmi is there too.

  • Wrong No. (2015) Urdu/Pakistani COULD WATCH

Oh this looks super cute!  Two strangers pursuing their own lives who overlap, rom-com, bright colors, I am almost tempted!

  • Wrong Side Raju (2016) Gujurati

National Award winning thriller about traffic accidents and cover up.  Looks like good production values and all of that, but I can’t tell if it will actually be interesting to watch.

  • X: Past Is Present (2015)

Artsy multi-director collaboration.  Featuring a short film by my favorite reviewer, Raja Sen.  But still, if you are going to watch a multi-director collaboration, make it Bombay Talkies.

  • Yaadein (2001) COULD WATCH

Remember how Taal is the bad-but-fun Subhash Ghai movie to watch, and Trimurti is the slightly worse bad-but-fun Subhash Ghai movie?  This is the really really worse option.  Hrithik’s there, but the plot makes absolutely NO SENSE!  Not in a “silly coincidences” way, but in a “wait, did they change the backstory between these two scenes because I am completely lost now” kind of way.  But still, Hrithik.  And Jackie.  So, COULD WATCH

  • Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Another Mehra productions film.  Which is apparently because Red Chillies just bought the rights to their old stuff.  Mystery solved!  Anyway, Mithunda, Somy Ali (mother of the heroine of Aurangzeb), and foofy hair Saif.

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana (2011) COULD WATCH.

All the Deols in one film!  Dharmendra, Bobby, and Sunny.  Okay, not “all” the Deols, no Esha or Abhay.  But most of the Deols!  And it was surprisingly fun and funny as well.

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (2013)

This also had all the Deols, but was surprisingly unfun and unfunny.

  • Yanda Karavya Aahe (2006) Marathi

Comedy about a couple getting to know each other on their honeymoon.

  • Y.M.I: Yeh Mera India (2008)

Looks like an over wrought and over pretentious attempt to make Big Statements on India Today.

  • Youngistaan (2014)

NO! Nonononononono!!!! I had to watch this for a talk I gave a few years back and it is TERRIBLE!!! Jackki Bhagnani is a scourge on the earth only rivaled by Nargis Farkhri.  Only watch if you are so blindingly attracted to Neha Sharma that you are willing to see anything if she is on screen.

  • Yuva (2004) MUST WATCH

Yes, the Tamil version is better.  But the Hindi version is pretty darn good!  Another one of those brilliant Ajay Devgan-Viviek Oberoi pairings, plus Abhishek-Rani, another great pair.

  • YZ (2016) Marathi

Boring 33 year old man finds himself and has adventures and blah blah.  Could be good, could be self-indulgent Marty Sue type stuff.

  • Zenda (2009) Marathi

Political drama based on the split between Uddhav and Raj Thackaray (without explicitly saying that, of course).

DO NOT WATCH!  It made me angry and depressed, it made everyone else who saw it and comments here angry and depressed, it is some kind of toxic misogyny sludge that will burn into your skin and make you ill.

  • Zila Ghaziabad (2013)

Looks like a bit of a ripoff of the Apoorva Lakhia brand.  Big cast of a variety of actors, interesting stylistic look , and all about a complicated gang warfare.  But looks like it isn’t even as good as Apoorva’s films.  Which isn’t a low bar to clear.




Bonus extra credit work:

The addictive Pakistani soap operas Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar.  Both of them are definite SHOULD WATCH



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8 thoughts on “Netflix List for April! Tamil Arrives

  1. Thanks for the list. I’ll be going through it with a fine tooth comb.

    I’d like to plug Piya Behrupiya. A filmed stage play adaptation of Twelfth Night in Hindi with subtitles. Not Bollywood, Tollywood,etc. and so I guess has been missed by the screening system you might use to find it on Netflix? Hysterical. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Especially watch in honor of Vishal Bhardwaj’s upcoming Twelfth Night adaptation.
    So excited for that one!


    • I debate Piya Behrupiya, and a few others, that pop up on the list every time. They are technically Indian productions, but they are just barely not part of the mainstream industry enough for me to count them. Piya being a popular production, but a filmed stage play rather than a film. Or Prague, being an Indian production but aimed overseas and with no mainstream actors.

      And I had no idea Vishal Bhardwaj was doing Twelfth Night! Now I am excited too! I wonder if anyone will compare it to Dil Bole Hadippa 🙂

      On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 5:20 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Maari is a pretty fun masala movie that does deal with some aspects of a masala movie quite cleverly. You should check it out but it’s still a masala movie.


    • But wiki says it has a sad ending!!!! I don’t want a sad ending!

      On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 10:47 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It’s not really a sad ending though! It’s just an unexpected ending for a masala movie. By the way, they are making a sequel called Maari 2 which has Dhanush and Sai Pallavi.


        • Okay, maybe I will try it then. Next week I can do the shallow silly film for Tuesday, and try one of the new deep Malayalam options for Monday.

          On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 1:27 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. And in just the last few days, Paheli and Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani have also been added. Have’t watched them yet but hoping they will be lovely quality, as Dil Se is. It looks like a new movie!

    Do we have Red Chillies to thank for all this improved quality?


    • I would say Red Chillies or Netflix. I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix has a basic level of quality they insist on before adding a film. Oh! Maybe that is why the Red Chillies films are being rolled out a bit at a time? Needing to get up to a certain quality first?

      On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 7:38 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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