TGIW: Dhoti Men, Because My Boss is Out of the Office Today

My boss is gone today which means I can look at photos on my computer without fear of being observed and judged.  Well, my co-workers might judge me, but whatever, I don’t care what they think.  And I was just talking with Meenakshy about who looks good in a Dhoti, so why not do a Dhoti post?  Similar too but different from my previous Lungi post. (for the purposes of this post, “Dhoti” means any single cloth that is used as a wrap skirt by an Indian man)

When I think Dhoti, this is my first thought.  Because I am a BAD BAD GIRL.

Image result for ajay devgan dhoti

But then I started looking further, and it turns out that what began as a traditional wholesome, even religious, garment has been turned into SEX SEX SEX by the current generation.  Soooooooooooooooooooooo many male models.  Like, what is this fashion show?????

Image result for sexy dhoti

Or this photo shoot?

Image result for male dhoti sexy



So, yeah, it’s not just me.  The whole world has changed, Dhotis are now the thing you wear when you want an excuse to show off your body.


Even Aamir succumbs to this urge

Image result for bollywood dhoti


Ranveer doesn’t even try to fight it.

Related image


Shahid gives Ranveer stiff competition (Why do people get all upset about Priyanka being indecent in “Ghumar” and yet no one says “why do the heroes have to wear their Dhotis so dang low?”)

Related image

Salman of course is often shirtless, but the Dhoti definitely adds to the effect.

Image result for john abraham dhoti

Ranbir, in his very first film even!  And again, Bhansali and his thing for sexy men in Dhotis.  It’s just odd!

Image result for ranbir dhoti shirtless

Arjun (gifable, adorable)

Related image


Dino Morea in a sheet that could, theoretically, be folded over to make a Dhoti (okay, it’s a stretch, but I am regretting not including this in my “men laying down” post and I needed a reason to put it up)

Related image

Prabhas, shirtless, Dhoti, wet, and see through

Image result for prabhas dhoti shirtless

Prabhas again, still wet, still shirtless, but not see through, and waxed

Image result for prabhas dhoti shirtless

Prithviraj, serious in a black Dhoti

Image result for prithviraj dhoti shirtless

Prithviraj and Rani, displaying the ease of movement available in a Dhoti

Related image

Southern Sid and Prithviraj and Nassar in Dhotis (thank goodness Nassar has a shirt)

Image result for siddharth prithviraj


And finally, grand finale, Shahrukh being all traditional and proper and yet still sexy

Image result for dhoti scene swades



Now, questions!


Do you prefer hairy and see through, or waxed and not see through?

For me, I think waxed and not see through.  But that might just be my Bahubali love talking.

Image result for prabhas dhoti shirtless


Younger innocent men:

Southern Sid, Arjun, or Ranbir?  Who is your flavor for that “I am sweet and young and don’t really know how to wear a Dhoti yet”?


For me, gotta be Arjun

Image result for arjun kapoor dhoti


Mature Confident Men:

Aamir, Ranveer, Salman, Shahid, or Ajay?  Who is your flavor for that “I wear a Dhoti because it is what a man wears when he is about to do serious things” feeling?

Always Ajay

Image result for ajay devgan dhoti


And finale:

Shahrukh and Gayatri Joshi, or Prithviraj and Rani, who is sexier?

I think Shahrukh and Gayatri for me.  Not just because for me SRK > Prithviraj, but because the whole subtle interaction thing is way hotter than the explicit.

Image result for shahrukh swades dhoti

(Check out her checking out him!)


And finally, if you were to take only one of these photos and secretly hide it in a book to look at when you are feeling down, which one would it be?

For me, Ajay again

Image result for ajay devgan dhoti


15 thoughts on “TGIW: Dhoti Men, Because My Boss is Out of the Office Today

  1. Prabhas. Clickbait headline there. Well it’s it click bait if you actually put what you said you would. But yeah you know my answer here. 🤣


  2. Shahrukh for the win.Just because he makes it so casual and carelessly sexy. He looks like he wears a dhoti every single day. But any one of the older stars of the genuine dhoti wearing era could give him good competition -say Sunil Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan or Rajesh Khanna. IIRC all of them wear dhotis in their respective Hrishikesh Mukherjee films.


  3. Arjun, of course, is one of my favorites of the dhoti looks. I can’t wait to see him in some period costuming in his upcoming film. And in uniform in that other one.

    As much as I love Ajay in that photo, I might pick Ranveer for my favorite of them all. It makes me laugh as well as drool. He’s so bronzed he looks like a trophy!


  4. Prabhas: wet and see through is always better than not wet.
    Young guys: Arjun without doubt
    Mature: I’m shocked but Ajay, you can’t beat this particular photo
    Prithviraj & Rani
    And the photo I would hide in a book – Bahubali Prabhas

    P.S The second photo , the model in orange dhoti is terrible. This guy is such not-dhoti type.


  5. You didn’t have my favorite “Prabhas in a dhoti” pic, probably because it’s in a song and not a still. Here’s the link:

    The relevant moments are from 2:52 on, especially at 3:30 – 3:35. I must say Prabhas is the one who really made me realize how sexy a garment a dhoti is for a man. Here he is in a very formal one, tied in the formal way (he is the groom, after all), but still it is so sexy because the silk is see-through! Plus, even the formal wrapping style leaves flashes of leg visible when the man is walking and standing up (from a sitting position). Plus all those fighting in a dhoti folded up scenes (from Mirchi, say), which leave the lower legs visible. Really, the dhoti is a very, very sexy garment! I guess I never realized it before seeing Prabhas in one, because, being from the South, I’m used to seeing men in dhotis and their bare legs, and often shirtless (all priests in temples are required to have their upper bodies bare, for instance), and they never struck me as anything special, probably because most men who wear them don’t look like Prabhas. 🙂


  6. I didn’t get to reply to you yesterday & today I see a whole post on it😂😂anyways, my idea of a sexy man in dhoti does not involve losing the upper body cloth cos the primary purpose of wearing a dhoti is not showing off the bronzed,oiled, sculpted abs.The thought would have never crossed my dhoti wearing dad in all these years, but these days wearing a dhoti is a desi swag statement. Its also a respectable, formal, festive wear for those who have been wearing it forever. The only thing that can top off a well worn dhoti is the casual swag of the half-fold dhoti by the South Indian men.


  7. Prabhas: If I could I’d combine hairy Prabhas with non-see through. I just love the fabric of that dhoti. It looks like linen? If I had to choose one though, I’d go with hairy and see through. I’m a natural kinda gal.

    Young guy: Ranbir. What can I say. I have a soft spot for him.

    Mature man. Wow this is really tough! Totally shocking myself, I’m going with Aamir. Again, it’s because he was so natural in it. It was a sexy look for him.

    Photo to keep in a book to make me happy: Prabhu Deva and Rani, because I love their songs together in Aiyyaa so much! I like Dreamum Wakeupum because it’s the only time in the movie he really looks like he’s having fun, but I remember if he wears a dhoti in that song, or sort of pyjama pants. Anyway, this photo from the music launch would work well as a happy-making man in a dhoti photo.

    This post works really well as a TGIT post too!


  8. Hairy see-through Prabhas; Arjun is a sweet cutie; Shahrukh and Gayatri. The Swades relationship is one of my favorites. I’m torn about the mature one. Ranveer definitely looks good, but he’s all “I am WEARING this DHOTI!” Aamir looks casual and natural, and, not to put too fine a point on it, one cannot tell how far down he’s waxed. That’s a bit sexier for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ooooooky

    For mo too waxed and not see through.

    Younger innocent men:
    Certainly Arjun, he is very innocent and very sexy at the same level.

    Mature Confident Men:
    Ok, Ajay, I can not deny.

    Shahrukh and Gayatri Joshi, or Prithviraj and Rani, who is sexier?
    This is very difficult, First Both Prithviraj and Rani are soooooooo sexy in this film
    I loved Prithviraj because of this film
    Second the scene between Shahrukh and Gayatri Joshi when she helped him to wear Dhoti, it was OH MY GOD – OH MY GOD, but I will go with Prithviraj and Rani, because shahrukh you should by shirtless.


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