Saturday Small Talk: What Are We All Thinking About Today?

Need a break from weekend fun? Have stuff that can’t wait for Monday to talk about? This is the place!

My Saturday is just the same as last Saturday, another big party at my parents with me running around helping out. Only this time only 4 kids instead of 5, and ages 5 to 11 instead of all of them the same age. So, forget me, let’s talk about The World!

First and foremost, I suspect that you all still have Thoughts on Priyanka and Nick. Here is a place to share them! I’ll start with an easy one: What celebrity portmantau is best? “Niyanka”, “Chonas”, or the mean one “Prick”?

Image result for priyanka chopra nick jonas

Additional question, my boss suggested yesterday that the only reason this relationship doesn’t make sense to me is because I don’t understand that Nick Jonas is as big as Justin Timberlake. Surely that isn’t true, right? Or am I just super super old? My teen readers, HELP ME!!!!! How big is Nick Jonas? Like Zayn Malik big or more like Sidharth Malhotra big?

Image result for zayn malik shahrukh khan

(Don’t get too impressed, I only know Zayn Malik from his SRK pictures, and I only know Justin Timberlake because, well, I was alive in the early 2000s)

In non-Niyanka news, what do we think about the Emraan Hashmi/Red Chillies Netflix series?

And which of Amitabh’s latest burst of baby photos on twitter is best?

I like kick-boxing little girl, but I think for me baby-with-pillows wins the day. What do you think?


35 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: What Are We All Thinking About Today?

  1. I’m doing a Twitter poll and Prick is in the lead which makes me think Priyanka-Nick are not a beloved couple ๐Ÿ˜†

    I think Nick Jonas has a following the way Britney Spears has a following. People who grew up with him and are young adults and are still loyal fans but aren’t necessarily buying his music. He drives a lot of fan traffic to blog sites and so does his brother Joe.


    • I should ask my 5 years younger cousin for the scoop. Although she may have been too cool for Disney stars.

      If it is a fake relationship, they really should have thought of the “Prick” factor in advance. Maybe this is the first real evidence that it is real?


          • Itโ€™s true that Nickโ€™s audience is mainly based on nostalgia from kids but it isnโ€™t even 10% of the audience Britney has. Nick is as irrelevant as it gets. He is mostly just known for dating and stays in tabloids based on whatever woman heโ€™s currently flirting with or dating. This Priyanka thing is a blockbuster for him because it introduces him to countries and cultures that would have never heard his name before.


          • Like me ๐Ÿ™‚

            Before this, my only awareness of Nick Jonas was “the guy who starred in that movie that tried to imitate the success of High School Musical but wasn’t as good”.


          • Someday you will watch Lajja and see a man be chappeled to death. Very satisfying, like a public stoning but for women and deserved.


  2. And sorry to be the one filling up your comments this Saturday but lookee here, 100% predictable.

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    • Oh shoot, I had hope for Sonakshi. oh well, still better than Priyanka (not a PC slam, just for this role, someone with a different chemistry with Salman would be better)

      On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 11:52 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. A lot of people thinks Priyanka didn’t want to do Bharat and that’s why she came with this engagement exuse, but if it’s true, why her name was in every article everyday (like in that one you wrote about) as a reminder: hey don’t forget PC will be doing this movie. I don’t understand it.


    • Iโ€™m guessing the movie evolved into something she didnโ€™t want to do anymore. Salmanโ€™s movies are always subject to his whims and fancies and this one is also a home production so even more likely for every aspect to have his involvement. I think PC must have believed initially that it would be a good comeback opposite a big star when most of the audience had already forgotten her. It was a big deal to announce that she was able to land a Salman movie. But then I guess the role got less and less important as more actresses kept being added day by day from acting powerhouses like Tabu to the latest male fantasies like Disha and Nora Fatehi. Noraโ€™s involvement seems extremely last minute and based on the fact that she just had a chartbuster item song.


      • I strongly suspect that Disha will have a minor role and Nora’s will be just an extended item song. But that is still jumping into PC’s territory, all the talk will be about Nora’s song, not PC’s. And Disha’s continuing climb as a hot young thing, instead of PC’s come back. And now you’ve got me thinking, Tabu is the real threat, not just from an acting side of things but from a comeback side of things. Very similar publicity story to PC’s, reunion with Salman after decades, the audience has been missing her, etc. etc.


        • No, Tabu was in Jai Ho with Salman just recently. I canโ€™t blame you for forgetting though since that movie is worth forgetting. Also, the director confirmed that Nora has a real role in the movie and not an item song. Just throwing in all these known female names would make it difficult for PC.


    • Only thing I can think of, either the Bharat team was pushing her and leaking lots of stuff, or her team was trying to cover all the bases and keep the Bharat buzz going on the downlow in case the engagement didn’t work out.

      On Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 11:54 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Disha Patani is the confirmed replacement in Bharat. She made an insta post, holding her characterโ€™s name with the caption #Bharat.
    At least it is not Katrina!


    • That’s an old article, isn’t it? I am sure I read it before. Anyway, it’s something that comes up everywhere in every field. It’s hard to confront the fact that you haven’t achieved everything through your own hard work, easier to focus on the work you did and ignore the privilege.


  5. Priyanka… I’m almost sure that the Salman movie had become something she didn’t want to do anymore. As for the publicly flaunted relationship with Nick Jonas, I get the feeling that she has become rather desperate…no, actually, I don’t sense any happiness there. (Strangely, since she started to use ShahRukh to remain ‘relevant’, I see a ‘glitch’ in her life and personality.)


  6. I think she is simply bringing the western kind of publicity to India. And as such aggressive and rather shameless kind of publicity is simply not known in India she is able of shocking people here more than the US. I just saw the view Talkshow and the desired effect by her pr team is definitely achieved.. People are talking about her… Probably more now than even during Quantico. She couldn’t really cut it as an actress thus trying for celebrity status… Not really known for something but still known. As for Srk situation… I actually think she wants to disconnect herself from him now and also kind of paint him as the bad powerful man who took advantage of her. And now she’s finally free from him sort of story. Remember the recent Ambani weeding they came under one roof.. Normally PCs pr would run amok but nothing happened. Weird silence on her side. And Srk himself is playing PR games.. I mean this sudden frequent posting of pictures of his wife are not really helping rebuild the family man image in fact people are now pointing out how fake he is. And to be honest srk needs authenticy more than anything now.


  7. So I finally got some of the accusations of woman shaming when I posted Priyanka’s back story to a US gossip blog, which is weird to me. Can someone explain it? Having an affair is meh, whatever. But wearing a jacket to an interview and moping about your ex and then leaking photos of your supposed married lover wearing the same jacket is just kind of insane behavior and would be whether it was done by a man or a woman.


    • Oh, thank goodness it’s not just me. That makes me feel better. 2 months after I started blogging, some feminist twitter groups picked up a Priyanka post and I went from having 12 real life friends reading my post to 500 people accusing me of being a bad feminist.

      I got nothing for why it happens. Besides the two things we’ve talked about before, Priyanka has a kind of fan persona of the strong outspoken modern woman who tend to be active online and therefore likely to find and react to posts. And just the general difficulty of grasping the difference between star persona commentary and personal judgments. I don’t know, it’s a weird situation. And maybe part of why she is so smart with PR? She found a variety of story that is very hard to attack without seeming anti-feminist or something.

      On Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 11:59 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • To quote the blog owner reacting to the accusations: I think I respectfully disagree. I think if, like, Brad Pitt gave an interview wearing a bracelet that he said belonged to an ex and was all mopey about it, and it turned out to belong to Cate Blanchett, people would be like !!!!

        And then if he dropped out of a big movie because he got engaged to someone after two months of dating her, people would definitely be talking about it, too.


      • Kangana has also taken the feminism narrative just like Priyanka. They are women and they can do ANYTHING, including bragging about affairs, and nobody dare point a finger at them for living their lives as they choose. Both are also cultivating a right wing audience by constantly meeting up with Modi and such. It gives them a protective shield in the current India.


  8. I didn’t know where to write this, but I can’t wait till tomorrow to share my joy- Tovino Thomas liked my tweet today and I’m on cloud nine ๐Ÿ˜€


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