I Guess We Have to Talk About “Sucker”

Congrats, Priyanka! You’ve done it again, you’ve forced me to talk about you and all of us to think about you. And I was so happy just talking about my new dog! Speaking of, “Nick” as a dog name?

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PC-Nick Sangeet Video! Feels Like A Promo to Get You To Purchase the Full Wedding Video

I was having lunch with my parents today, which is why I am late posting this, and my Dad asked what was happening with “Priyanka and the Little Guy”.  I’m just sharing this with you so that, like me, you will now have that phrase indelibly burned into your mind any time you see PC-Nick coverage.

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News Round-Up: Kangana Does Wrong, Abhi Baby Does Right, Nick Jonas… Hmm

Oh there is FUN STUFF today!!!!!!!  Talk about contract disputes and filming hierarchies, my favorite!  Oh, and also terrible gossip that lets us feel like better people than celebrities and gives that little “zing” of excitement from conspiracy theories.

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