Silly Sunday FanFic in Search of an Ending: Cheeky Shahrukh Age Gap Romance, Fun Ranveer Mistaken Identity Romance, Help Me Solve This!

I mostly have these worked out. No clever dialogue details or stuff this time around, but the broad strokes are there. Except the end! I have such cute plot ideas based on cute American movies, but I don’t know how to end them. I’ve caught the Karan Johar bad ending disease. Help! I’m tempted to just give all the heroine’s cancer or bring in Salman to give a looooong speech and call it a day.

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News Round-Up: All Actresses!!! Kangana Contracts, Alia Dances, Patralekha and Sara Sign

Always so much news on Saturday!  Which is nice, because it is easy to write these posts and then I don’t have to think of anything new.

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