Happy Christmas Season! Let’s Look at Christmas Fanvids!

I love Christmas, and I love Fanvids, but unfortunately it is very rare for the two of them to come together.  But I do what i can!  And what little I found is all in this post. (this is a reposted post)

First, a very silly one.  Shahrukh dancing to a Mithunda song, which is somehow also very Christmassy in a weird way.  Speaking of weird, you really should watch the whole movie!


Another short little one.  But so sexy and nice!


And three more Shahrukh videos with the most obvious possible song in the background!


And another one for comparison!


And your third option!


And finally, one of my favorite traditions, the Christmas messages!


Salman and underwear together wishing us Christmas!


And Shahrukh

2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Season! Let’s Look at Christmas Fanvids!

  1. `

    I think Don’t Call It Bollywood should have a “Happy Holidays” wishes video from all the stars, just like Bollywood Hungama. I’m sure they would cooperate if you just ask them nicely. Send me to India with a camera and I’ll record them for you.


    • They should definitely do that!!!!! We are no less than an underwear company.

      On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 1:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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