News Round-Up: Karan Interview, SRK Tweet, and Bharat Tickets

Kind of a slow news day. I decided to ignore the stories that are about people talking about other people talking about things, because I hate those stories, and just focus on the ones that are actual things.

Karan Interview

Karan gave a short little interview to DNA (link here) about the failure of Kalank. As is usual, he took full responsibility for the failure. Karan always takes full personal responsibility for the failure of the films he produces, and rarely takes credit for the films that do well. What I found interesting here is that he talks about his role as the head of the company. That he can’t be negative or show weakness, because he is the center of Dharma and if he falls, everyone around him will fall too.

He also, separately, talked about how great it is that all the stars reached out to him and said they were proud of their work and glad they did the film even though it flopped. To me that says that Karan sets a tone of positivity that reaches out through the film and affects the actors as well. Anyway, it’s an interesting little bit of an interview, you should read it!

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Shahrukh Tweet

Speaking of interesting little bits of things, Shahrukh just posted a lovely tweet about Karan and Aditya. I don’t know if it is in honor of their recent birthdays, or because he wanted to cheer Karan up, or because he is about to announce Dhoom 4 (please no), or just because he felt like it.

Mostly I like it because we have so many trumped up feuds and conspiracy theories and so on lately, I like this sincere acknowledgement of a 25 year friendship between 3 people.

Bharat Tickets

Well, this is disappointing. Salman specifically promised that the Bharat tickets would not be sold at a higher rate than usual (as is standard for big star films). That was a kind move towards the audience, and also a savvy move because it is clear that the reason these films are flopping is the ridiculously high ticket prices (Kalank, for instance, would have been a fine pleasant one time watch for folks, but they weren’t going to pay the insane ticket prices Karan was asking for). Especially a family friendly release on a holiday, Salman’s best audience is going to be large family groups and they won’t be coming if the cost of group tickets is the same as a month’s rent.

But the tickets are still going up because at least a few multiplexes in Bombay are doing whatever they want. This is interesting to me because the power over ticket prices seems so diffuse. From what I can tell, a producer can demand it of a distributor who then demands it of the theaters, against their will (which is what happened with Kalank, theaters were worried about losing money but still had to raise prices). Or, a distributor can decide on their own that they want to raise prices a certain degree. Or the theaters can do it. All of these people can force the tickets up without the agreement of the other two parties. But none of them can force the tickets to stay down without the agreement of the other two parties. Everyone knows high ticket prices are bad for business in general, but so long as one of those three parties is just focused on making money in the moment and doesn’t care about next week, the ticket prices will still go up and up.

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21 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Karan Interview, SRK Tweet, and Bharat Tickets

  1. I’m almost sure that ShahRukh wanted to counter the bashing on social media (I don’t believe in a Dhoom 4, btw.) and value not only friendship but really what he has written about, that one has to focus on realizing dreams in a certain way, decide about directions/ways to take and stand by it. Some dreams will be rewarded by success, some won’t, at least not at the time being.
    Nevertheless I think, Karan and Aditya did not only realize dreams f o r ShahRukh but w i t h him. Like I wrote on twitter:”… for realizing dreams one has to focus on the direction and the possibilities to put them into action. It was like a mutual support, not a one-way thing…a combination of visions & talents, extremely fruitful at the time of happening….”

    As for Karan taking responsibility…it’s like with ShahRukh and those of his movies who failed to make money at the domestic box office…both are kind of ‘flagbearers’ for the movies they produce/star in…I think that it is a very honest acknowledgement of the impact they have during the making of the respective movies.

    Ticket prices…they will be the main reason for the death of movies in theatres.

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    • I appreciate Shahrukh putting out the statement against the negativity of social media in kind of a cosmic way as well. There are so many ugly back and forths and so on that are incited by social media, and so much fake over the top “love you so much!” kind of messages. I appreciate him putting out a simple specific and sincere nice thing, for no reason.

      Come to think of it, I kind of like that about Karan as well. Part of his statement taking responsibility was giving good out into the world. He messed up, his vision wasn’t clear, but the actors were great, the director was great, even the audience was great. He has nothing bad to say about anyone but himself.

      On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 11:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I read the interview and didn’t like it. I don’t know what’s the point of this interview. He took the blame and it’s the right thing to do (especially after the scam with higher ticket prices). He can’t blame the cast because they are his friends. The actors also won’t blame Karan, because he is powerful and they want to keep working. So for me, the article should be called: Yes, we made a terrible movie, but who cares, we still love each other 😉


    • I’m convinced, you should be the headliner writer for articles from now on 🙂

      On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 2:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I don’t understand why Karan chose Abhishek who’s just one film old for this mammoth movie. My theory is that he wanted someone who’d execute his vision rather than have his/her own. And that Kalank was dress rehearsal for Takht. I just re watched some of the songs on YT and I think its the over dependence on Root that was responsible for the movie turning out to be what it is. She literally is on screen every 3 minutes.


    • I keep comparing it with Agneepath. That was also a long time vision and dream of Karan, but in that case he had a director who came to him and said “I know this is crazy, but it is my dream to remake Agneepath.” It was two independent visions coming together.

      On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 3:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I think Karan’s interview was admirable. Did Rohit Shetty take any responsibility for the failure of Dilwale? No. He let Shah Rukh take all the blame. Did anyone take any responsibility for Zero besides Shah Rukh? No. I think Shah Rukh wrote that tweet for that reason. To show that the ‘big boys’ take responsibility.


      • I think it’s more like: the biggest name takes the blame.
        Race 3 , Tubelight, were Salman movies, and he also produced. Dilwale, Zero we watched for SRK, and he co-produced. In my opinion, Aamir shouldn’t take the blame for Thugs, because it was YRF product. In Kalank Karan was the biggest name and responsible for making a good film, so it’s him who should apologise .


  5. Just commenting to say that I had terrible days at work Friday and today, and Shah Rukh’s tweets today–the one about Karan and Adi and the one about his kids–really did bring some needed sunshine into my day. God bless his positivity, regardless of why he shares it with us.


    • Yes! I appreciate him putting good in the world. Speaking of which, check out the Dhoti post repost from Saturday, and the little mini fanfics on Sunday (if you are a fanfic person). I also try to put happy things in the world!

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  6. Speaking of the dhoti post, how can I email it to my writers group who are slowly but surely becoming Indian Cinema fans? I tried several ways and couldn’t get it to FW, or copy and paste or anything. Even the URL didn’t fly. I’m also easing them on to DCIB. Prith or waxed, wet Prabhas should do the trick.


  7. Letterman was up on the waving platform at Mannat today when ShahRukh was greeting the fans for Eid. He so seriously looks like Santa.


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