List of Hindi Movies to Watch on Netflix

Woo! I did Prime over the course of literally an entire day of work, now I am bringing myself up to attempt Netflix. Oh, and once again, the real list is on, this is the edited list with descriptions and symbols indicating genre, courtesy of ME.

This is NOT the full list, this is not even necessarily the full list of good movies, this is just the list of movies that I, Margaret, personally vouch for. And to make it more useful, I am going to use a code to show you what might be best for your personal tastes. To find what you are looking for, you can just use the “ctrl F” shortcut on your keyboard and hunt for the symbol you want.

& = Classic film, vital part of the Hindi film canon, if you are in the mood to brush up on your classics

% = Good movie to watch with your kids

$ = Romance if you are in a romantic mood

@ = Movie I, Margaret, presonally really like even though it may not be very good

Several of this will have multiple symbols, if I have a review of the film available the title will be clickable, and if there is no review and no symbol it just means it is good enough for me to put on this list but I don’t have much else to say about it. Also, pay attention to dates! If it’s a 90s movie, it will be a 90s movie. If it’s a 50s movie, it will be in black and white. You know, use common sense.

$ 2 States (2014)

Fun light romance, some small hints at parental/spousal abuse, but mostly nice songs and a fun pretty romance.

3 Deewarein (2003)

Arty movie about Juhi Chawla making a documentary on three death row prisoners. If you want good script and Juhi, you can watch it.

& 3 Idiots (2009)

Legit modern classic, bright songs and also issues of education reform and suicide.

7 Khoon Maaf (2011)

Priyanka Chopra playing a woman with 7 husbands in a row. Odd movie if you are into that kind of thing.

1920 (2008)

Standard so-so horror movie.

Aamir (2009)

Solid Hitchcockian thriller, average man caught up in events outside of his control.

Aarakshan (2011)

Want to see Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Dips in a movie about education reform? Watch this!

% @ ABCD: Any Body Can Dance (2013)

I love this dumb movie! A team of upstarts from the poor neighborhood take on the slick fancy dance team with the guidance of their genius coach, and WIN!

% @ ABCD 2 (2015)

I also love this movie! Basically same plot as above, but why mess with a classic?

Ab Tak Chhappan (2004)

Haven’t seen it, but supposed to be a pretty good comedy.

Ab Tak Chhappan 2 (2015)


Action Replayy (2010)

Not a good movie, but probably okay time pass, and crazy period costumes for Akshay and Aish.

Aiyaary (2018)

Very confusing thriller action movie, but a glossy look, and a good cast, so if you are in the mood for that kind of movie, this one is decent.

$ @ Aiyyaa (2012)

A DCIB favorite romance! Rani and Prithviraj, sexy and silly and fun, not to be missed.

& % @ Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

The best multistarrer of them all, 3 separated brothers, lots of wacky misunderstandings, lots of colors and humor, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Amrapali (1966)

Kind of an odd classic, Sunil Dutt and Vijayantimala, prince and dancing girl romance with a mistaken identity and a not happy ending.

@ Anaarkali of Aarah (2017)

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Not a romance, not really a tragedy either, I guess the purest for of a feminist movie that you can imagine.

& Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

The cult classic comedy. Watch out, most of the jokes are of the “rule of three” variety, that is, they build on each other. You will laugh a lot more at the end of the film when the whole structure is in place than at the beginning. And way more on the second watch than on the first.

& Andhadhun (2018)

Really very very good movie, edge of your seat thriller, great cast, great script, a new classic.

Article 15 (2019)

Another good movie, a little bit dark, about corruption and caste violence in the rural villages.

Asoka (2001)

Shahrukh alert! Shahrukh’s big historic film, crazy wigs, crazy costumes, crazy swords, and sexy songs.

Azhar (2016)

Terrible terrible movie. If you feel like watching a terrible laughably bad sports biopic, this is it!

B.A. Pass (2013)

Bad sexy thriller kind of film, kind of popular, so probably a good sexy thriller, of that kind of thing.

B.A. Pass 2 (2017)


Baadshaho (2017)

Period action film with a big cast and costumes, okay if you want a timepass.

% Baaghi (2016)

Good for kids! Starcrossed lovers and Kung fu and boat races, just fun!

& % Baahubali: The Beginning (2015/Hindi-dubbed)

New classic, and also a great GREAT movie for kids. Probably the best one on this list. Fairy tale and fantasy and amazing visuals.

& % Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017/Hindi-dubbed)


Baazaar (2018)

Another okay timepass movie. Wall Street remake, Saif gives a great performance but the young “hero” is pretty forgetabble.

Badla (2019)

Very good twisted mystery film, no songs or romance, nothing “normal” for Hindi film, but a good solid thriller.

$ @ Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017)

Very good movie! Love story with misunderstandings and mistaken identities and everything else.

Barfi! (2012)

I don’t like it, but a lot of people do. Love triangle between a deaf man, a woman with some form of autism, and the woman the deaf man thinks he loves. Warning, you have to stomach Ranbir.

& Bawarchi (1972)

Rajesh Khanna plays a cook who moves in and solves the problems of the family! Classic cute Hrishikesh Mukherjee film.

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (2011)

Very odd silly movie with Amitabh Bachchan as an aging gangster trying to return to his life and get to know his estranged daughter and reunite with his wife Hema Malini.

Bhangra Paa Le (2020)

I haven’t seen it, but Genevieve really really loved it, so I am including it!

@ Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (2018)

Such a good movie! Don’t watch with your kids! It’s dark and harsh about justice and injustice and violence and stuff. But Harsh Kapoor is beautiful, so there’s that.

Bhoot (2003)

Famous low budget horror movie, if you like low budget horror movies.

@ Billu (2009)

A really nice movie! Irrfan Khan and Shahrukh Khan together as old friends, pretty village setting, heartwarming ending.

The Blue Umbrella (2005)

I haven’t seen it, but it sounds lovely, Pankuj Kapoor makes friends with a little girl up in the mountains.

& $ @ Bobby (1973)

The sweetest brightest happiest young love story of ALL! Rich boy falls for his nanny’s granddaughter, they sing to each other, they have cokes, his parents object, they ride a motorcycle, really it’s great.

The Body (2019)

New release, thriller, kind of curious about it because it is Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor.

Bombay Talkies (2013)

4 short films loosely around the theme of film. Really lovely movies, all of them, my favorite being the first one.

Boss (2013)

Silly Akshay action movie, if you want a silly action movie!

Brahman Naman (2016)

Low budget comedy about awkward teenagers going to an academic competition and talking about sex. Better than it sounds.

$ Chaahat (1996)

Shahrukh alert! Young Shahrukh and Pooja Bhatt, plus Naseeruddin Shah and Ramya Krishnan.

Chal Mere Bhai (2000)

Pretty predictable but fun rom-com, two brothers fall in love with the same woman. The leads are Salman, Sanjay, and Karisma and the chemistry between the cast is so amazing that it makes the whole film fun.

$ @ Chalte Chalte (2003)

Surprisingly good pre and post marriage romance with Shahrukh and Rani!

% Chamatkar (1992)

Shahrukh alert! Also, cute family friendly movie about a ghost and a college field hockey game and Shahrukh as the shy kid from the villages caught up in it all.

Chameli (2004)

Very good early Kareena movie with Kareena playing a prostitute and Rahul Bose playing the man who shares a shelter with her during a rain storm.

Chance Pe Dance (2009)

Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza! So so movie, but super cute cast, and Shahid and Genelia both play aspiring young dancer types, which is perfect casting.

$ @ % Chennai Express (2013)

I really like this movie! Shahrukh’s last massive box office splash, fun mix of comedy and romance and action.

% Chillar Party (2011)

A nice kids movie about nice kids!

$ Chopsticks (2019)

I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been told it’s a nice cute little miss-matched romance. Also, Abhay Deol!

$ Chup Chup Ke (2006)

Cute little Kareena-Shahid love story, he is a stranger who shows up at her family house and pretends to be deaf, not knowing that Kareena is actually deaf and the family will try to throw them together.

Chupke Chupke (1975)

Very nice Hrishikesh Mukherjee comedy, light humor around mistaken identities and romantic confusions.

% Dangal (2016)

Really good solid sports movie, watch with your kids, watch with your parents, watch with anyone!

@ Dear Zindagi (2016)

I really like this movie! Small story about a troubled young woman and her therapy journey. Also, Shahrukh alert!

Delhi-6 (2009)

Legit solid good movie, but not quite enough of one thing to be anything. Not enough romance to be a romance, not enough comedy to be a comedy, and so on. Worth watching if you want a solid good movie with great Rahman songs, but not otherwise.

Delhi Belly (2011)

R rated comedy, really clever, really different, and has an amazing Aamir Khan end credits bit!

& Dev.D (2009)

The movie that made Anurag Kashyap into the power he is today, the best modern version of Devdas, I just cannot say enough good about it.

% @ Dhanak (2015)

Such a beautiful movie! Little kids, doin’ stuff, being hopeful, and it all working out in the end.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007)

Silly sports movie with John Abraham looking hot.

Dhobi Ghat (2011)

Arty movie directed by Kiran Rao, with Aamir looking hot and different, and Pratiek Patil briefly seeming like the next big thing.

& @ Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Super important movie that changed the whole way film dialogue was written forever after. Also, cool hair.

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

Very good dramedy about family conflict on a cruise.

Dil Hai Tumhaara (2002)

Not good! But weirdly entertaining if you are in the right mood. Rekha, Preity, Arjun Rampal very young, and Mahima Chowdry in a love triangle between two sisters.

$ @ Dil Maange More (2004)

Not a great movie, but somehow I really like it! Young Shahid Kapoor trying to decide between 3 woman, Soha Ali Khan and Tulip Joshi and Ayusha Takia, all of them super charming, and there are nice songs.

& Dil Se (1998)

I would say, DON’T WATCH! Trauma and obsession and sadness and tragedy and beauty all mixed up. You don’t need that, watch Dil Maange More instead.

% @ Dilwale (2015)

I like it! I don’t care what you say! Shahrukh and Kajol together, big fun car chases, silly jokes, no extreme violence, watch with your kids!

Do Dooni Char (2010)

I haven’t seen it, but I’ve consistently heard that it is a very good small middle-class comedy, with Rishi Kapoor doing a great job in the lead.

& % Don (1978)

Straight up classic! And might be fun to watch with your kids in a 70s Masala kind of way.

% Don (2006)

Shahrukh alert! Double role, Priyanka chemistry, fun remixed 70s vibe to it. Good with your kids if they are a little bit older.

% Don 2 (2011)

Shahrukh alert! Really high quality car chases and heist stuff, a little bit morally ambigious, but otherwise a good watch with kids.

Drishyam (2015)

Good script, twisty mystery plot.

% @ Dus (2005)

I LOVE this movie. And also acknowledge that it is very stupid. Elite cop group, lots of action sequences, getting the team together type stuff, massive cast, and really REALLY catchy songs.

Ek Hasina Thi (2004)

Tough female revenge drama with Urmila Matondkar!

$ @ Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019)

Such a happy hopeful loving family movie! Just beautiful, watch it with the whole family, everyone will enjoy.

$ Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012)

Slightly off-beat open ended rom-com with Imraan Khan and Kareena.

English Babu Desi Mem (1996)

Shahrukh Alert! Also, Not Good Movie Alert! Shahrukh has a small double role, is a bit amoral in a lot of ways, but if you are desperate for a Shahrukh movie, there it is.

Fashion (2008)

Ridiculous over the top soaper with Priyanka and Kangana as troubled models in the big bad world of Bombay.

Fitoor (2016)

The movie that still gets me the most views! A plot so complex everyone watches it and then searches for my synopsis. Just BAD. But great cast, somehow.

Fiza (2000)

Great movie about Karisma and Hrithik as siblings separated by communal violence.

% @ A Flying Jatt (2016)

Watch with kids! Watch with ANYONE!!!! I love this movie, Tiger as a superhero who is afraid of heights but still tries his best, and Amrita Singh is his nagging Mom. Who wouldn’t want to watch this movie????

Force 2 (2016)

Decent action thriller, John Abraham looks good, Sonakshi has a not great haircut.

Gabbar Is Back (2015)

Another decent action movie, Akshay Kumar as a savior type, great martial arts scenes.

Ghanchakkar (2013)

A cleverer-than-you-think heist black comedy about Emraan Hashmi as a thief who gets amnesia and forgets where he hid the money, and Vidya as his frustrated wife trying to help him remember.

& Ghayal (1990)

The movie that brought Sunny Deol to the top of the list! And a little smattering of cute Sunny-Dimple romance. But mostly Sunny, being angry and punchin’ stuff.

Ghost Stories (2020)

The third collaboration between 4 directors, follow up on Bombay Talkies and Lust Stories, this time with the theme of ghosts and scary stories, if that is your thing.

Gol Maal (1979)

Classic comedy! Our hero has to pretend to be his own identical twin in order to keep his job/romance the girl.

The Great Gambler (1979)

Fun 70s Masala film, super confusing plot, don’t worry to much about the details just focus on the awesomeness of Zeenat Aman.

Guilty (2020)

New movie, twisted crime film about a college student trying to track down the truth when her boyfriend is accused of assaulting another student.

@ Guru (2007)

Margaret approved! Biopic with a happy ending, and a sweet love story between Amitabh and Aish, and a back up love story between Madhavan and Vidya.

Guzaarish (2010)

Some people like it, I don’t, movie about Hrithik as a paraplegic magician.

Haider (2014)

Hamlet! But, in Hindi and with the plot slightly futzed with. Shahid Kapoor plays Hamlet, which is perfect, but Shraddha plays Ophelia, make of that what you will.

$ Half Girlfriend (2017)

Angie really likes this movie, most other people in the world are not enthusiastic. But it’s a nice enough little romance, if you want one.

% Happy New Year (2014)

Shahrukh alert! And also, great kids movie. Silly brightly colored heist film.

Hera Pheri (1976)

70s Masala bromance conman film.

Heroine (2012)

If you loved Fashion, watch this! Same director, similar sort of “rich and famous secret drama and scandals” plot.

Highway (2014)

Great Alia Bhatt performance, in a very dreamlike Imtiaz Ali film with AR Rahman songs.

Hisss (2010)

Want to see a bad snake movie? Watch this!

Home Delivery (2005)

Sweet movie about a man who doesn’t appreciate everything he has until he is given life lessons by his friendly pizza delivery driver.

@ Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007)

Margaret approved! Zoya and Reema’s first movie together, a large group of people on a honeymoon together

& Hum Aapka Hain Koun..! (1994)

The classic! Big warm family drama with a romance at the middle of it.

$ Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006)

A romance I kind of enjoy! Akshay and Katrina, both engaged to other people, but the heart wants what the heart wants….

Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999)

Very 90s over the top happy family romance thing. Hum Aapke Hain Koun times 20.

I Am (2010)

Want to see a slightly artistic and out there film about the problems of various people living in modern India including Queer issues? This is the movie for you!

$ @ I Hate Luv Storys (2010)

Cute love story that I like, opposites attract at work kind of thing. Imraan Khan and Sonam Kapoor being super charming together.

Inkaar (2013)

Sexual harassment at work movie, Arjun Rampal is supposed to be very sexy.

@ Ittefaq (2017)

Margaret approved! Really very good and surprising twisted mystery, plus great Akshaye Khann performance.

@ Jaan-E-Maan (2006)

A Margaret favorite, but it may not be for you. Very magical and fantastical and beautiful (I think).

$ @ Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na (2008)

Very pleasant romance, best friends to lovers storyline, some bumps in the road along the way but they get there eventually.

$ @ Jab Harry Met Sejal (2017)

Shahrukh alert! The DCIB favorite! Deep beautiful slow moving love story between two damaged different people.

% Jagga Jasoos (2017)

Well, I hated it! And I also think it is patronizing to children. But your kids might really like it, there’s Ostrich riding and fun stuff like that.

& @ Jhankaar Beats (2003)

The first great Hinglish indie comedy, I love it, the songs are great (this is the movie that made Vishal-Shekhar what they are today), and the dialogue and characters hold up to this day.

$ @ Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

The best historic romance of recent years, love it so much, Hrithik and Aish are beautiful, the costumes are beautiful, even the fight scenes are beautiful.

Judwaa (1997)

Super SUPER fun silly 90s comedy with Salman and Karisma.

Judwaa 2 (2017)

Not nearly as good remake of the 90s comedy, this time with Varun Dhawan.

Kaalia (1981)

Fun Masala movie, Amitabh as a coward toward vengeance seeker.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1994)

Shahrukh Alert! The movie he himself says is his best film of his youth.

Kabir Singh (2019)

I don’t know. If you have a high tolerance for violent passionate love stories, this is a very well-made one. If you have anything less than a high tolerance, don’t.

& @ Kahaani (2012)

So good! Very very good twisted thriller with Vidya Balan in the lead.

Kai Po Che (2013)

Solid story of three friends torn apart by political forces, mostly interesting for how it launched three young actors now moving on to other interesting parts, Rajkummar Rao and Amit Sadh and Sushant Singh Rajput.

@ Kaminey (2009)

Really well-made beautiful film about estranged twins, drug deals, tragedy, and a love story between a gangster with a lisp and a mad Bengali gang boss.

Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)

Odd movie. Farhan playing a man with split personality who gives himself advice on wooing Deepika Padukone.

Khakee (2004)

Decent police thriller, a small band has to transport a prisoner who the mob wants to kill.

$ @ Khoobsurat (2014)

Another DCIB favorite! A chick lit romance come to life, bouncy young heroine hired as new physio therapist for a millionaire with a handsome but repressed son.

Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)

Middle-class sleeper hit comedy about a housing dispute.

& Khubsoorat (1980)

The original Khoobsurat! Rekha as the younger sister of the new daughter-in-law of a household, comes for a visit and puts everything topsy turvy at the same time that the younger brother of the house starts to fall in love with her.

@ Khuda Gawah (1992)

This is such a silly silly movie! Everyone talks about themselves in third person, the wigs are insane, Sridevi is crazy until she isn’t, and Danny Denzongpa is there too!

$ Kismat Konnection (2008)

Perfectly pleasant little rom-com, Shahid Kapoor meets Vidya Balan and his luck starts to change, he decides she is his good luck charm and starts following her around. And then love happens

Kurbaan (2009)

Thriller, slightly Islamophobic, but Saif and Kareena are really hot together.

Kya Kehna (2000)

Want to see Preity as an unmarried mother with the support of her large family and faithful boy next door? Watch this!

& % Lagaan (2001)

I find it very very long and boring, but maybe you will like it! Cricket, inspiration, easy to follow plot, kids might fall asleep but that’s okay because when they wake up 4 hours later, nothing significant will have happened.

@ Lakshya (2004)

I really like this movie! Coming of age story that treats the love interest seriously, and has some really well done war sequences. And one of my all time favorite soundtracks.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)

Want to watch a movie about Bhagat Singh that has an amazing montage in the first 5 minutes and then goes down from there? This is it!

Life in a…Metro (2007)

Multiple stories all loosely tied together, and of varying quality, you know the kind of thing.

$ @ Love Breakups Zindagi (2011)

It’s a very minor rom-com, but it’s got a great warm spirit to it, and I really like it.

$ Love Per Square Foot (2018)

I haven’t seen it, but everyone who has says that it is delightful.

LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha (2010)

Series of short stories, brilliant and groundbreaking, also a little gritty and dark as you would expect from the title.

@ Luck By Chance (2009)

Brilliant movie about the film industry, following multiple characters on their journeys through the industry, manages to capture the complexity and meaning of life instead of just feeling like a film narrative. Oh, and Shahrukh Cameo Alert!

$ Lucky: No Time for Love (2005)

Call me crazy, but I like it! Very silly movie about Salman Khan saving a schoolgirl who falls in love with him during a made up Russion revolution. Minor Illness Alert, but it’s like a ten minute plot point and then forgotten.

$ Luka Chuppi (2019)

Cute little rom-com about a couple who try to live together and then are found out and everyone thinks they got married.

Lust Stories (2018)

4 short films by 4 directors, all very very good, all tied together by the topic of “Lust”.

$ Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (2012)

Pleasant little romance about a man who returns home after years away and tries to recreate the family Chicken Khurana recipe.

Made in China (2019)

Recent film, spoof comedy about infertility treatments from China.

Madras Cafe (2013)

Good political thriller with John Abraham.

Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? (2005)

Want to see Cactus Flower remade with Salman and Sushmita and Katrina? You know you do! Or, if you have never heard of Cactus Flower, you can also think of it as the romantic farce that helped launch Katrina Kaif.

% @ Main Hoon Na (2004)

Shahrukh alert! And also, good movie alert! Good with kids too. Estranged brothers, college humor, silly over the top action scenes, really perfect.

$ Malaal (2019)

Romance with lots of drama and great hair.

Manorama Six Feet Under (2007)

Chinatown, remade with Abhay Deol, brilliant and dark and twisted.

& @ Manoranjan (1974)

Such a great movie! Zeenat Aman as an unapologetic prostitute and Sanjeev Kumar as the hapless police inspector who falls in love with her.

Manto (2018)

I haven’t seen it, but overwhelmingly great reviews. And based on a really great real life author.

@ Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, aka “The Man Who Feels No Pain” (2018)

Highly recommended! Really interestingly made and very clever little film with a lot of heart

Mary Kom (2014)

Sports biopic about a female boxer, it’s fine if you like that kind of thing.

& Masoom (1983)

An amazing movie about children, for adults. What happens when a man has to bring home to his wife and daughters the little boy that is the result of his affair?

Maya Memsaab (1992)

Shahrukh alert! Early arty Shahrukh movie, based on Madame Bovary.

% Mohenjo Daro (2016)

Bad movie, good kid movie. Alligator wrestling and horses and other silliness all combined might be fun for the kids, while still boring for you.

Mom (2017)

Solid thriller, Sridevi and Nawazuddin and Akshaye all in the same movie, just very enjoyable.

% Mubarakan (2017)

Very pleasant silly comedy of mistaken identity.

& Mughal-E-Azam (1960)

Epic historical, romance and elephants and battle scenes, all over the top and delightful.

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge (2004)

Perfectly pleasant comedy, Salman is a man with anger issues trying to propose to his girlfriend, Akshay Kumar is the fly in the ointment who keeps interrupting him.

Music Teacher (2019)

Poetic romance between teacher and student, or maybe not a romance, totally open.

My Birthday Song (2018)

Psychological thriller with Sanjay Suri.

My Brother…Nikhil (2005)

Good movie, from Juhi Chawla, about a talented athlete who also happens to be gay, and Juhi as the loyal sister who sticks by him.

Naam Shabana (2017)

The female action heroine movie we have been wanting! And then it was kind of boring once we got it. Oh well.

Namastey London (2007)

Kind of a cute romance, Katrina is a modern London girl forced into an arranged marriage with a Punjabi farmer who follows her to London and slowly wins her over.

No One Killed Jessica (2011)

Very good movie, based on a true story, about the impulsive murder of a bartender and the mission her sister, and later a crusading female TV reporter went on to take down the spoiled boy who shot her because she wouldn’t serve him a drink.

Oh Darling Yeh Hai India (1995)

Shahrukh alert! I find it a bit try-hard, but I know others love it for the extreme Brechtian stage like styling, plus youthful earnest Shahrukhiness and stuff.

OMG: Oh My God (2012)

Surprisingly cynical and clever little film about Krishna coming to earth in order to defend himself against a corut case for an “act of God”.

% @ Om Shanti Om (2007)

Shahrukh alert! Also Farah alert and fun alert! Big songs, big visuals, all very nice. And kid friendly.

Once Again (2018)

Middle aged romance, Shefali Shah and Neeraj Kabi as the leads, that cast alone is enough to sell me on the film.

@ Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (2010)

A Margaret favorite! Great period gangster movie, great Emraan Hashmi and Ajay Devgan performances, really good songs.

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008)

Movie about a conman, very smart as a movie and a very smart hero too, plus Abhay Deol bein’ cute.

Paan Singh Tomar (2010)

Very very good movie about a former Olympic level athlete who returns home and is forced into banditry because there is no other option for him.

Pad Man (2018)

Again, I don’t like it, but you might! Akshay Kumar in another “message” movie, this time about sanitary pads. Okay songs, great heroines opposite him.

Page 3 (2005)

Scandal! Drama! All the hidden secrets of the elite! At least, that’s what the film promises with the young innocent reporter heroine serving as our entry into the upper classes.

$ Paheli (2005)

Shahrukh alert! And, a fantasy fairy tale romance, which is very nice. Oh, and sexy too.

Panipat (2019)

Big epic historical, if you want to watch a big epic historical.

@ Patiala House (2011)

I love this movie so much! It’s all about the second generation immigrant struggle for identity and stuff, plus nice songs, plus Anushka Sharma in a really charming performance.

Peepli Live (2010)

Aamir Khan produced very sincere movie about farmer suicides, with a little bit of black comedy on media and stuff thrown in.

@ Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (2000)

Shahrukh alert! Friendly happy comedy with a little bit of a message tucked into it. Oh and Juhi!

Pihu (2018)

Thriller/horror movie about a two year old left alone in her family home and all the dangers she risks.

Pink (2016)

Rape/violence alert! A good movie about rape and violence and how it is investigated and prosecuted, but just be aware of what you are getting in to.

PK (2014)

Aamir being a wee bit pretentious and heavy handed with his message, but nice songs, well-made film, and so on.

Prince (1969)

Shammi again! A pleasant enough little 60s movie.

& Professor (1962)

Shammi!!!! Shammi plays a silly young man in love who pretends to be an old professor to get close to his lady love.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006)

Okay comedy with Rahul Bose, for those massive Rahul Bose fans.

$ @ Pyaar Mein Twist (2005)

A small low budget romance that just makes me happy. Dimple and Rishi as a widow and widower who find love again in late middle-age.

$ @ Qarib Qarib Singlle (2017)

Do you want to see Irrfan Khan in a mature rom-com? Of course you do! He’s the best! Who wouldn’t want to see that?

& @ Queen (2014)

Modern classic, I like it, if you set aside the Kangana of it all. And very hopeful and inspiring of the human spirit and all of that.

Raajneeti (2010)

Multistarrer political epic, really good performances from Arjun Rampal and Katrina Kaif, so-so Ranbir performance, interesting ending.

% Race (2008)

The Race films are crazy fun! Bad hair and costumes, crazy plot twists, super good songs, not to be missed.

% Race 2 (2013)

Not as good as Race 1, but still pretty darn good!

Raees (2017)

Shahrukh alert! Shahrukh playing a gangster again, but this time all serious and 3 dimensional and stuff instead of just super fun like in Ram Jaane.

Ragini MMS (2011)

Sexy horror movie if you want a sexy horror movie.

Ragini MMS 2 (2014)


& Raja Hindustani (1996)

Classic 90s film, Aamir Khan is an innocent young tour guide who falls for his innocent young rich girl client Karisma, complications ensue, it’s all very silly and heartfelt.

Ram Jaane (1995)

Shahrukh alert! Really not great movie, but a kick to see him outrageously overact as a young gangster, plus has the fabulous song “Pump Up the Bhangra”.

& Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)

Familiar rich guy falls in love with village girl story, but with some nice Raj Kapoor visuals, and the famous Mandakini waterfall scene.

& @ Rang De Basanti (2006)

Solid modern classic, and also I love it. Jumping between two timelines, young modern college kids making a documentary on freedom fighters, and the freedom fighters. Watch out, not happy.

Rangoon (2017)

I hate this movie, but maybe you will like it! Period romance, great songs, fun costumes, plot kind of completely falls apart.

Ready (2011)

Fun silly Salman Khan comedy, he is a reluctant groom trying to avoid marriage to his newly arrived bride, not knowing that she is actually a bride on the run just pretending to be his fiancee to hide out.

Rock On!! (2008)

Watch Farhan Akhtar work through his midlife crisis onscreen! As a guy working through his midlife crisis by becoming returning to his youthful rockstar dreams!

Rocky Handsome (2016)

John Abraham as a hardened tough guy inspired to action by a little girl who lives next door, almost shot for shot remake of a Korean movie.

% Rowdy Rathore (2012)

Decent little action film, big city conman is mistaken for his lookalike Noble Village Cop and gets drawn into taking down the Big Bad. Some scenes might be slightly too much for kiddies, but if you fastforward them, the rest of the film is good.

$ @ Running Shaadi (2017)

Best romance of 2017! I’m sticking with that! Amit Sadh looking cute and vulnerable, Taapsee being a bit hard to read and selfish, but ultimately just about young people having the right to fall in love and marry who they want.

Rustom (2016)

Decent period drama, yet another take on the famous Nanavati murder case. Akshay wears a white Navy uniform literally the entire movie.

Saaho (2019/Hindi)

So bad! Just so so bad! And yet also, incredibly entertaining. Prabhas flies! He fights a tiger! He wears an all leather suit!

& Sadma (1982)

Sridevi’s best Hindi performance, as a young woman who suffers a hit on the head and reverts to the mental age of 6. Kamal Haasan adopts her and loves her as a daughter.

& Sangam (1964)

Great classic love triangle, the ultimate in the “woman forgets first love when she gets married” story.

Sanju (2018)

Man, do I HATE this movie!!!! It’s inaccurate, it’s insulting, it’s poorly made. But I am still putting it on this list in case you are in the mood for terrible wigs and period costumes.

Satte Pe Satta (1982)

SO FUN! The Indian remake of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, with mistaken identities and duel roles and all kinds of kicky fun stuff like that.

Satyagraha (2013)

Do you need to see a massive star cast in a confusing political thriller movie? This is for you!!!! Amitabh plays the center as an average man taking a stand, with all these other characters moving around him.

Secret Superstar (2017)

Solid little film about a schoolgirl who wants to be a singer partly to help save her mother from an abusive marriage. Sweet, kind, inspiring.

Shabd (2005)

Silly early 2000s thing, Aishwarya is Sanjay Dutt’s wife and considering an affair with Zayed Khan.

Shanghai (2012)

Brilliant movie about politics and corruption and stuff like that, if you are in the mood for that kind of thing.

$ Shimla Mirchi (2020)

Okay little romance comedy, not great but not terrible.

Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007)

Gangster action movie, leading up to the massive titular shoot out, a couple of really great songs along the way.

Singapore (1960)

Fun little mystery comedy with Shammi.

$ @ Socha Na Tha (2005)

One of the great sleeper hit low budget romances! A young couple who meet and just really really like each other, even though he has a long time girlfriend and she is planning an arranged engagement.

Soorma (2018)

Sports movie! True story of a hockey player who was accidentally shot and crippled, then came back to be the star of the India team.

Special 26 (2013)

Solid heist film, a group of conman who pretend to be tax inspectors and steal millions.

@ Stree (2018)

Really really good movie! Horror comedy with subtle statements on gender and cool stuff like that.

@ Swades (2004)

I love this movie! Shahrukh as a NASA scientist who comes to a small village to visit his Nanny and gets caught up in village issues like electricity, access to the school, and so on.

% Taare Zameen Par (2007)

Movie about a little boy with dyslexia who struggles at school, and Aamir Khan as the art teacher who finally helps him be happy.

@ Talaash (2012)

Lovely movie, Film Noir with heart, and the best Aamir Khan performance in years. And he has a mustache!

Talvar, aka “Guilty” (2015)

Really really good movie. If you like True Crime type stuff, this is the best option from Hindi film. An all around good movie.

Tamasha (2015)

I really really hate this movie. But it’s an Imtiaz Ali film, so great songs and beautiful scenery.

Tanu Weds Manu (2011)

Blockbuster hit comedy film about a miss-matched couple in an arranged engagement.

Tees Maar Khan (2010)

Not a good movie! But a Farah movie, and has great songs, worth consideration at least.

$ Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012)

Decent little romance, a reluctant bride is kidnapped by an amateur kidnapper and they become allies.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (2017)

Well, I hate it! But you might like it. Village romance, turned into a funny mission to get an indoor toilet built.

& @ Udaan (2010)

A classic and a Margaret favorite, don’t watch with your kids! A really subtle but beautiful movie about child abuse.

Udta Punjab (2016)

Very good movie about the drug problem in Punjab, great performance from Alia, great performance from Shahid, great performances all around, and a really good soundtrack.

& $ Wake Up Sid (2009)

Classic, romance, very nice. Ranbir Kapoor as a young man who needs to grow up, Konkona is the slightly older friend he moves in with, growth happens, love happens, it’s nice.

@ Wazir (2016)

I like it! For no real reason beyond enjoying seeing Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan interact onscreen.

We Are Family (2010)

ILLNESS ALERT! Indian remake of StepMom, with a great cast (Kajol, Kareena, Arjun Rampal)

What’s Your Raashee? (2009)

Terrible movie. Just laughably bad. But sometimes we need a laugh!

Yeh Ballet (2020)

I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard it’s nice. Plus, Julian Sands and Jim Sarbh in the same movie! Two young Indian men are discovered and trained as ballet dancers.


8 thoughts on “List of Hindi Movies to Watch on Netflix

  1. Wow, you guys have so much stuff! I’m double checking, and most of these are not available on Netflix Japan, but some are, which is exciting.

    Also: Chameli has Rahul Bose, not Rahul Dev. Got to make sure my spiritual boyfriend gets his credit.


    • I don’t even know who Rahul Dev is! I wonder where that name came from?

      Anyway, I just put up the far shorter list of movies you really really should watch, so you can try focusing on those for your Japan searches.

      On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 9:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well, he’s a real guy, so people aren’t reading this and going “Wait, who?” Obviously he subconsciously made an impression.

        New list sounds great, thanks!


  2. Aww, I’ve missed these round-ups. I know they’re a ton of work and I understand why you stopped doing them (and I very much appreciate Access Bollywood for her public service to us all), but these little opinionated synopses were where I first hung out here and helped me find many good movies :).


    • I am so glad they were useful to you! They really were a ton of work, and didn’t get as many views as I expected. That is, I was expecting 100s of views right away, and instead it was more like a steady trickle over months and months. Probably people like you stumbling on the list and studying it months after it was posted!

      Anyway, this isn’t even the complete list, just a very long selection. But it still has the little opinions, and the Margaret specific coding system.

      On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 11:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh I was mentioned, I feel so important 😉

    Also Half Girlfriend>>>>>>>>>Aashiqui 2
    Btw I discovered telugu scene to scene, song to song version of Aashiqui 2 exists and I’m shocked. It’s the same except the hero is less handsome, so I don’t know why it was made.


    • And no singer like Arijit Singh, so why bother!

      Notice I also included Malaal, mostly on your say-so.

      On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 12:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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