Karan Johar Week Discussion Post: Which is His Sexiest Couple?

We discovered last week that Aditya Chopra doesn’t actually do “sexy” well. But, in contrast, I think Karan really REALLY does. Question is, which is his best sexiest pairing?

Shahrukh and Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The Gazebo scene! The unspoken longing, the mature hesitant moves towards romance, super powerful.

Srk x kajol bollywood GIF - Find on GIFER

Shahrukh and Rani in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The bedroom scene! The conflict of different personality types, her quiet and withdrawn and him outgoing and pursuing, the excitement of going all in on first love.

kuch kuch hota hai gifs | WiffleGif

Shahrukh and Kajol in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The bangles scene! His enjoyment of her naivety. The maturity of their married relationship with her as the sexual aggressor.

Yeh Ladka Hai Allah - K3G | Shahrukh Khan | Kajol GIF | Gfycat

Hrithik and Kareena in K3G

The Soniya dance! The young fresh energy of it!

K3G - You Are My Soniya | Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan GIF | Gfycat

Shahrukh and Rani in KANK

The actual sex scene! The torment of being around someone forbidden. The slowly growing desire for physical intimacy.

gfx: kank Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

Varun and Sid in Student of the Year

The locker room scenes! The wrestling! Sid carrying Varun home after a long night!

Hero - Blurb. - Wattpad

I saw SRKajol in KKHH are still the sexiest. FIGHT ME!!!!

29 thoughts on “Karan Johar Week Discussion Post: Which is His Sexiest Couple?

  1. I love how the actual main couples in his two most recent movies aren’t even considered. xD

    Again, I’m breaking this down into additional categories:

    Sexiest – Gotta agree with you on SRK & Kajol in KKHH. I couldn’t even watch that gif you attached without holding my breath.

    Sweetest – Hrithik & Kareena in K3G. I LOVE their jodi, their scenes together in this movie were so fun, but I haven’t seen anything else they’ve done together because I hear it’s all terrible.

    Deepest, Most Pure and True Form of Love and Passion and Will Be Together and In Love Forever and Ever – Sid & Varun. Obviously.

    With honorable mention to SRK & Rani in KKHH because the “Aur” scene makes me giggle and might have switched my mentality from hating the movie to loving it.

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    • Hrithik and Kareena got massive hate for K3G for years, so glad to see someone who likes them together.

      And you should see the other Hrithik-Kareena movies! Yaadein is a big confused and odd, but still entertaining. Mujshe Dosti Karoge is an all time favorite for many people here (including me). Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is the only really bad one.


      • SRK and Rani in KANK.

        Hrithik and Kareena are too over the top to be sexy for me (now that I think about it I don’t know if I ever saw Kareena being sexy in a movie. Maybe only in Tashan)
        I hardly remember Rani and Shah Rukh in KKHH and haven’t seen SOTY.
        I also haven’t seen Lust Stories. How was Vicky and Kiara in it?


        • Vicky and Kiara were purposefully not that sexy. Their whole storyline is of a newly married couple where the sex doesn’t do it for her, and he is too dumb to notice.


    • Good choices, all around, although I am feeling increasingly bad for SRKRani in KANK. No one wants them to be together!


  2. I don’t remember the romance in KKHH, so I will have to go with SOTY. A cliched pick for me but honest to god, I kept expecting them to actually kiss. They had amazing sexual tension. I swear, if Karan doesn’t make an actual gay romance soon I will be so angry.

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  3. I’m with Angie, KKHH and K3G – those are beyond top of the top of sexy and very little can compete. I found the sex scene in KANK disappointing. I only felt their guilt, not their attraction. It just felt sad to me, zero heat. That may have been Karan’s intention.


  4. I think Kajol-SRK in K3G just very very slightest over Kajol-SRK in KKHH because I love their sexy after marriage banter. But they are pretty much a tie.

    I love Hrithik-Kareena in K3G but they are more cute than sexy.

    Finally, SRK-Rani are just sweet in KKHH.


    • I feel like, if we had gotten to see sexy after marriage banter, the KKHH couple would have had sexier banter than the KKKG couple.

      On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 6:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I love the bangle scene. I still get the shivers. And I seem to be alone in liking the KANK actual sex scene. I think there is plenty of heat. You know they say Shah Rukh’s can make love to a tree…. Mpollak711


  6. I didn’t like Rahul and Anjali in KKHH as she was his 2nd choice. Anjali deserved better and I wish she loved Aman and chose him over Rahul.

    I liked Rahul and Anjali in the 1st half of K3G. Didn’t like them in the 2nd half as Rahul always seemed irritated with Anjali. I wish Karan focused more on Rahul and Anjali’s marriage in the 2nd half instead of Hrithik and Kareena. The Hrithik-Kareena love story was a waste of time.

    I hated Dev and Maya in KANK.

    I liked Tina and Rahul in KKHH. Not sexy but they are a cute couple.


    • So your only sexy choice is SRKajol in the first half of K3G?

      On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 2:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Extreme minority opinion: Shahrukh and Kajol in MNIK. They’ve both got stuff to deal with, they are not super young, they have religious differences, etc., etc., but they are delighted that they get to have sex with each other. I have issues with the movie as a whole, but I loved the central couple.

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