TGIF Post: In Bed!

You know that joke, right?  You read a fortune cookie, or something else similarly general and metaphorical and then add “in bed!” to the end to make it sexual.  In this case, I am putting all my regular TGIF suspects in bed.  Because I just purchased and built my first bed since I left my parents’ house (finally graduating from futons!), and I am very interested in beds right now.

Let’s start with a classic bed shot of Salman Khan.  Which you almost don’t even realize is a bed shot, except for all the stuffed animals.  Although this is Maine Pyar Kiya, there are stuffed animals everywhere.

Just to be fair, after Salman, comes Shahrukh.  In another classic bed shot, and a classic bed style.  I was sort of tempted by a bed like this, which does look very comfortable, but it would be complete impractical for Chicago winters.

Because I just saw Raabta (and LOVED IT!  Seriously, so good, if you are someone who likes charming flirty romances, and also tortured epic romances.  Reviews going up when I get a chance), I have to throw in a Sushant.  Although, I love the bed, but I could do without the outfit.  Consider socks Sushant.

In contrast, with Siddharth here, I could do without the bed, but the outfit is a-okay.  It’s just, kind of looks like a Siddharth cage, right?  How can you sleep in that?

John Abraham though.  His bed, and his person, are both perfect.  And he knows it, look at that little grin!

I like the bed, but I am doubtful about Hrithik here (fake tattoos?  Really?).  And the woman with him seems equally doubtful.

Now, that Salman Khan photo at the top is cute, but it isn’t really the ultimate bedroom decor shot I am looking for.  This is.

Although if we are talking red themed bedroom decor, there is really only one option:


16 thoughts on “TGIF Post: In Bed!

  1. I’m so happy that you loved Raabta! After the bittersweet disappointment of what could have been a great polished Yash Raj romantic comfort-watch gem of Meri Pyaari Bindu and what could have been a beautiful, epic romance in Kaatru V….I think this is could be the movie I’ve been waiting for this year! Looking forward to your review and I’m very interested to hear how much of a rip-off of Magadheera it is!

    Hrithik looks like such a tool in this bed picture. I think the best for me is Sid in a cage for some reason!


    • I’ll put it this way: I would not recommend Raabta to someone who could not see the appeal of Sanam Teri Kasam. But you are a person who CAN see the appeal of Sanam Teri Kasam, so a recommend it whole-heartedly.

      On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 7:57 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • OMG, that makes me even more excited to see it! I do dig over the top melodramatic romance and I prefer the sexier, flirtier takes on it even more, like STK…I mean I know she dies in the end but in the course of the love story there’s a trippy makeover, the heroine gets high and sings a weird song not to mention wears a bear suit at one point, the hero does pull ups randomly and shows off his tattooed torso, there’s sexy times in a hotel room with rose petals AND there’s the ultimate stereotype of the librarian and the bad boy getting together. Sigh. It really is perfection.

        I really want to know if there’s a traditional HEA in Raabta like there was in Magadheera, but not in Mirzya. But I’m not sure I want to be spoiled yet, so will probably only read your Non-Spoiler Review.


  2. Your last SRK shot: “Cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health etc.,etc. etc.”

    It is kind of rare to see him in a posed shot with a cigarette.


      • It is and that’s why it’s so damn sexy, right?! Even as a former smoker, I still find the act of smoking sexy. It’s awful, but I do. There’s just something so deliberate in the way that people light a cigarette and hold the cigarette that is compelling and sensual.


  3. I am really shocked by your reaction to Raabta. Considering the universal trashing it has received from everyone else, I am trying to figure out what in it can have appealed to you so much. I am not a romance fan, and I didn’t watch STK, but I did think its trailer was quite interesting. With Raabta I found the trailer itself problematic, and most of the reviews are confirming the problems I found in the trailer. So, what gives?


    • Just posted a no spoilers review. But really, nothing super special, it was just a much much better film than it looked from the trailers.

      All 3 leads did a good job, the pacing was good, the dialogue was clever, and so on and so on.


  4. Sushant Singh Rajput looks like he got cold and went and put a turtleneck on under his pajamas. I don’t mind the Siddharth cage, but he needs to clean up his area. Looks like a frat house.


    • Yes, that’s exactly what sushant looks like! And this theory also explains his lack of socks, since those are just bedroom slippers with PJs.

      On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 10:49 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. As I scrolled down these photos I just KNEW you were going to end with that fabulous, sexy shot of Shah Rukh by Dabbboo Ratnani for his 2014 calendar! If you haven’t seen it, here’s the intro and making of video for that:

    Here’s Dabboo talking with Faridoon about the concept of the shot:

    And just for fun, here’s Shah Rukh chatting with Dabboo’s daughter, Myrah after the shot:

    Sorry to overload you with YouTube videos but I just think these are so much fun!


    • When I posted that photo, I KNEW someone would post these links! I have seen them all, and somehow the sexiest of them all is SRK with Myrah. She is so gosh-darn cute! And he is so patient and kind with her!


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