Shahrukh’s Movie Has a Stupid Title, Tubelight Has a Touching Song, and I Still Don’t Know What’s Going on in Jagga Jasoos

I take one day off twitter, and everything happens!  It’s not fair!  Shahrukh’s movie has a title, and a bunch of new posters, new Tubelight song is up which changes the plot, and Jagga Jasoos…..well, that one doesn’t really change anything, but it sure perplexes me!

Shahrukh first (as he is in my heart!).  The Imtiaz Ali movie has long been rumored to be named “The Ring”, but that’s all it was, a rumor.  There has been no title officially announced until just now, Jab Harry Met Sejal.

And there is a poster!  Well, two posters.


Title first.  This is possibly the stupidest title I have ever heard.  It’s barely different from When Harry Met Sally, to the point where it isn’t “a clever homage to a film classic”, but rather “I’m lazy and this title is as much a ripoff as the film will be”.

Plus, it’s an American film classic!  You could say “oh, it’s a combination of When Harry Met Sally and Jab We Met, synthesizing the two film traditions.”  But I would disagree with you!  A title like that would be “Jab Hari Mil Gaya” or something.  This title is way way way too far in the Western direction.  Heck, it’s way too far in the “exactly the same as an earlier title” direction!  Makes me feel like they don’t think it can stand on its own too feet.

I feel the same way about Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.  And the two films were going to release alongside each other, which is interesting.  But no more!  Along with the title, it was also announced that Shahrukh is moving back to August 4th instead of August 11th.  Which means he is moving to avoid a clash, again (he did the same with Raees), and he is moving to a non-holiday weekend.  Which warms my little industry analysis heart!

First, with Bajirao and Dilwale and various other clashes, the narrative has been “Shahrukh won’t move”.  But clearly, he will!  You just have to give him a reason for it.  Not a reason like “we will sue you and ooga-booga”.  But a reason like with Raees, Aditya and Salman came to him personally and asked him to move from the Eid date so Sultan would have a clear field.  I assume it is something like that here, there was a personal request and a conversation and the two film groups agreed that this was the best compromise.  That’s what Shahrukh talked about as so frustrating with Bajirao, that they weren’t even willing to sit down and have a conversation about it.

And second, no holiday!  This holiday release obsession is pretty new, along with the whole “tentpole” films planning.  In the past, in both India and America, films came out whenever they were ready to come out.  And people would see them because they wanted to see the film.  There was no point in trying to time it, because it wouldn’t play in the same place at the same time anyway.  The major cities would get a copy right away in the big theaters, and then over the next few months it would slowly travel to smaller theaters, smaller towns, and around the country.  But with wide-releases, suddenly there was this big concern with the exact date it would be released everywhere.  And this new pattern started of surge and falter.  Big surge when a big movie released, slow faltering as time went on and interest in the film dwindled, and then big surge again with the next big release.

An August 4th and August 11th release date for two major films is bucking that trend.  They each get their own opening weekend, but they will have to stand or fall on their own merit, not just because it is a holiday and there is nothing else to watch.  And the theater owners won’t have that “dwindle” period, they will just go smoothly from surge to surge.

And finally, let’s talk about those posters!  One for SRK and one for Anushka.  Tells us basically nothing, right?  Except that SRK looks kind of goofy in that dancing still.  Oh, and they are traveling.  But, it’s an Imtiaz Ali movie, we knew they would be traveling.


Moving on, Tubelight!  The news I enjoyed most out of all the films talked about today.  New song, which is legitimately touching.  And which sheds a new light on the plot.  We know from the other songs that Sohail and Salman are brothers in their small mountain village, that Salman is a bit “off” in some way, that Sohail gets drafted  (or reluctantly volunteers) into the army and has to leave Salman behind.  But it wasn’t clear what happens to Sohail after that.  This song makes it pretty clear that he dies.  And I’m upset!  Just from the trailers, I feel like I really knew this guy, this sweet caring brother who just wants to shelter Salman from the realities of the world, without treating him like a child.  And I knew Salman, this kind heart who has never been alone before.  Oh, also, it goes along with my initial impression of this as a pacifist war movie.  The focus isn’t on the glory of Sohail’s death, but on the pain it leaves behind.


And finally, Jagga Jasoos!  WHAT THE HECK????  So, Ranbir is supposed to be a school boy?  Despite being clearly twice the size of all his classmates?  Is this like a surrealist move, we are supposed to enjoy the fourth wall breaking of him being so much larger?  Or is there going to be a plot explanation for why he is still in school despite being, like, 30?  Oh, and also, he sees Katrina at a wedding and falls in love with her?  This changes everything!  I was assuming their story would be meeting while on an adventure and falling in love then, not meeting and falling in love pre-adventure.  None of this makes sense!


21 thoughts on “Shahrukh’s Movie Has a Stupid Title, Tubelight Has a Touching Song, and I Still Don’t Know What’s Going on in Jagga Jasoos

  1. Hum Tum was a great Indian version of WHMS. Not sure I’d want to see a 50-year old Shahrukh romancing a young girl again. I wish he would start working with same-age actresses a la Amitabh.

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    • Or at least I wish the script would acknowledge the age difference. If this turns out to be something about an older widower who resists the advances of a young woman until he finally gives in, I would be kind of okay with it. I do like Anushka and Shahrukh together.

      But if we are supposed to buy them as equally young people who clearly belong together, just no!

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      • Yes I agree. The WHMS and Hum Tum couples were equals in age; I’m getting kind of tired of SRK and Salman Khan romancing much younger women when the scripts don’t justify it. Surely Kajol is not the only older woman SRK can be paired with – what about his old costars? Juhi, Rani, Preeti, Ash, and even Karisma come to mind, Why doesn’t do movies with them any more?

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  2. Jab Harry met Sejal is a stupid title (besides of being, like you said lazy rip-off, I don’t like the girl’s name, wouldn’t Anjali, Sonam, Sanjana sound better?). But still it’s better than The Ring, because everytime I read this title I thought about horror, and not about SRK romancing Anushka.


  3. As you know, I am a huge Shah Rukh fan, so I have been paying close attention to what’s happening with this upcoming film and all the rumors surrounding it. I’ll ignore the rumors here, but I will say that the date change business seems a little more complicated to me.

    Both Shah Rukh and Akshay had announced August 11 as release dates, but Akshay had announced it for a different film, Crack. His team then announced that Crack was moving to 2018, leaving August 11th for the Imtiaz film. At the time of that announcement, it was said that Toilet would come out in June/July of this year. Here’s one of the articles about all that:

    Then, once Imtiaz and the team had August 11th on the schedule, Akshay’s people announced Toilet for August 11th. The Twitterverse, or at least the SRK fans on it, made all sorts of snide remarks about how Akshay wanted to piggyback on Imtiaz and SRK’s movie to up their ticket sales.

    So I don’t think there was any quiet negotiation about the Imtiaz movie changing the date.

    Also, Monday August 7th IS a holiday in India, albeit a minor one. It is Raksha Baandhan (as so adorably pictured in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi). It’s a regional office holiday (offices closed) in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh, but is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs all over. (I’m not an expert here–I looked it up!).

    My take on this is that the Imtiaz/SRK team looked at the calendar, chose the new date with the understanding that the film would have two holidays attached to the first two weekends of the release, and just kept the information under wraps until today.


    • Fascinating! I could see it that way, that the SRK team decided it would be the better commercial decision to move back a date and have a clear field, plus some gamesmanship with Akshay’s maneuvering.


  4. I don’t really mind the title. It makes the movie sound more light and fun unlike Imtiaz’s previous movies like Tamasha and Highway. Did you see this new poster?
    Also check out this interview of Shahrukh’s where he talks more about the title:


    • i’m glad he is so emphatic about describing it as a “light romance”. If he just said it once or twice, i wold still be worried that it is a bait and switch. But saying it over and over and over again makes me feel fairly confident that it really is a light romance. Phew!


  5. Slight correction.Raksha Bandhan is mostly celebrated in the Hindi speaking belt.It is not not celebrated by Hindus down south.Imtiaz and team are sadly lacking in imagination.Here’s a clue.Take any random popular song from the 70s.Take the first line and make it your new movie’s title.Instead of worrying about ‘The Ring’ how about making it all about the earring with say “Jhumka gira re” (My earring fell down).


  6. Strange. No one thought “The Ring” referred to a wedding ring? That was my first and only thought. But, I’ve also been hearing this film (I assume) referred to as Rehnuma for several months now. Where did that come from?

    RE JJ, from the beginning, Ranbir’s character was described as a 17 or 18 year old. Did you miss this, Margaret? Interestingly enough, I don’t recall any articles on how old Katrina’s character is supposed to be. So is this a “Big” sort of scenario, or is she also supposed to be a teenager?


    • If you look at the posters there is an actual ring on the bottom right corner. I heard on twitter that the plot has something to do with a missing engagement ring but I don’t know how true that is.
      I’ve seen it being referred to as Rehnuma, The Ring, and Raula online since they began the movie.

      I know Ranbir was playing a teenager and I think I read somewhere that Katrina was not a teenager.


    • I haven’t been able to make myself pay much attention to the Jagga news, I am just not that interested in it (as you can probably tell). I wonder if it will be a situation where Ranbir is a sheltered teenage boy and Kat is slightly older and inspires him to leave school and join her.

      On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 2:28 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Interesting! I like his relaxed attitude about the dates, “we try to work it out, sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t”

      On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 6:26 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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