New Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer, STILL NO SUBTITLES!!!! I am Mad at You Shahrukh!!!! Also, French Kiss?

Really quick post, just so we can all discuss.  And so those of you who need this information ASAP can get it.  New JHMS teaser!  I am still cautiously optimistic.  Although slightly less so than I was after the last two teasers.



Even without subtitles, what I am getting is that Anushka is cheerfully making Shahrukh sign an indemnity bond so that he won’t have to worry about her virtue, despite her clearly being a happy good girl and him being a bad boy.  Shahrukh is a little bemused by this but goes along with it.  So far so good.

What I don’t like are those little flashes of all the times they come close to breaking the bond.  Specifically the moment when it appears that Anushka is doing a sexy dance.  I hate the trope that all women know how to be sexy and just choose not to be.  I don’t know the first thing about doing a sexy dance!  It’s not a skill that even good girls learn, it doesn’t make sense for the kind of character who would be so cheerfully unaware of anything sexual that she just laughs of Shahrukh’s concerns to also know sexy dancing.  Yes, even when drunk.

However, we did just see little flashes.  If it turns out to be Anushka being all awkward except for those flashes, then I am okay.  Something like, she gets drunk and tries to be sexy, but isn’t good at it, and Shahrukh finds her charming anyway.

Also, am I the only one getting a strong French Kiss/Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha vibe from this?  Which is fine, I love French Kiss/Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha.

The idea of a woman who has always been overlooked and felt unattractive, going on a quest for a man who doesn’t really want her, and along the way finding someone unexpected who does.  Heck, that’s Jab We Met too!  I’m assuming the plot details won’t be identical, Anushka won’t have been dumped by her fiancee and taking a spontaneous trip to Europe to track him down and win him back.  But I could see something similar, Anushka has a specific goal in mind and just sees Shahrukh as someone who can help her towards that goal.  And is sure that Shahrukh himself won’t have any effect on altering that goal.  Which lets them both get to know each other without any hangups, unlike how they would be if they saw each other as viable romantic partners.


17 thoughts on “New Jab Harry Met Sejal Trailer, STILL NO SUBTITLES!!!! I am Mad at You Shahrukh!!!! Also, French Kiss?

  1. This is perfect commentary! I am definitely getting a lot of “she is amusing, she is very cute, I want to protect her, but she keeps surprising me” vibes from Shah Rukh.


    • Which are great vibes! My biggest concern now is that I want to make sure at some point they upend that a little. I mean, I love love love Shahrukh protecting and being amused by a woman, like a little kitten, but at some point I want him to also need her. Like, in K3G, I love his whole teasing thing with Kajol. But I love it more because in the second half, we see how he relies on her to run the household, and comfort him when he is sad and all of that. It is a mutual thing.

      But I am not terribly worried, because that in character teaser seemed to imply all of that, with “Harry” saying that he can’t stop thinking about Sejal. Plus, Imtiaz Ali, he is great at making characters who fit together and fill each others gaps.

      On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 2:18 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. How about this speculation: I think her innocence is the fake and not the sexy girl. She wants something from him at first that has nothing to do with love: 1) to help her do something 2) someone back home has asked/paid her to get him back home 3) win a bet…its too clear cut and simple to be the story. Remember when he dropped that hint there is a kidnapping?


    • I really hope this isn’t it! Personal taste mostly, I hate movies where you find out that the characters/plot situations you care about all turned out to be fake. The only reason the new Don works for me is because I started watching it as Arjun and Priyanka’s story, and then it works beautifully.

      If the audience is in on it, at least, then maybe I would be okay with this kind of plot. But even then, there would be the knowledge that the other character, Shahrukh, doesn’t know what is happening so the relationship they are building isn’t really-real.

      However, if it is more a matter of her approaching him for help, and him being amused and agreeing but thinking she is out of her depth, and then discovering that she has hidden depths, that I could appreciate.

      I am leaning in the French Kiss direction because of the “what you seek is seeking you” tagline. What if Anushka in some way is on a quest for love, her boyfriend ran away, she wants to meet someone for an arranged marriage, etc.? And then of course, Shahrukh, the completely inappropriate guy she gets to help her in her quest, ends up falling in love with her.

      Or, alternatively, it is Highway redux, as a screwball comedy, and anushka somehow ends up kidnapping Shahrukh or vice versa and therefore they have to travel through Europe together.


      • I’ve been seeing on Twitter that Anushka is searching for a lost engagement ring and Shahrukh is a tour guide in Europe. I don’t know how true this is but it would match with the tentative title of The Ring.


        • Seems like a plot that is a little too simple. But I could see it as the central idea of something a lot more complicated. Like, it is her grandmother’s engagement ring that was lost a 100 years ago or something, and Shahrukh is a tour guide and the only person in the town who speaks Hindi and she doesn’t speak enough English to get by. Just, looking for a ring and being a tour guide doesn’t seem like enough of a reason for these two people to get out of their comfort zone, you know? Got to be more of a necessity to it.


          • I’m sure there is more to it, it can’t be that simple. So do you know about any of the other casting? I feel like we could figure out something from there.


          • Looks like the only name I can see is Sayani gupta, who I love, she was the assistant in Fan. And Evelyn Sharma, who was “sexy woman” in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. No one else I really recognize, a bunch of small TV and non-Hindi type actors.

            If it follows the standard Imtiaz pattern, it’s really going to be about the two main characters and nothing else. This cast list seems to bare that out, Evelyn will presumably play another sexy lady. and Sayani will be another interesting lady, but not a main character. Anushka’s friend? Hotel desk clerk who gives them a hard time? something like that


  3. In case you haven’t found them by the time I post this, here are the dialogues from both Trails, courtesy of my Twitter pal @ADISRKian.

    I’ve also got a comment on them at the end here.

    Dialogue Trail 1:
    SRK (0:01): My character is bad
    SRK (0:11): Character Ma’am character!!!
    SRK (0:13): When it comes to girls my character is very bad!
    Anushka (0:15): Means?
    SRK (0:16): Means, means means means I look at girls with bad thoughts Ma’am!!!
    SRK (0:20): Cheap.. I am cheap!!!
    Anushka (0:23): You are saying this to scare me, right?
    Anushka (0:28): But what happens with a girl, exactly? What happens? (SRK scratches his head)

    Dialogue Trail 2:
    Anushka (0:05): Indemnity bond
    Anushka (0:07) In this I have clearly stated that if there is a sexual interaction between us, amounting to or not amounting to full intercourse, you are absolved of all legal charges.
    SRK (0:19): Huh (with a smile)
    Anushka (0:24): I am an LLB, I handle legal matter in family business
    SRK (0:35): Hehehe. This is so good, very good (holding the indemnity bond)

    I’m not sure I agree with your take. I think Anushka isn’t as innocent as she appears. I think she’s actually more savvy and worldly than we are led to believe a Gujarati girl is supposed to be.

    In the first trail, when she asks him what exactly happens with a girl (and him), she’s asking like a lawyer (which we find out she is in the second trail). I think she’s asking him to be specific. Of course, he doesn’t see that, and tries to warn her off of him. So then we have her being an LLB and handling all legal matters for her family business from the second trail. The indemnity bond is to absolve Shah Rukh of any legal guilt if they sleep together. Which she is apparently ready for, and he, the Casanova, has been resisting all along. My guess is, since he made a reference in an early interview to playing close to his age in this, he thinks she’s too young for him, and more innocent than she is. So she comes up with this gimmick to relieve his concerns.

    Maybe far fetched, I know.


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Translations! THANK YOU!!!!!

      I don’t necessarily want Anushka to be innocent, but I hate that trope where you see the talkative cheerful natural type heroine, and then TWIST! She’s secretly mature and sexy! Both because I hate the idea that the whole first half of a narrative is false and a trick on the audience (this is my problem with Bluffmaster), and because I hate the idea that all women can be sexy and everything just as part of our inborn female toolbox.

      HOWEVER! If it is something like Shahrukh slots her in as an innocent inexperienced girl, and later discovers that is his own blindness, to think all women slot into simple types, that I would like. If she is everything we see here, but also other things we don’t see. And as Shahrukh spends time with her he discovers that she isn’t the kind of shallow sexy woman he usually spends time with, but also has strength of character and dreams and all kinds of other things.

      Oh, and I read it as/am hoping that the indemnity bond is her taking him down a few notches. Saying that if he thinks he is so super sexy she can’t resist him, fine, here is a legal paper saying that if anything happens, she won’t hold it against him. I would love it if she is the one woman in the world who just isn’t attracted to him. If she finds all his sexy womanizing as just kind of amusing and interesting but nothing to do with her. So he has to win her over (after he inevitably falls in love with her) by trying something new.


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