TGIF: Girls Don’t Make Passes at Men Who Wear Glasses….Or Do They?

My friend suggested this for last week, but I already had the tie idea, so I pushed it for this week.  I am very excited.  Yes, the red glasses will make an appearance.

Why make you wait?  Shahrukh, glasses, wild hair and beard.  Some kind of bohemian animal poet type.

Image result for shahrukh khan red glasses

Shahrukh, glasses, intense thoughtful look.  Deep shy scholar type.  Maybe an engineer.

Image result for shahrukh khan red glasses

Shahrukh, glasses, podium.  Powerful important type who is still vulnerable with his little eye weakness.

Image result for shahrukh khan red glasses

Shahrukh, unshaved tired look, ORANGE GLASSES????  What is this monstrosity????  WHERE IS OUR RED????

Image result for shahrukh khan red glasses

Ah, there they are!

And of course, his best fictional glasses look:

See, the thing with Shahrukh is, glasses feel natural.  Mature, thoughtful, responsible, all of that.  But then you have Hrithik, say, who in glasses just looks like he is in disguise or a Halloween costume or something.  And he is very tired of this whole pretense

Image result for hrithik glasses

John Abraham also looks like he is playing dress up.  But more in a kind of “to keep the romance alive, I will throw myself into sexy shy librarian role playing just to please you” way.

Image result for john abraham glasses

Or, if that doesn’t do it for you, he is happy to try “soulful historical intellectual”.  Still can’t believe he was in this movie by the way.  Love John Abraham, but he just doesn’t scream “complex role in Oscar nominated film” so much as “underwear model”.


Image result for john abraham water film

You know who surprisingly doesn’t look like he is playing dress up, and also looks really good in glasses?  Salman!  There is a kind of “yeah, this is a part of me, so what?” feel to the look.

Image result for salman khan eyeglasses

Although, he does sometimes seem a wee bit aware of them.  As in, my absolute favorite music video ever!  Just makes me smile!  So over the top in his “I’m a singer!” mannerisms!  I don’t even care that it breaks the “no videos in TGIF posts” rule, it’s worth it!


Oh dang!  Why did no one tell me how hot Aamir is in glasses?  And I don’t even usually like him!

Image result for aamir khan eyeglasses

I always like Varun, and he is looking goooooooooooooood in the Judwaa 2 poster that just came out.

Image result for judwaa 2

There are many Ranbir glasses photo options, but this is the only one that even comes glass to being appealing to me.  Maybe because the glasses are just part of the whole look instead of feeling like he is throwing them in our face, all “oooo, I wear glasses, I am sensitive and vulnerable!”

Image result for ranbir kapoor glasses

Speaking of intelligent, for those of you with more of a thinking woman’s taste, I give you Irrfan!  In Shahrukh’s red glasses.

Related image

And for the non-thinking woman in all of us, Prabhas!  In sunglasses so it doesn’t really belong here, but I am kicking myself for not including it in the sunglasses and/or tie posts where it actually belonged.

Image result for prabhas eyeglasses

But this one of Rana, this one’s legit.

Image result for rana daggubati eyeglasses

Okay okay, I’ll give you the southern star most likely to look thoughtful and fragile in glasses-Mahesh!

Related image

And finally, in a move towards gender equality and openness to all sexualities, Kajol!  In glasses!

Image result for kajol glasses

Also, Katrina!  Who somehow looks better in glasses than without.

Image result for katrina glasses

I don’t understand this, why do women get all the sexy glasses photo shoots and not the men?  Sure, Sonakshi looks great here, but Shahrukh would look great like this too!  Where are the photographers to tell them “keep the glasses, lose the shirt”?

Image result for sonakshi sinha glasses

And finally, the evergreen classic, that moment when Salman meets Madhuri and falls for her spunky cute glasses look.

Related image


16 thoughts on “TGIF: Girls Don’t Make Passes at Men Who Wear Glasses….Or Do They?

  1. You wrote this entire post as an excuse to use the red glasses photos and mourn the lasik eye surgery. confession time , M!
    (not blaming you. RED GLASSES FTW!)


    • Yep, that was absolutely it. Also, he had the lasik done the last time I was in India, which ruined my trip to Mannat because I knew he wasn’t actually inside, he was at the hospital.


      • I knew it. My pal said I was mad but I knew it that girls find red specs hot on men. Not that wearing them has helped me prove it to him in a manner that a guy might accept as conclusive evidence but I can at least show him this here. Of course he’ll still just laugh at me but small wins.


        • It’s also that red glasses need to actually BE ON A MAN we like and admire otherwise. Objectively, they can make someone look attractive, yes, but real epic hotness comes from seeing them on a man we already know to be very intelligent, sensitive and admirable, and the glasses just come in and serve as a reminder that those things are true.


          • Although the same thing could be said for anything really. Leather jacket on someone I hate-stupid. Leather jacket on someone I like-cool and rebellious. Clever t shirt on someone I hate-trying to hard. Clever t shirt on someone I like-clever!

            Really, women are unfairly illogical in this way.

            On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 1:03 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • This is my favorite red glasses photo.

        He is dimpling, smiling crookedly, and that expression is reminiscent of someone telling him something nice about him and he is trying to not look arrogant but manages borderline cocky and slightly embarrassed.

        What’s not to like?


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