Happy 26 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

It’s Saturday, no one really wants to think today, right?  So, Fanvid time!  I did 15 last year, this time I am adding on another 11.

Okay, I’m going to try the strange thing again and count down 26 to 1, instead of the normal order.  Let’s see how this goes!

26. This is amazing editing, right?

25. Another one! Check out how all the heroines are pulled together into one song.

24. Shahrukh has to share this one with Saif and Kajol.  But it is still so good I can’t resist it!

23. This is just so great!  Song, visuals, it all comes together.

22.  I tend to go heavy on the SRKajol videos, but that isn’t the only Shahrukh jodi fanvid option out there!

21.  Shahrukh and Elvis!  Two great flavors that go great together.

20.  Speaking of 1960s American pop hits….

19.  This one seems to go with the last one, right?

18.  And for something a little more adult.

17.  This one is just plain fun!

16. This is one I just have to admire the dedication and care with which it was put together!

15. Kicking things off with a multi-filmmaker collaboration in his honor, seems about right.

14. Moving on to the time he essentially made his own fan video.  No, not “Jabra Fan”, something before that which was a little more montage-y.

13. I love this one, but I know it’s not as ambitious as it could be.  Essentially it’s just “Ruk Ja” with different music and French subtitles.  But it is so wonderful!  Especially if you sing along in French. “Bebe”!

12. This is not the first SRK fanvid I watched in my life, because that one was pulled down by mean copyright people, but it’s almost the same.  Same song, same concept, just a slightly different edit.

11.  Speaking of things that are almost the same, one of my all time favorite fanvids is this song backing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  But this version with SRKajol is pretty great too.

10.  Okay, the last of the “pretty good” ones, before moving on to stone cold classic territory.  Bonnie Tyler is great and it’s a nice idea for a video.  You probably think it is pretty good, until you start watching the ones that come after this!

9. Zizi K is just phenomenal, like on a whole other level than other fanvid makers.  So I went ahead and grabbed all of his SRK fanvids, and this is the weakest of the bunch.

8. Next weakest, still Zizi K.

7. A brief Zizi K break!  For a perfect combination of song and visuals.

6. Zizi K is my all time favorite, but in the slashfic sub-category, it is all about Magpie08AA5

5. And another Magpie08AA5!  You notice that the deep and meaningful relationship one was number 6, but the super sexy one is number 5.  It’s just so good!

4. But I will go back to something romantic, and back to Zizi K, for this lovely SRKajol video.

3. Okay, top 3, all Zizi K!  First, the sexy one!

2. And then the other sexy one!

1.1. And finally, the ultimate SRK video, the one that encapsulates everything awesome and wonderful and powerful all in one place!  I just love it.


14 thoughts on “Happy 26 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

  1. Wow!!!! I’ve started with the last one…
    What a great idea for a weekend! I will go backwards during the two days (or most probably during the night) and even rewatch some ot those I’ve downloaded myself 🙂
    Thanks a lot, Margaret, for this much fun…and anyway 🙂


  2. What fun, thanks! Time for yoga and Shah Rukh/Aish/Elvis always cheer me up. I like lalilly too, and naina someone or other (naina1966?) who does a nice job pulling together clips by theme. There is a series called “The magic of Shah Rukh’s face” by tiger someone or other that I enjoy too. Ok, off to watch the Maya Memsaab video Claudia posted. 😉


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