TGIF: Happy Christmas and World AIDs Day! Women (and a few men) in Red

Happy Friday!  My goodness this has been a frustrating day.  The second I get in to anything at work the phone rings and I have to stop.  Whether it is blogging or sending an email or doing accounting stuff for work-work, I just don’t have long enough to be able to focus on it.  I am writing this right now at about 2pm, we’ll see if I am able to finish and publish this thing before midnight.  Anyway, Red!  For AIDs and Christmas!!!

I can’t resist starting with my personal inappropriate AIDs story.  When I was little, like age 8 or so, my parents brought me along to a PTA meeting.  And I was half-listening while they talked about the issue of large class sizes (it was really bad, I was never in a class of less than 30), and someone suggested the solution of “aids”.  Which I, at age 8, thought meant that they were planning to fix the large class size through natural attrition as children died of AIDs.  Which strangely didn’t disturb me, I remember being vaguely surprised that they were talking about it so openly, but it did seem a practical solution to the problem.

Bright side to this story (not the dark “was I a sociopath as an 8 year old?” side), is that AIDs awareness efforts are working!  Even a small child knew the terminology and what it meant.  So, let’s keep that up!  A red-themed TGIF so that any small children reading this blog today will be aware of and remember the victims of AIDs. Wait, that’s not right, this is not a small child post.  SMALL CHILDREN!!!!  STAY AWAY!!!!  THIS IS TOO GROWN-UP FOR YOU!!!!!!  GO BACK TO WATCHING LITTLE SOLDIERS AND EEGA!!!!!


Following my new policy of not making you wait for dessert, starting with Shahrukh!  Although last week there was a complaint of too much Shahrukh, so I am going to limit myself to only one photo which is really about the woman he is with Shahrukh and Kajol, looking STUNNING in a red sari.


Here, have a better look at both of them.

Image result for kajol red saree

Although when talking of red saris, this is the clear ultimate perfect photo.  Good on you Vidya!!!!  I will use your sexiness to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases!

Or is Madhuri better?  I’m not sure.  The sari is certainly spanglier.

Related image

But then there’s Sridevi!

Oh no, Madhuri again!

Image result for madhuri red saree

And again! (wow, she likes red saris!)

Related image

Oh wait, Vidya‘s here too!

And Sridevi again only, GAH!!!  BAD!!!! NO!!!!

Ah, yes, much better.

Image result for sridevi red saree

How about Rani?  Am I crazy, or is this actually making her look tall somehow?

Related image

Now the reverse, is this somehow making Sush look short?  And also bonkers?

Related image

Speaking of classy tall former models, this dress is just amazing on Dips, right?

Related image

Especially once you see the back view

Image result for deepika red

Although she does have competition in the dress world.  Sonam, of course, who perfectly captures that “kicky little red dress” feel.

Image result for sonam red

But also, and this surprised me, Anushka!  Who looks great in this very simple red thing.

Image result for anushka shetty red

Also from the “other” Anushka, in this awesomely simple thing.

Image result for anushka sharma red dress

Okay, before we get down to grading the female looks, let’s check out some male looks!

Is this outfit some kind of horrible cruel joke on the world?  NO!  BAD ARJUN!!!  WRONG!!!


Ah yes, good Arjun!!!

And good Varun!  Giving us the sensitive-red-t-shirt look!





Speaking of sensitive and sweet in a red t-shirt, check out babyfaced Aamir!




Even more earnest and red!

Not earnest, but more red.

Image result for aamir red

And a late entry in the “who wore the red dress best” competition!


Salman may possibly have gone overboard on the “red” thing.

Image result for salman khan red

Okay, much better.  And I have to admit that “Bringing Sexyback” started playing in my head as soon as I saw this.  Something about the attitude just says “yeah, I am here, I am cool, you love me”, right?


Image result for salman khan red

RANVEER!!!  CALM DOWN!!!!  I should have known he would take the “slightly too much” red of Salman and turn it up to a million.











Image result for ranveer red

Okay John, you know what you are doing.  Very casual, very cool, very appropriate.

Even going sleeveless, still cool.




And Prabhas, not looking terrible!  Jeans are stupid, but I have just accepted that about him at this point.  The shirt, hair, smile, it’s all good.




Image result for prabhas red

Still not bad!  Also, is he standing that way to make his waist look small and his biceps big or is it just the way he stands?  I kind of want it to be just the way he stands, I like my Prabhas innocent and unaware.

Image result for prabhas red

Just to round out the south, Prithviraj!!!!  Who definitely knows what he is doing when he stands like that.

Image result for prithviraj red

Nivin, looking all cute and cuddly and touch in a red shirt and lungi.

Related image

And Dulquer being  a bit dressy, but casual about it.

Image result for dulquer red


And finally, just as a grand finale of red photos, the photo that has become a bit of a TGIF mascot:

Image result for shahrukh red silk sheets


Now, questions!!!!


Which red sari is your favorite?

This one for me.  Simple and, the best part, with elastic under the blouse so you can move.


Which red dress is your favorite? (and did I forget to include one?)

I think I like this dress the best.  I love the way it defines her waist without being super tight around it.

Image result for anushka shetty red


Which man-in-red is your favorite? (and did I forget to include one?)

I think I gotta give it to Nivin.  His whole laid back attitude perfectly balances the aggressiveness of the color.

Related image

29 thoughts on “TGIF: Happy Christmas and World AIDs Day! Women (and a few men) in Red

  1. Agree on Vidya’s sari but for western clothes I have to go with Dips in the gown. For the men, the second photo of Salman not only for the red blazer but the fit of his jeans, yowza.

    I’m highly disturbed by Aamir in that terrible wig and will pretend I never saw it.


    • It is a terrible wig, you are right. His hair is much better in the Coke ads. Kind of dowdy, but suits his face more:

      On Fri, Dec 1, 2017 at 5:02 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I like Vidya’s sari also, but I love Sridevi in the white and red. I’m uncharacteristically not feeling Sonam’s dress. It’s overpowering her a bit. Love Dips and the back of Dips. Gotta go with Prithviraj for best male outfit, but why is he wearing a single sweatband on his upper forearm? Also hate the fabric belt. Maybe I like Nivin better. I’m going to go with Nivin.


  3. Nobody beats Nivin in this shirt and his lungi ( OMG can we have next TGIF about men in lungi?)
    Sari: Kajol and Vidya’s second photo
    Dress: Dips, and Sonam


  4. I love Rani, but she has the worst fashion sense. The saris are always Manish Malhotra ish glitzy and filmy, and the dresses and pants and other Western outfits always make her look short and stocky. Time to find a new stylist.


    • And she looks so gorgeous in movies! She’s one of those actresses that i always think “why don’t you just take the costumes home with you?”


  5. The Nivin pic is from Sakhavu and omg I’m having flashbacks of that superawesome film!!!!

    See Prabhas’ arms?? Omg somebody needs to kill whoever put him on the starvation diet!! He’s lost all the nice bits from his arms and shoulders 😔

    Deepika in starvation mode does not look pretty.

    I’m sure there’s a pic of Sweety Shetty in a red sari. That should have made the cut, no?

    And you can’t do a TGIF with saris and not include Rekha!!


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