Silly Songs Post: Pearl Harbor Day Antakshari

76 years ago today was a day which has lived in infamy (am I the only one who hears that in the distinctive Roosevelt East Coast twang?).  And I am using that as a jumping off point for a game of film song Antakshari, in my own random style.  Because it’s been tiring mourning Shashi, we need something fun. (in case you don’t know, antakshari is a game where you trade off songs, player B having to pick up with a new song on the same note/word/syllable as where player A left off, and back and forth)

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Happy Birthday Salman! Best Performances!

Again, these are the best performances of those I have seen. Just like the last post was the best hair from the looks I knew.  I haven’t actually seen every Salman film.  But I have seen a lot of them!  And of the ones I have seen, these are my top 5 performances.

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